An interview with yours truly

Many thanks to Hannah for interviewing me for her blog!  Click here to read it.


7 thoughts on “An interview with yours truly”

  1. Hi! I am almost done reading the mother daughter book club series and I LOVE it. I am going to be so sad when I’m done. My friend Gillian contacted you yesterday and I figured I would to. You just HAVE to make your books into movies. They are so good and I would love to see more! Thank you for writing these amazing, realatible books! Yesterday I read ” Home for the Holidays” all in one day!
    Fondly (as Simon Berkely would say)

    • Oh Lucy, your comment made me smile! I love the idea of you gulping down HFTH. And a movie would be fun, wouldn’t it? Let’s hope Hollywood is listening… 😀

  2. Speaking of blogs I just wanted to say, one of my favorite parts in the MDBC was reading Megan’s Fashionista Jane Blog. Super funny!

    • Btw.. I meant to say interviews…sorry for the typo!
      And I agree, the MDBC series should be made into movies, by book, so they don’t miss anything!!

  3. My sister and I used to imagine what people who we knew would play what character in the MDBC movie if there was one. For example, there’s a teacher at our school that would be a perfect Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid… 🙂

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