Ah, Spring …

Spring 2013

I took the dogs for a walk today at lunchtime (my reward for a good morning’s work — we writers have to find ways to bribe ourselves to stay focused), and oh my, how Spring has sprung! The air smelled wonderfully of lilacs and apple blossoms and sweet growing things, the sky was impossibly blue, and the Pacific Northwest was showing off her best self with more shades of green than I even knew existed.

Who could possibly not love Spring?

Spring 2013 2


19 thoughts on “Ah, Spring …”

  1. I totally get it! My family lives out in the country and there’s a field across from us with horses and there’s always flowers blooming. It’s so pretty! Sometimes i just sit out on the porch and think.I love spring too!

  2. No one, that’s who! 😀 Today I just found out I am going to a Taylor Swift concert (One of my FAVORITE people!!!!) and I have to say, this Spring is the best. I have been blessed in so many ways, and anyone who could not possibly love this beautiful day is out of their mind! 🙂

    • That is no fair!!! I love her! She’s like my favorite singer! AND I heard that Ed Sheeran plays at some of her concerts too…. I am so jealous! But I hope you have fun!

  3. Wow that sounds and looks amazing! Here in Phoenix we’re actually getting a cold spell. Well, colder than usual, anyway.

  4. Aww, it’s so beautiful…. it’s still mud season in Canada… The snow just melted, and rain showers are starting. But still, don’t you just love the smell of the world after rain? Heavenly…..

  5. You are all to lucky get snow, we just get rain rain rain rain rain rain and more and more and more rain rain rain showers during the winter and spring. I would dream to live in snow, have no school some days, stay inside where it is cozy, have a cup of hot cocoa, play in the snow with friends, go ice skating on lakes(if there are any;))
    Well, have a nice day!!!

    • My school district doesn’t believe in snow days so we have to get to school even if there is over a foot of snow!

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