Fan art Friday

My amazingly creative readers are at it again — check out these two “glogs” (which I’m posting on my blog … heh) sites put together by a pair of super-talented students. ┬áThere are all sorts of links to click on, and I’m in LOVE with both of their book trailers!

Click here to see Annie’s, and click here to see Sara’s. Be sure and move your mouse around to see what fun links they’ve included, and be patient with the trailers, as it can take a moment for them to start (I had to click a couple of times).

FABULOUS work, girls, as Wolfgang would say!


7 thoughts on “Fan art Friday”

  1. I am very proud of the hard work that Annie and Sara did on this project–great job girls! Having a wider audience is very exciting for this project–thank you author Heather Vogel Frederick!

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