Saturday Story Starter

Welcome back to the Saturday Story Starter!

Thank you all for the stories you’ve shared so far (click here and here in the comments field to check them out) — I just love the hum and buzz of collective creativity!

As you know, the Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just as a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise!

Here’s this week’s photo:

Strawberries happen to be my favorite fruit. These are Hood Strawberries, which are native to Oregon, where I live. They are UNBELIEVABLY delicious! They rarely make it over the border because they’re too delicate to travel, and they’re best eaten within 24 hours of picking. (Ours barely make it home from the farm stand before we’ve already started digging in.) They make the world’s best jam, too. Ooo, and homemade strawberry ice cream? There’s nothing better in the world….

STORY STARTER:  Write about your favorite fruit. Be sure and tap into the five senses as you write, as this really helps breathe life into words on a page (or a computer screen!). In fact, using the five senses should be a primary tool in every writer’s toolbox. The more you as a writer engage your reader’s senses, the more present your reader will be in your story, and the more alive and real it will be to him or her. So now, with this story starter, help us vividly SEE the fruit, SMELL it, FEEL it, TASTE it.  (We may or may not HEAR it, depending on whether it’s crunchy or soft.)

You can simply describe your favorite fruit for us, or, if you’d like, you can turn it into a story. It’s up to you.

Ready, set, write!



Hang out with me?

What are you doing on Friday, August 16th, at noon Pacific time (3 pm East Coast time, 2 pm Central time)?

Would you like to join me for an online book club chat about THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB? How fun is that?!  Click here for an official invitation.


This Google+ Hangout is being made possible by a wonderful organization called Every Mother Counts.  Founded by Christy Turlington Burns, a real-life former supermodel (move over, Clementine!), mother, writer, film producer, and activist, Every Mother Counts aims to help make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women worldwide.

This summer, EMC has been hosting their second annual Summer of Sisterhood Book Club, and I am honored that they chose THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB for this coming week!  The online chat panel will include best-selling author and blogger Heather B. Armstrong, who is on EMC’s Board of Directors and who hosts the wildly popular blog Dooce; her daughter Leta; EMC’s senior writer/editor Jeanne Faulkner; her daughter Olivia; and me.  I hope you’ll join us as as we talk about the importance of the bonds between mothers and daughters, and about my book. I’m eager to answer any questions you may have!

For more details, click here.  To access the Google+ Hangout, click here.

And in case you’re not able to join us, the video will be recorded and available to watch anytime on Every Mother Count’s YouTube channel following the event!