Fan art Friday

So this week I’ve been tackling my (staggeringly ginormous) pile of mail, now that the first draft of my new novel is finished. I just love reading letters (and email) from my readers, and I treasure each and every one.

Here are a couple of fun items that turned up over the past couple of days.  They were mailed to me a LONG TIME AGO, and I truly apologize for the lateness of my replies, girls!

First up is an owl collage from Colette:

Owl collage(Click on it for a larger view.)  Isn’t that gorgeous?  She did it just for me, because she knows I’ve had owls on my mind recently. (You can read about that by clicking here and here.) Thank you, Colette!

As if that wasn’t enough riches for one week, I also received this totally fabulous drawing from Emma!

Emma's drawing


(Again, click on it for a larger view.) Emma is a third grader who wants to be a writer, too.  I think she should illustrate her own books as well, don’t you?

Thanks so much, girls!  And look for a letter from me soon…

8 thoughts on “Fan art Friday”

  1. Great artwork girls!!! And it’s so exciting that you’ve sent in the first draft Heather!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the new book(:

    • I have had readers send fan-fiction to me before — the problem is, I have SUCH a pile on my desk that it’s very hard for me to find time to read it. It’s all I can do to keep up with my correspondence and other deskwork. There are sites on the web where you can post fan fic, though, and that way everyone can read it…

  2. Wow! Colette, I adore your collage, being a fellow owl lover myself. Emma, I love your picture and I agree that you should illustrate your books!!

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