My SPY MICE are back, with a whole new look!

I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of all three SPY MICE books — THE BLACK PAW, FOR YOUR PAWS ONLY, and GOLDWHISKERS!  Sporting fabulous new covers, along with Sally Wern Comport‘s sassy interior illustrations, the international mice of mystery are ready to whisk readers off on a trio of tail-biting adventures.

I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful publisher (take a bow, Simon & Schuster) for splashing out on this, and to celebrate, I have lots of fun in store, starting with a SPY MICE website (click here).

Hope you’ll visit it, take a look around, and scamper off to read the books.  Please tell your friends and share the SPY MICE love!

Up next:  a SPY MICE giveaway! Check back soon, mouselings…



NEW For Your Paws Only

NEW Goldwhiskers

12 thoughts on “SPY MICE!”

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice covers! Now I really want to read them!

  2. omg!!!!! does the last book have something to do with the UK??? Did i use my mouse detective skills to assume that the flag on the cover hints at the UK??

    I hope so (crossing my mouse paws and whiskers :)) cause i love anything and everything british!

  3. that is a really cool website and the covers look really great. i am trying to convince my little sister to read them. she loves that kind of stuff.

    • Ugh! I can’t get my sister to read anything! She won’t even read Judy Blume!! Those books were like my favorites when I was her age! Maybe she’ll read these though… she’s into mysteries, and action, and adventure… that kind of stuff.

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