Neighborhood mystery

Um, so this isn’t the usual thing I come across while walking the dogs…

Shoes on walk


I think we need a story to go along with this mini-mystery.  Any takers?  How about I kick things off with a title (apologies to Alfred Hitchcock:


Now it’s your turn!


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  1. A small, older lady walked out of her house, getting ready to go get her mail. She was prim, and proper. Her black shoes were small and her dress was dark purple.

    Suddenly as she crossed over to pull the mail from the mail-box, a man came up behind her, whispered to her something, and left.

    She yanked the shoes off and left them there and started to run. The murderer that had been sent for her was on his way.

    And so her black shoes were left to sit in the street, to be found by an unsuspecting bystander.

    (Is that a good story? :D)

  2. Dear Mrs. Frederick,
    the mystery called The Lady vanishes sounds really interesting. I’d say The Missing Shoes… Hope you solve it! Ps. I know this is kinda of topic but I wanted to tell you that I am writing this interesting short story about Becca and Emma called The Case of the Model. It is a mystery story that involves your Mother-Daughter Book Club characters. I thought you might like to know.

  3. While guarding her neighborhood’s mail, A Miz Eudora Parker disappeared. Authorities are on the scene investigating-so far they have come up with a few possible solutions, the publicly most popular being that she went to Oz, but left her shoes behind and will be unable to return due to her lack of shoes…

    • Haha, love it! I thought of Oz instantly, too — looks like the Wicked Witch made a house call … or mailbox call! 😀

  4. The shoes were left by an unsuspected spy who thought she could catch a bad guy who had robbed this woman’s wallet. She eventually caught him and this case has been forever know as The Missing Shoes story. This spy appeared in several magazines and is always looking back to tell the story of how she left her shoes while chasing a bad guy.

  5. A hunched old lady comes out of her grey and drab painted house. She wears a navy blue skirt and a shirtwaist, and carries spectacles on her long frightfull nose. Kids run by mocking and throwing sticks and stones. As she walks to her mailbox to get her mail, she cries out in agony to the east wind to blow her away from her life of terror and pain. Having done this for 50 years the wind finnally feels sorry for the poor woman. With the help of his father the north wind, the two winds carry her away. She is lifted from the ground and she leaves her shoes behind as a reminder that she has walked away from an old life and has walked into a new one.
    What do you think, can I borry the shoe story for a story for my own, it could make a nice sideline. Let me know what you think.

    • Well done, Samantha! And yes, of course, take the shoe story and do whatever you wish with it.

  6. Today, like any other day, Rita Woods, a seventy two year old retired woman, stumbled her way to the mail box. The only difference was today her grandchildren, Amanda and Adam were with her and she was wearing the new black shoes that they had just bought her for her birthday. These shoes were a size to big for Rita so it was exceptionally hard to walk.
    Finally, they three managed to reach the mail box and Rita unlocked it, propping the door open. the two kids peered in and saw, to all of their surprise, a small box, around the size of a quarter, and that was all.
    “Open it Grandma,” The children said at the same time.
    Rita slowly reached in, picked up the box and lifted its tiny, delicate lid. As she opened it a sparkling, dust like substance flew out and around the three people mimicking a tornado.
    Within seconds of this miraculous encounter, the three people were gone along with the box. The only thing remaining were the old woman’s shoes. They must have slipped off because of the size.
    It is said that the three never returned. Some say that they just disappeared, but I believe that they landed some place magical, and i have an advantage over all of the people who say they disappeared, I was the only witness, Rita’s next door neighbor, Abby, and was luckily looking out my window at just the right time.
    But no matter what happened to the three, this story remains mine to tell from that one day as a child looking out the window, and now I am seventy two and just received some wonderful shoes for my birthday.

  7. Everyone has a certain morning routine, that if they don’t complete they don’t feel right about inside. Well, a lot of people do at least. One of those people is Mrs. June Marigold. Every morning she gets up and out of bed on the right side. She washes her face and gets dressed in a little dress with red and green floral patterns. Then she fixes a breakfast of two scrambled eggs and toast with strawberry jam. After that, she slips on her pointy-toed, black, worn, leather “witch” shoes that have stretched to fit her feet perfectly. Lastly, she opens the creaky screen door and strolls down the front pathway of her cottage and checks her mailbox for any kind of mail.
    One morning, she wakes up with a start. Something in her brain is warning her that today will not be the same. She slides out of bed and realizes that she got out on the left side instead of the right. When she tries to wash her face, all the warm water is gone because the water heater is broken. Her floral dress isn’t clean and she is completely out of eggs and bread. The only thing right about the whole morning is her shoes. They are exactly the same and slip on her feet just as easily as usual.
    She only has one last part of her morning routine. Checking the mailbox. The screen door creaks and squeaks and protests even louder than usual. She stumbles down the front path until she is standing in front of her mailbox. As she reaches for the black, metal handle; something feels unsettling. All of a sudden, a small breeze starts to pick up and June’s hair whips madly in her face. Her hand, still hovering over the mailbox handle, slowly drifts back to her side. She smiles and everything is right again.
    The strong wind begins to die. It turns back into a fickle breeze until it trails off into nothing but still, calm, air. And all that is left in front of the black, metal mailbox is Mrs. June Marigold’s pointy-toed, black, worn, leather “witch” shoes.

    Sorry, I tried to keep it short but I kinda failed….. Hope you like it anyways(:
    ~Simply a Ballerina

    • Love it! And I LOVE the name “Mrs. June Marigold.” What a talented bunch of writers we have here!

  8. Lindsey Marie French was a very bored teenager. Her life was full of nothingness. Her only friend was the postman’s son, Daniel, who lived next door. She needed something to do since Daniel was always busy. One day she found a pair of shoes by the mailbox. Inside the right shoe she found a note. “My dearest, Lindsey, I am sorry to have left you with your aunt and uncle when you were young. I had to run away because I was accused of a crime. I’m sorry and innocent. I need your help! Love, Mum” Lindsey was confused and frightened. She new her mother and father had abandoned her but she didn’t know why. She runs away that night but feels like she is being followed. The next day she realizes that it was Daniel who is coming to help her. They run all over the state looking for her mother but never find her. Eventually they hitchhike home and find out her mother didn’t do any of this it was in fact Daniel who wanted to give her something to do. He hadn’t intended her to run off that’s why he followed her. Lindsey still wonders why her parents abandoned her but she feels content with her life now and doesn’t worry about being bored. 🙂 Adrianna

  9. One day, a lady of 68 years named Jane M. Cassidy who was recently widowed from a rich man, was walking out to her mailbox while wearing her black, pointed slip-on shoes, at 7:30am like always. This time Jane left her glasses on the kitchen counter on accident but she was already halfway to the mailbox so she wasn’t going to go back now. Her mailbox and the neighbor Lola Shumaker’s (which the two neighbor’s were lifetime friends) mailbox were right next to each other and she accidentally she opened Lola’s mailbox. Inside was a letter and it was addressed to Anna Cassidy which was Jane’s daughter. Out of curiosity Jane opened the letter, and it read: Dear Anna, I have heard what you are planning to do to your mother. I am just going to tell you that you are only going to hurt yourself and everyone around you. That is all I am going to say at this time. Sincerly, Lola Shumaker
    “What?!?” thought Jane. “My own daughter?!?”. Well, what is she planning to do to me?” All of these were thought provoking questions. She put the letter back and acted like nothing ever happened. She started to walk back in wonder when suddenly her black, pointed, slip-on shoes came off but she didnt realize it until her bare feet were walking on the gravel near her house. And then….. No one ever saw her again.

  10. The wind swept over a peaceful neighborhood. It was an ordinary day, the sky cloudy and gray, the wind with a slight chill. People stayed inside their warm homes, watching the world outside with the thought of the rain that was sure to be coming. Yes, a completely peaceful, ordinary day, the kind that will certainly not stay that way for long.
    For on that day, elderly, wealthy Elise Martin was tottering out to retrieve her mail. That was not strange, for she did that every day.
    Even with the prospect of rain looming over her head, Elise went out as she did every day. She had an affinity for letters, despite the unfortunate truth that most people in this day and age communicate over the Internet and through other electronics.
    In fact, Elise was very much rooted in her old-fashioned ways. Having lived in the town all her life, she had watched it grow steadily. Despite the obvious convenience of owning a car, she refused to do so and walked every she needed to go. This was shown in the wearing of her shoes.
    So, on that very peaceful, cloudy day, Elise was going to her mailbox to get her shipment of shoes. Contrary to all the above paragraphs, she did use the Internet occasionally, in this instance to order some new shoes.
    They were a tasteful black pair- Elise prided herself on being a woman of style, albeit not the style the young people today would call “hip”.
    Elise indeed found her shoes waiting for her. She decided to pry open the box right then and there, lifting out of it her shoes. She took them- it had been awhile since she’d had new shoes, despite how wealthy she was.
    Unfortunately, while the wealth that Elise possessed could grant her wonderful things, such as her beloved new shoes, it had its downsides. Its very large downsides. Its…fatal downsides.
    These fatal downsides were mainfested in her neighbor, Jason Epal, who happened to be watching Elise just as she was admiring her new shoes.
    Now, save for getting into all the mental and psychological implications concerning the aforementioned Jason Epal, I can say he was desperate for money. And having such a neighbor (who never flaunted her money, but didn’t hasten to hide it) who also happened to be weak and elderly- he knew a chance when he saw one.
    Whatever else you can say about Jason Epal, he was smart. Smart enough to take advantage of the rain and inattentive neighbors. Smart enough to make the blow (with a metal baseball bat) fatal, but quick enough as not to elicit a sound, or cause too much of fuss. He hid the body, took the key, and made off with the riches.
    Of course, all of that, when it happened, went unnoticed by the other neighbors. But they did, inevitably, notice the absence of Elise Martin going out to get her mail every day, and Jason Epal being in his house at all.
    Eventually they realized something was amiss, and the authorities came in.
    And in the last place Elise Martin was ever seen, the first thing they noticed on the scene was the neatly arranged pair of shiny black shoes.

    I love murder mystery visual novels, and I think it shows. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this!

    • VERY atmospheric, Gwyneth — I love how you set the scene. So rich in detail — well done! 🙂

        • Oh my goodness!! This sounds like a real author wrote it. I predict you will be one in the future, Gwyneth. 🙂

          • Thanks, Olivia! 😀 Since that’s what I want to be, that makes me really happy. Hopefully that’s what I’ll end up being!

          • I totally agree with you, Olivia! Gwyneth, you really should be a writer someday! This story is really good! 😀

  11. Sorry Ms. Frederick that this isn’t related to the shoes (so funny though, and you all are AMAZING writers) but I was wondering since you used all country names for the Delaney’s chickens in MDBC, do you actually listen/like those artists? Like Taylor Swift, (LOVE her) and Carrie Underwood? Thank you! 🙂

    • I do like country music, Arianna — although I don’t listen to much music. Not sure why, as I love classical, jazz, classic rock, just about everything. I guess these days I just prefer quiet! 😉

  12. Young Annabelle Abbitt walked down the paved road smiling to herself as young ladies, stared at her shoes, -much in disgust, I might add- and started to laugh,- quite obnoxiously , I might add again- Annabelle looked down at her shoes in sheer happiness. She loved her black, “old lady” pumps and her old timey black petticoat skirt and plum turtle neck blouse. She thought she looked quite fashionable actually. She didn’t care about what people thought about her. Ever since she read Jane Eyre last year, she tried to act like Jane, with spunk, and attitude. Annabelle – or Anne – was British, and she liked being British. She was in America though. And because she was wanted in Britain, does not mean she will be wanted in the great land of America. She had never really seen a blond up close before (there are not much blonds in Britain) she got especially excited when blond Breanna Howards walked up to her. Anne squealed and jumped. “What are doing? Look, I know your real identity. I know you are Annabelle Abbitt,” She said in her heavy southern accent. In America she told everyone her name was Sophia Henwick. Anne gasped then said “Follow me,” in her sleek, attractive English accent.

    Anne led Breanna to a pop – or soda as Americans call it – warehouse. She tied her up and hid her in the top, top, top shelve in the huge, tall warehouse. As she did this – quite easily – she thought, “Where are the guards?” She had no idea. She had put Breanna on one of those, – oh what are they called? Lifts? – those things that warehouse men and women use to put things up high, to get her up there. “Sorry Breanna!” Anne called up to her. Anne walked up to her complex new house and grabbed the mail she brought from England. The mail was Harry Smith’s mail. She figured she would sell it and the crime would be passed on to someone else. She stuffed his mail into mini drawers and she tried to fit it in one, but in did not work so she put it into two drawers. She brought the mail out to the corner of a street and stood it at either side of some hay. Why? I have no idea. Then she took of her beautiful shoes and kissed them, then set them on the ground. She needed to give them some trace of her identity because it would be most enjoyable! Then her boyfriend Edward Vanghough came in a new car and she got in the contraption. I have never heard of her again. The government is looking for her everywhere. But she was somewhere no one would expect her be. She was one of them. She was tricking the government

    This is a bit big. Sorry Heather!

    ps. read in an English accent, except for Breanna’s role.

    • Ooh, yes, I DID read it in an English accent, Nadia. So fun! She’s a scoundrel, that Annabelle… 🙂

  13. One day as Mrs.Gigi Chen was walking down the streets of Paris she came across a small pair of black shoes in front of a mailbox. She of course was wearing designer high heels and looked disappointed at the shoe’s design. She turned around as her black blouse fluttered in the wind. But suddenly everything was quiet. She could no longer hear the clincking and clacking of heels worn by the women around her and could no longer hear the crunching of baguettes. Then suddenly she heard a soft wind blowing behind her. As she turned she saw an old women start to form! It was her dear deceased friend Mrs. Bergson. Gigi stared in awe as her friend started speaking, “You must return to Concord!” “But I can’t!” Gigi protested, “Monsieur de Roches needs me though! ” “Trust me. Your book club friends are in trouble!” whispered Mrs.Bergson, “Cassidy won’t get into the hockey team, Bébé Soleil will drop Megan from her job, Darcy will break up with Jess, Becca won’t be selected for head cheerleader, and Emma’s book’s ratings will be horibble!!! You have to save them!!” And with that she slowly faded away. “I must go.” stated Gigi, “I must.” Then she bolted home and left a note for Monsier de Roches. She quickly booked a seat for the next flight for Concord, started packing, and simply left. What will happen when she reaches Concord?

  14. An eccentric old maid, commonly called Crazy Claudette behind her back, had meandered out to fetch the weekly post when the earth began to shake and quiver. A shrill shriek escaped her vocal cords as the frightening transformation pursued on. The mailbox area opened up into a portal and a mysteriously commanding voice instilled a vision in Claudette’s mind of all her hopes and dreams being granted.The voice slyly persuaded Claudette to enter the perfect world, for only one price…her shoes would be left to provoke the public interest and jump start the gossip queens of the county. Claudette, being a bit odd, agreed and immediately was sucked into the portal until the end of time. The mailboxes returned and the area was back to normal with only one difference; the worn black shoes were perched in front. The shoes are now a home to crickets and the town highly doubts Claudette’s return.

    • A mysterious portal! I love it! (and I love the idea of the crickets taking up residence in Claudette’s shoes) 🙂

      • Thanks!! I started smiling and I couldn’t stop for a long time when I saw you responded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow! Everyone who wrote a story for the picture is really talented. Those were great! I had a lot of fun reading them.

  16. Ms. Fredrick~

    I was wondering if you wanted to hear the rest of my story. P.S. My story was about Gigi and i left you at a cliffhanger!

  17. Mrs. Bergson was walking down the neighborhood. She had had quite a morning with Emma Hawthorne at Granolas with Grandparents. She had felt so pleased that Emma had invited her. Mrs. Bergson sometimes felt really lonely without children or a husband. Just then, she noticed a pair of black shoes. ” I wonder who these belong too?, ” thought Mrs. Bergson. Just then, Mrs. Gigi Chen came down the street. She had only one shoe on. It was similar to the one Mrs. Bergson had in her hand. ” A dog chased me all over Concord, ” explained Gigi. ” I think I found your other shoe, ” stated Mrs. Bergson. ” Thanks,” replied Gigi. And from then on, whenever Gigi Chen went out she always was extra cautious and aware of dogs,.. I hope you liked my story Mrs.Frederick!

  18. Nobody alive remembered the elderly Bertha of Cherry Tree Lane as anything but an old, wrinkled, possibly loony woman with a peculiar desire to retrieve the post everyday at three o’clock, with the solitary exception of Sunday. She was deprived of a surname, which had always sent gossip flying about. The rumor was that she had long since forgotten it, or perhaps that she preferred to keep that kind of information to herself.
    On a somewhat dreary day, Bertha strolled out into her front lawn, occasionally glancing wearily at the threatening sky, her cane thumping and her limbs creaking with every step. Bertha was not going to abandon her daily journey because of th rainstorm looming overhead. As she carefully ventured down the steps, her eyes were drawn to her feet. Upon them were her prized possessions, her plain black, scuffed heeled shoes. Nobody knew why they were so special, but it was a known factoid that Bertha would not go anywhere without them. She wore them to buy bread at the bakery, she wore them to go to the market on Bargain Day, and, according to a few nosy neighborhood children with a habit of peeping in windows, she wore her black shoes inside her small house. Bertha finally made it to her mailbox, and she relished this victory, as she knew that she would soon be unable to continue with this tradition, as she was getting older by the minute.
    She reached into her mailbox just as the first bout of thunder shook the air with a loud boom. Bertha wouldn’t have time to read all the post before she would need to make for the house to avoid getting soaked, but she looked at the first envelope before shoving the post back in the mailbox. She stopped, blinked, read the envelope again, blinked again, and opened the envelope. Her eyes grew larger and larger, until she fell with a deafening thud onto the pavement.
    She did not move. Her eyes were still wide, her mouth still open. Bertha was dead.
    A neighbor soon spotted the elderly woman lying in the street, and she telephoned the police in distress.The authorities inspected her and found no ailments, bullets, or anything else that may have claimed her life. They pronounced her dead of a heart attack, never guessing that the answer to why she was dead was simply in the mailbox, and never guessing that the answer would sit there forever.
    To this very day, to this very second, it is a mystery of how Bertha perished, a mystery that can only be solved if an innocent passerby opens her mailbox. Bertha’s prized black shoes sit where she fell, a memorial to the long gone elderly Bertha of Cherry Tree Lane.

    • Ooo, Olivia — a mystery-within-a-mystery! Now I want to go open that mailbox… Fabulous job!

  19. One morning, when 8-year old Mary-Kay woke up- she realized there was no one at home. No one to stop her from watching T.V, no one to bother her about finishing her breakfast and no one to scold her for playing dress-up in her grandmother’s shoes. Mary-Kay, had tried on all of her grandmother’s shoes except for a pair of fancy black shoes that her grandmother always wore when she went to tea parties with her friends. Mary-Kay was jumping with joy and as soon as she finished an ever-so healthy breakfast of two spoonfuls of jam, a lollipop and a packet of gummi bears that her mother never let her eat for breakfast, Mary-Kay went to her grandmother’s bedroom but saw that the shoes were missing. She looked everywhere but she couldn’t find them. Mary-Kay realized that if the shoes were not at home then the only place they would be were on her grandmother’s feet. Mary-Kay felt relieved and decided to go outside to play on the sidewalk with her best friend, Elsie. She stepped outside and walked to the end of the street. She was about to knock on her friend’s door when she saw something that made her worried. There on the street were her grandmother’s black shoes.

    Side note: This is not my best story- when I come up with something better I will post it. 🙂

    • No apologies — it’s a great story! I love the bit about Mary-Kay’s breakfast (“two spoonfuls of jam, a lollipop and a packet of gummi bears”). Fun little details. 😀


    For the past couple of months or so, pairs of mysterious shoes have been stranded in the oddest places. The first pair of shoes- black All Star Converses– were found by the side of the Longmont Public Recreational facility pool on March 17. A week later the same high tops were quietly resting on that same pool chair. The next pair of shoes were found in Hong Kong left in the lobby of a building we checked the same hotel in to weeks–they were still there! The most recent pair of shoes we have found were located right here in Portland. They have rested by this mailbox for over three days now and people are starting to wonder. This only leaves us stuck with questions, where will the next pair of shoes appear and who’s shoes are becoming part of this worldwide suspicion.

    • Haha, this is great! Fun idea to do a news bulletin. I LOVE how creative you all are! Everyone has a different slant on it. What a talented group of writers!

  21. One.

    Violet crept to the bush at exactly 10:53. She knew for a fact that old Mrs. DeWalsh got her mail at exactly 10:57. Mostly because she had spent all summer watching the old lady. Everyone knew- well thought- that old Mrs. DeWalsh was a witch. And Violet was going to prove it.
    Violet would peer at the old lady every day from her old Victorian bedroom. And Mrs. DeWalsh sure was strange. She would pick radishes from her garden at midnight. There was a strange glow from the window near her kitchen. When every a dog was near her, it would start to bark excitedly. And that was just the beginning. And there isn’t a better place for it. It is Salem, Massachusetts, after all.
    Grasping a jar of saltwater, (because I heard that made witches evaporate) Violet glanced at her watch. 10:56. She should be her any second. I look up. Mrs. DeWalsh is standing there, getting her mail. She is murmuring under her breath. I raise my jar of saltwater, ready to throw it…

    Teehee, there’s a cliff hanger! I hope you like part one! Depending on feedback, I’ll write part two soon! Bye!

    • Ooo, a cliffhanger! I love cliffhangers! Ready for more here (and wondering if the bucket in Oz that melted the Wicked Witch of the West contained saltwater) …

      • I hope you write part two!!! Part one is really good, and I’m dying to know what happens to Mrs. DeWalsh, the… evil witch? Innocent old lady? You are a great writer!!! 😀

  22. Mrs. Emilia Silverson, aged 72, left her house with a basket slung over her arm. She was on her way to the park down the street, where she would pick some berries and then work on her latest mystery novel in the great outdoors.
    She was walking distractedly, thinking of the next chapter in her book. How should the heroine, Miranda Quick, link the murderer to the victim? Mrs. Silverson was so engrossed in her thoughts that she almost tripped over a large box beside her mailbox. She stopped and decided to open it then and there, immediately noticing though it was addressed to her, there was no return address. Taking a small pocketknife out of the basket, she sliced through the tape and opened the box eagerly.
    Mrs. Silverson pulled away the tissue paper and saw a pair of black women’s dress shoes. She took them out and was about to inspect them further, but then she saw the item that lay below the shoes. She placed them on the ground, and dug deeper into the mysterious box.
    Before she could get much further, a car squealed up to the edge of Mrs. Silverson’s driveway. The window rolled down and a familiar head poked out. It was Mr. Robert Silverson, back from work much too early.
    “Bob!” Mrs. Silverson cried. “See what I’ve found in this box!” She held out a yellowed letter and a silver, but tarnished, plate.
    Mr. Silverson caught his breath in surprise. He recognized it as his wife’s great-great grandmother’s prized plate. “But that vanished years and years ago,” he said in shock.
    Mrs. Silverson began walking up the driveway. “I’m going to call my mother. Perhaps she knows something about this…”
    Mr. Silverson parked the garage in the car, and hurriedly followed his wife inside. “I’ll get the phone,” he offered.
    Mrs. Silverson picked up the ancient plate again. “Hmm…” All of the sudden, her face lit up. “Miranda Quick will get a mysterious box in the mail….” She walked to the window, her mind racing. Mrs. Silverson spotted the pair of shoes, left behind beside the mailbox. “And she’ll know who did it because of the shoes!”
    Meanwhile, an anonymous dog-walker paused by the shoes out in the road, bewildered…

    • LOVE IT! Great detail, love the dialogue, and the last line made me laugh out loud. Well done, Kimmie! 🙂

  23. The crisp morning breeze flowed through the sleepy town of Naples, Maine. Dew droplets coated the grass as if to say ” A new day has arrived. ” Few residents of Naples were up and about on this spring dawn. One girl, however, had been up for an hour, greeting the world at its waking moments. Kristen Reeves, aged 14 years, was gathering inspiration for her fashion design collection that was to be due in a weeks time.Her specialty was vintage apparel and her collection was brilliant, but it was missing something that would complete it. She just didn’t know exactly what.
    She had already trekked through the park and the neighborhood blocks, but an unfamiliar paved path beckoned to her. She ambled along the path, with nothing sparking her interest or inspiring her, for that matter, and then suddenly she saw it.

    There they were. Black pumps with short heels. Definitely vintage, and the perfect end to her collection. She stood in awe at the beautiful pair of footwear and she tentatively reached for her camera to snap a picture of the shoes in their original spot.

    SNAP! As the camera flashed, a woman, no bigger than a thimble, stood up in the sole of the left shoe.
    ” How dare you? ” the lady screeched.
    ” Um, uh, who…can I … huh?” Stammered Kristen.
    ” You may not take the shoes! Your collection is a worthless, petty, waste of time! The shoes are my…. AAAHHHH! You will not get away with this! One day you will pay! Just wait for the…” Yelped the tiny lady.
    Kristen had dumped the lady out of the shoes and took off with the vintage pumps. She didn’t get very far, however. A magnetic pull was preventing Kristen from using the shoes and taking them anywhere farther than the path. Kristen dropped the shoes and decided a picture would be enough for the collection and she put the event in the back of her mind to forget and never worry about again. She was wrong,

    Kristen never made it home. All the evidence left was the pair of shoes and a thimble in her pocket. The shoes somehow made the front page of the paper and they were studied, analyzed and prodded for evidence of her death. No clues were found. As for her collection, it stayed in her room and never was introduced to the world. Kristen’s story may be a warning to all the wandering souls looking for shoes… Beware.

  24. Bridget Smithson stepped briskly out onto her front porch, feeling quite fashionable her khaki skirt and crisply ironed white blouse. The only thing about her that did not ring the bell of satisfaction was her shoes. They were ugly, soiled, black and high-heeled. Bridget recoiled in disgust each time she looked down at her feet. They were awful. As she was reminding herself constantly, they were only to be worn to the mailbox, where it was muddy. It wouldn’t do to get her nice work shoes dirty. It was worth wearing those horrible heels just this once, she convinced herself over and over. I won’t see anyone important this early. Bridget inched towards the mailbox, her eyes set on her destination. Just as she stepped up to it, the toot of a car horn reached her ears. “Bridget! How nice to see you! Would you like a ride to work?” Bridget’s eyes widened as she saw her work acquaintance ride up in her fire-engine red Lexus. She kicked off her black heels and hurriedly slipped her feet into her white stilettos, grimacing at the mud that immediately coated them. But Bridget thanked her acquaintance, and climbed into the Lexus. The “terrible” black heels sat abandoned on the pavement, and would soon be found by an author walking her dogs… a very wonderful author.

    I couldn’t resist writing another. 🙂 Like Elizabeth, I had another idea.

    • Haha, this is SO fun, Olivia. I love this phrase “did not ring the bell of satisfaction.” Well done! 🙂

  25. A 12 year-old girl by the name of Caroline Marie Evans was walking down her driveway one day, dressed in her grandmother’s shoes that were three sizes too big (no one knows why), completely absorbed in her favorite book (called The Mother Daughter Book Club). She walked around, reading, not noticing that she’d turned around and walked past her backyard and into the woods behind. After two minutes of walking around blindly, she finally pried her eyes away from the best book in the world to find that she had absolutely no idea where she was. All of a sudden, an image of an old lady appeared right in front of Caroline. Poor Caroline started to scream (or rather tried to) but no sound escaped her lips. She tried to run away, but found she was rooted to the spot, paralyzed with fear. All she could do was watch in horror as her body turned into what seemed like a holographic image. Her book vanished into thin air (much to her dismay), and her body was lifted off the ground. Her shoes, being much too big on her, slipped right off of her feet. Caroline tried to scream in protest as she turned invisible, and the only thing that proved that she’d ever walked into that secluded wooded area were those ugly black leather shoes…

  26. Ah, thanks Hannah ^.^ I’m really happy that you think so! Let’s hope that this is a sign of things to come, right?

  27. An old lady went outside to get her mail. She was dressed in formal clothes, a navy blue wool sweater, a silky black knee length skirt, and, of course, her little black shoes. The instant she opened her mailbox, an evil rose from it. The evil circled around the old lady,muttering words that can’t be heard, even by the strongest ears. It was the evil of terror, who enjoyed terrorizing all in the dark of night. The old lady vaporized, leaving her shoes behind. From that day on, the old lady roamed the neighborhood, scaring (and sometimes vaporizing) the neighbors who angered her.


  28. Amber Rhinestone woke up feeling older. Sunlight flooded through the windows of her yelllow wallpapered room, making it look like gold. Amber suddenly remembered: it was her tenth birthday! She leaped out of her bed, not bothering to get dressed. She just wanted to be comfortable, and even though Amber looked strange in her pajamas, they were plenty comfortable.
    After Amber had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and syrup, she opened her presents. “Mom, can I open my presents?”
    “Sure. They’re on the living room table.”
    Amber raced to the living room. To her disappointment, there was only one. It was from someone named Great Aunt Rose, who she barely even knew. “Oh well,” she thought. “It might be a super awesome present that will make up for everyone not giving me anything.” She took a deep breath and guessed. “It’s probably a book.” She said aloud.”Everone knows I love books.” Amber ripped open her present. It was a super awesome amazing…..
    …..pair of shoes. Amber tried them on, just to kick them back off again. They were bumpy, uncomfortable, and two times too big. Amber sighed. Maybe there was something intresting in the mailbox.
    “Mom, can I check the mail?”
    “Yup. And wear the special shoes Great Aunt Rose gave you.”
    Amber groaned, but she put them on anyway. She staggered to the door, still in pajamas.
    “I’ve only walked a yard and my feet are already killing me!” She gasped.
    Amber opened the door and stumbled to the mailbox. She opened the mailbox and saw several envelopes…and a package. It was addressed to her, from her best friend, Evalyn. She tore it open and squealed. Inside were a series of six books called The Mother Daughter Book Club!!! Amber was so happy, she almost touched the sky. Literally. She jumped up, closing her eyes. Her shoes slipped off her feet. When her eyes opened, she was standing on a cloud.
    “What have I done?” She wailed. “I wish I could go home.”
    Amber closed her eyes and thought about her friends and family, her pets, her books, and when she opened her eyes again, she was in her room. She grinned and started on the books.
    Meanwhile, the author of those books came across a pair of lumpy, uncomfortable, abandoned shoes in front of a mailbox while she was walking her dogs………….

  29. Mrs. Natalie Parker sat in one of two old, creaky, needing-to-be-oiled rocking chairs on her front porch. She was an 83 year old lady who had long been a widow. Her neighbors said she hid secrets deep within. They never saw her come out of her house excepting at 3:21 pm when the mailman came to their small, tucked away town and drove up the dirt road. Natalie checked her watch. 3:24. “Late whippersnappers these days.” She grumbled. Actually, it sounded more like, “Late whipashnapersh dees days,” Because she had failed to put in her dentures that morning. She slowly stood up and hobbled down to her mailbox. Her black pinchy shoes made a somewhat mysterious sound, like clicking on pavement, even though she was walking on dirt. Natalie took a single piece of parchment from the metal box, read it, and suddenly gasped. The piece of parchment fell from her old fingers and flitted to the dirt below. And, suddenly, Natalie disappeared. The only thing left to prove she had ever walked her secluded acre were her old back shoes, and the parchment. The only way to find out what had happened was to read the parchment. Coincidentally, a neighbor had been watching and ran to retrieve the parchment. Unfortunately for them, a sudden gust of wind came upon the town, and the parchment blew straight to a lake nearby and floated in. The remains of the parchment have not yet been found and Natalie Parker’s disappearance is being investigated.

    • Oooo, spooky! Now we ALL want to know what was on that parchment — I do for sure, anyway! Well done, Caroline! 🙂

  30. A small timid old lady was taking a walk away from her son’s house. She spotted a bench with two bins. She put her hand in. Nothing. The other one. A note. It said” u are a ghost where do u think u r going?’ Oh right, I forgot we had my daughter-in-laws chicken for dinner last night.

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