Done and dusted!

Good news!  The first draft of my new novel is DONE!


I sent it off to my editor yesterday, and am now footloose and fancy free for a little while until I have to dive into the revision process.

Well, OK, not really footloose and fancy free. You should see what happened to my desk while I was on deadline.

Messy Desk

Desk? What desk, you ask?

Trust me, there’s a desk under there. And you wonder what we writers do when we’re not writing!  We’re cleaning off our desks! Which for me, means answering the hundreds of letters (emails and snail mail) that have been piling up.


This is how I like to imagine myself answering my letters from fans:

fountain pen writing

Because in my daydreams, I live in Jane Austen’s world.

This is how I REALLY answer my letters from fans:

Typing on a keyboard

So for all of you who have been patiently waiting … and waiting … and waiting to hear back from me …

mailbox vintage

… hang in there — it shouldn’t be too much longer now!


22 thoughts on “Done and dusted!”

  1. Ahhhh!! I can’t wait to read your book! That must be so exciting to get something like that accomplished!

  2. Yay! I can’t wait for the book to come out! Is it the one that has something to do with an owl? Until then, I guess I’ll reread the MDBC and Once Upon A Toad books over, and over, and over… 🙂 Happy desk-cleaning!

  3. That is totally awsome, any hints you can give us about it:). Could you at least give us an estimate on how many pages it is. Your so lucky I can barely get to my drafts middle. Hope you have a happy day cleaning your desk, it me two days to clean mine.:0

    • Will be over 200 pages (at least at this point), and it’s a mystery set in a small town in NH. It’s realistic fiction, like the MDBC books. In fact, my MDBC fans will feel right at home! 🙂

    • Yes! Probably early this fall. I can tell you that the story is a mystery, set in a small town in NH. 🙂

    • It depends on the nature of the book, Serene. Historical fiction, for instance, requires a great deal of research — it took me about 2 years to write “The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed”! The MDBC books had some research — for the fun facts, for instance — but not nearly as much, so generally took me 9-12 months to write. I tend to write about a book a year.

  4. I CAN’T WAIT for your book to be published!!!! I adore your books and I will be counting down the months until Absolutely Truly is in Barnes & Noble. (My favorite store.) I also understand the messy desk thing- I have to clean mine at least once a day!

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