Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tea valentine


Quick — what’s the best Valentine’s Day present you ever received?  Here’s mine, hands down:

Bonnie with Billie's toy


This is what she looked like the day my husband gave her to me:

Bonnie baby picture

Totally irresistible!  I named her Bonnie (“My Bonnie Valentine”) and she’s been my constant companion ever since.  Everybody should receive a puppy for a present at least once in their life!



43 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. When my mom gave me a little box that has all of these Paris-y pictures on
    I love France and everything French
    Happy valentines day everybody!!!!!!!

  2. Awww…

    Chocolate. And cards. You can never go wrong with snuggling up, eating chocolate and reading nice things about yourself. 😀

  3. Hmm…Mostly we just get candy, haha, but my best Valentine’s Day was this year. I have an awesome class, and it was fun to spend it with them. WE also got to spend it with our little kindergarten reading buddies!!! P.S. I’m a big fan of the MDBC series. I’m upset there won’t be a seventh, but I just started the fifth anyway. Anyway, it’d be really awesome if you’d just say hi!” P.P.S. Your dog is adorable!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!! I love shelties, anyway. 🙂 I’m not excatly sure what my best present would be…. Well, a few years ago when I woke up Valentine’s morning my mom had put a chocolate bar in my room, and it was that “emergancy chocolate” that I had never tried until then. It was soooooo yummy and is now one of my favorites! That might be my best. 🙂

  5. Awh that’s so cute! I want to get a dog… Of course I have a cat so I can’t, she doesn’t get along with them too well lol but I love my cat so much

  6. Your so right he is extremley irresistable. I never thought anything could be so cute. For Valentines Day my teachers husband has gotten in a habit of sending her flowers while she’s teaching. This year she told him not to do it but he did anyway. She sent me down to go get them and I was so suprised to see a mini roesbush waiting for her, and her face really glowed when she saw it.

  7. So,I read what you said about everyone needing to get the gift of a puppy. Is that what gave you the idea of Pip, Emma’s dog?

  8. That’s totally cute…….. Mine would have to be this valentines day!!
    I got these adorable tips and a box of chocolate!
    Can’t get better than that…..

  9. Mrs fredrick! We are on a road trip up to minnesota for president’s day, and guess what. We’re driving on Loomis Avenue! Isn’t that crazy! I thought of Emma right away! I have a picture, but i dont know how to share it.

  10. Awwww!! CUTEST THING!! When you showed us the picture of Bonnie as a puppy it reminded me SOO much of my full-grown dog Lucy. She’s a yorkie poo- a Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle- how much did Bonnie weigh in that “little dog” pic? Lucy is 4.6 pounds-full-grown!!!!!

    • I have two dogs. I have a dachshund and a Jack Russel Terrier. The Dachshund is really, really irritating! She barks at everything! Whatever you do , DON’T get a dachshun Jazzy! Get a Jack Russel!

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