Toad treats

Are these adorable or what?!

Toad treats

I had a Skype visit this afternoon with a delightful group of moms and daughters from Iowa, and LOOK what they made for treats in honor of my book ONCE UPON A TOAD!

That’s the only drawback to videoconferencing — I miss out on all the treats.  🙁  These are some of the most hilarious and wonderful I’ve ever seen.  Toads made out of kiwi, grapes, and dried plums?  On lettuce leaf lily pads? TOO CUTE!



24 thoughts on “Toad treats”

  1. Adorable!!

    By the way, I am reading “Emma” by Jane Austen and noticed that Emma starts rumors about a girl named Jane Fairfax. I wondered if it was any coincidence about Sophie Fairfax, plus I knew that Emma in the MDBC was named after one of Austen’s characters. =-)

    Love, Emily

    • Aha, Emily — you discovered one of the “hidden secrets” in the MDBC series! It’s not a coincidence at all. 🙂 Sharp eyes!

  2. There is Alice Fairfax the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre… I noticed Sophie was introduced in #6- while the MDBC was reading Jane Eyre and Annabelle in #4 when they were reading P&P… did you do this on purpose or did you pick out the last name “Fairfax” before knowing about Sophie. Sorry…. this may be confusing sorry 😉

      • So was Cassidy’s last name random, or was it the last name of characters from Anne of Green Gables on purpose…

        • It was actually random. Is there a Sloane in AGG? I’d forgotten! How clever of me to do that ha ha.

          • And did Mrs. Chadwick dye her hair in the “Whole new me” thing, because in 1 & 2 it was brown and in 3 it is blond.

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