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Welcome back to the Saturday Story Starter!

Thank you all for the stories you’ve shared so far (click here and here in the comments field to check them out) — I just love the hum and buzz of collective creativity!

As you know, the Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just as a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise!

Here’s this week’s photo:

Strawberries happen to be my favorite fruit. These are Hood Strawberries, which are native to Oregon, where I live. They are UNBELIEVABLY delicious! They rarely make it over the border because they’re too delicate to travel, and they’re best eaten within 24 hours of picking. (Ours barely make it home from the farm stand before we’ve already started digging in.) They make the world’s best jam, too. Ooo, and homemade strawberry ice cream? There’s nothing better in the world….

STORY STARTER:  Write about your favorite fruit. Be sure and tap into the five senses as you write, as this really helps breathe life into words on a page (or a computer screen!). In fact, using the five senses should be a primary tool in every writer’s toolbox. The more you as a writer engage your reader’s senses, the more present your reader will be in your story, and the more alive and real it will be to him or her. So now, with this story starter, help us vividly SEE the fruit, SMELL it, FEEL it, TASTE it.  (We may or may not HEAR it, depending on whether it’s crunchy or soft.)

You can simply describe your favorite fruit for us, or, if you’d like, you can turn it into a story. It’s up to you.

Ready, set, write!



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  1. “Molly, dear, you must not forget about the raspberries, alright? It’s the perfect time to pick them, so get out there right now before the rain starts a-coming. Good girl.” The old woman groped around for a wicker basket but Molly was quicker. Her long, blond hair quivered around her waist as she headed to the kitchen door. The plaid drapery that usually covered the small window on the door was pull apart so that Molly could see the field. She also noticed the dark gray storm clouds leisurely strolling toward her farm. Molly had time.
    Opening the door wide, stuffy air gave her a big hug and tugged her towards the raspberry bushes. She gladly followed, adding a skip in her step as she made her way past the strawberry and blueberry bushes. The wind picked up, pulling her hair in different directions and howling as it rushed by.
    There they were… raspberries. Nobody in all of Wicker Creek grew these berries as well as Molly and her family did. She fingered one gently, the hairs grazing her thumb lightly. She always found a squeal bursting out of her each time she felt one. It was as if a million tiny fingers were tickling her skin. She pulled it carefully from the bush and placed it in the basket. Molly echoed this action until all the berries were picked from the bush.
    Molly stole a glance at the window to make sure her mother wasn’t watching. Thankfully, she wasn’t. In that instant Molly took one raspberry between her index finger and her thumb and popped it into her mouth. She cringed for a moment, allowing the sour to fully grab her taste buds.
    After a couple of seconds, sweet elbowed sour for room and Molly closed her eyes. A sunny summer day was what she saw. The crisp lake she always went to came next. The breeze that cooled her off after a long day on the farm followed. Molly cracked one eye open, greedily looking upon the juicy purple raspberries.
    She brought the basket to her nose, taking a whiff of the berries. The smell reminded her faintly of roses and summer. Sometimes Molly was persuaded raspberries had no smell at all, but if she tried hard and shut her eyes tight, she imagined she was holding a rose picked in the middle of summer. A smile danced across her lips.
    “Molly!” Her name was shot into the sky like a cannon, but soon dissipated in the thick atmosphere. Molly looked up to see the figure of her plump mother waving her hand in the doorway. Molly waved back to signify she was coming. As she ran back to the house, thunder chased after her. Rain began to plummet to the ground just as she reached the kitchen.
    “What took you so long, dearie?” The basket was set on the table and Molly went to sit by the window to watch the storm.
    “Oh, nothing.”

    • “Sweet elbowed sour for room…” #swoon# LOVELY, Grace! All of it — but that phrase is just PERFECT! 🙂

      • All I can say is….WOW!!! Well, maybe I can say this, too: That. Was. Really. Really. Awesome!!! How you can write so wonderfully, I don’t know… My favorite bit was, “stuffy air gave her a big hug.” Or maybe it was, “the dark gray storm clouds leisurely strolling toward her farm.” I don’t know!! It was all fantastic.

      • Olivia, Summerlover: Thank you so much for those sweet comments! I’m really glad you liked it. 😉 Summerlover, your tidbit on mangoes was awesome! I love mangoes, too 😉

  2. Actually, strawberries are my favorite fruit too! Mom and I buy them whenever we can. I love the vibrant, bright red color. It’s great for decorating cakes because the red contrasts with white whipped cream. (Mom and I always ice cakes and cupcakes with whipped cream because we think icing is too sweet.) I also love how when you slice strawberries, each slice forms a heart shape. It’s great for Valentine’s Day!

    This sweet, juicy fruit is perfect for hot summer days. If you put them in the fridge for maybe half an hour, they’ll be nice and cold when you eat them, and they stay cold for quite a long time, too.

    I love how they taste with whipped cream! (Seriously, strawberries and cream are one of the best combinations on Earth!) I love how juicy they are, and how they can fill your mouth with a sweet, tart flavor the moment you bite down. Thinking about it now makes my mouth water! I think I’m going to grab some from the fridge right now…

  3. Yay! I’ve been looking for these every Saturday 😀

    Fruit has always been something that I’ve enjoyed. Having a sweet tooth, I much preferred the succulent taste of fruit than vegetables, although those are great too, and I’m fairly certain I’ve eaten fruit twice a day every school week of the year.
    Being from Georgia, which is renowned for its peaches, you’d think I’d be fond of those. In reality, I love peaches, but they aren’t my favorite.
    Instead, I think apples would have to take the prize. There are many wonderful and exotic fruits out there, but apples will probably always have to be my favorite. There’s nothing that can compare to the crunch as you sink your teeth into a juicy red apple (not green, unfortunately; I did say that I had a sweet tooth!) and the delicious, refreshing taste that comes from it. The smooth outer skin makes it great for holding- until you’ve eaten all of that. It’s rather sad that I have to eat the apples sliced into small triangles now, but those are great too- so great, in fact, I have to wrestle them away from my friend at lunch.
    The taste of apples is, simply, refreshing. They have just enough sweetness without it being an overload. Of course, it all changes when they’re made into a pastry confection or the like- the sweetness increases, and the refreshing aspect decreases, leading to a more homey, warm feeling. Actually, apple pie, strudel, and cider make me taste fall, whereas normal apples bring the sensation of summer.
    Apples, on their own, don’t seem to emit that much of a smell; however, when you cook them into any of the things listed above, and more, the scent is amazing. The smell of apple-whatever just makes me want to curl up on my living room couch with a yearbook, notebook paper, and a pencil, and wait for whatever it is to be completed.
    I can understand why some people wouldn’t like apples, or, in my place get sick of them after awhile. (Like my friend and her now-hatred of applesauce springing from eating too much of it in her childhood.) However, I think I’ve been eating apples nearly every Monday-Friday since I was in first grade, and my love of them certainly isn’t ending any time soon.

    • An ode to the humble apple! Love it! And you’re right, “there’s nothing that can compare to the crunch.” Well done! 🙂

      • As you know, I can’t see something of yours without saying I love it, Gwyneth. I loved it!! Being a fellow apple lover, I can say truthfully that you described it more perfectly than perfect! 😀

  4. The delicious fruit was the perfect Autumn afternoon snack. Known to be a red house with no doors or windows and a star inside, I personally prefer it to eat. The crunchiness of the sweet fruit is part of what makes it so good, although perhaps it could be the sweet juiciness of the fruit when it’s at its most ripest. Whether the fruit be crabby or red and delicious, it’s always a yummy treat for my tummy!

    Can you guess what it is? 🙂

    • “A red house with no doors or windows and a star inside” — oh my goodness, that is perfect! An apple, right? I hope I’m right…

  5. My favorite fruit is sweet. To the touch the outside is smooth but the inside is rough and slippery with an occasional seed. My favorite fruit is the juicy sugary watermelon. With a red inside and green shell its very pretty and almost reminds me of Christmas even though you tend to eat watermelon during the summer. Sometimes, if its a really ripe watermelon, it’ll just melt in your mouth, almost like swallowing sugar. If its not so ripe you can hear the crunch crunch while you chew. I love to eat watermelon inside a fruit salad with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries with an occasional dollop of whipped cream mixed in. I love watermelon for every single one of these reasons

    • I really love the part were you put:
      “My favorite fruit is sweet. To the touch the outside is smooth but the inside is rough and slippery with an occasional seed. My favorite fruit is the juicy….”
      i think thats a great way to start a story!
      I think i might use the same idea (not completly copying it of course, but the same tipe of intro.) for the Novel i’m writing.


  6. Strawberries were her favorite fruit. Not just because they signaled the start of summer, but because they were summer. From when she was younger, her fondest memory was the yearly strawberry picking. She remembered how she eagerly await it, and how when she was there she ate any red one she found, so at the end she ended up with more in her stomach than in her basket. Sometimes, when she found a particular red one, she would squeeze it on her lips to try to dye them the same shade as the strawberry.
    As she got older, her family started processing them into jam and for freezing. Oh, how she hated hulling the berries!and how red her fingers were afterwards! But it was worth it, for in the winter a fresh strawberry smoothie would bring back the memories of warm, lazy days spent in the strawberry field.

    • Oh wow, Abigail — I LOVE the image of her squeezing a strawberry onto her lips to dye them the same shade — PERFECT! And also the idea that strawberries “were summer.” Yes. 🙂

  7. Hi Heather!
    I really thought of a great story to go along with the picture:
    I stared at the juicy, red strawberries-my mouth instantly watering, thinking of the last time I had eaten strawberries or anything. I watched as people milled around me-picking strawberries, laughing and just being happy. I longed for that. I longed for a normal life, to live like a normal person. I watched as a strawberry dropped out of somebody’s basket and rolled on the floor. Too tempted, I reached out to touch it and watched my hand go through. To me, I was normal-I was breathing,I could see things, I could feel emotions and the most important of all-I was visible. To everyone else, I am nothing. I simply don’t exist. In other words, I am a ghost.

  8. Mango. A simple yet magnificent fruit that fills you with its sweetness. When it enters your mouth, your tongue dances with joy. The smell reminds you of blooming flowers, and your mind goes away to a paradise. Mango. A simple yet magnificent fruit.

  9. I wonder what God was thinking when he created watermelon. Imagine the surprise of the first human to discover it: a crazily striped bright green ball sits on the ground. He opens it, and vibrant pink flesh appears! How delicious it is to his mouth as he takes his first bite: cool, refreshing, and succulent, giving a satisfying crunch with every mouthful. The sweet scent is carried by the breeze, attracting some unwanted guests! But it doesn’t matter; there’s enough to share. 🙂

    • “A crazily striped bright green ball” — great visual, Elizabeth! Watermelons = yum! 🙂

  10. My favorite fruit are purple grapes. They are deceptivly delicious. They are healthy for you and really good. Their smell is sweet and my Aunt always buys them for me when we go to visit her. Being round and small, I feel like I can eat as many as I can without the fear of putting on 5 pounds. Their smooth skin is tasty and I love to peel it off. When you bite into them they are most of the time crunchy and nice. When I leave them out of the refrigerator the sun will hit them and their shiny skin glints in the sun, and that’s my favorite fruit.

    • I looove this line: “their shiny skin glints in the sun” — beautiful alliteration, Samantha! Great job! 🙂

  11. I pick up a bright red strawberry. It is as red as a rose fresh srom the garden. The strawberry is huge, bigger than the average strawberry. I can tell it is bulging with juice. The outer layer is covered with tiny seeds, like goosebumps on your skin.
    The strawberry is lumpy, with lumps of juice. Its seeds give it a rough texture, like the sidewalk, except a lot softer. The stem, covered with leaves, tickles as I touch it.
    My strawberry smells as fresh as a garden of flowers. I can even smell the juice, waiting to be eaten. I can’t wait to eat it. It smells delicious already!
    Finally, it’s time to eat it. I take a bite of the big bulging strawberry, inhaling the scent of the yummy fruit. It tastes even better than it looks, exploding with juice as I take a bite. It is bursting with sweetness, a lot sweeter than the sweetest sugar on earth. I can’t wait to have another bite………

    • Love the image of the tiny seeds “like goosebumps on your skin” — great visual! Good job, Carol! 🙂 (And yum, I’m now officially hungry for strawberries…)

  12. ❤My favorite fruit is Mangos. I love the way they are colored, like a sunset that is so beautiful it’s rare to see. I love the way the sweetness meets the tanginess to make a delicious almost tart-like flavor! I love the way that it feels almost like water had beaten against a rock until it was smooth all around. The softness of the inside when it’s perfectly ripe❤

  13. My Favorite Fruit
    When I was 8 years old, my grandfather (I call him Papa) took me to the farmers market for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday, each detail implanting itself in my memory, never to be forgotten. The way I was intimidated by the sound of all the people at first until Papa took my small, smooth hand in his big, callused one. He led me to the fruit stand where I was met with a diverse, colorful rainbow of fresh, locally grown fruit. From cherries, to grapes, to plums it was all there. My mouth started watering and I was ecstatic when Papa leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Do you want to choose one?” It was overwhelming trying to choose from all the fruits. I walked from one end of the long fruit stand and was near the other end when I saw it. The oranges. The were so vibrant. They lit up next to the other fruits, like when you see a penny glinting on the road and it can’t help but catch your eye. The woman standing behind the rows of fruit noticed me eyeing them and inquired, “Would you like one?” Before I could reply, she had chosen one of the perfect spheres off the top of the pile and delicately placed it in my quivering palms. I was surprised at how smooth and even the surface of the peel was. It was about the size of a softball but weighed about as much as a tennis ball. Papa found me holding the fruit, and gave the woman a few worn dollars, gathered the other fruits he had bought, and grasped my hand while leading me to his truck. I held my orange safe and sound cupped lightly in my hands all the way home.
    The big, welcoming, wood, front door slammed shut behind me as I ran into my house. Slipping off my old tennis shoes I hollered “Momma! Look what I got from the outside grocery store!” I ran into the kitchen where Momma was making something delicious just as she said, “I’d love to see what you got but please lower your voice. The baby is napping.”
    “Sorry Momma I didn’t realize…”
    “It’s okay. Now what did you get?” Momma turned away from the counter to face me and I held out my now open palms to reveal the gorgeous, fruity-sun.
    “An orange! How wonderful! Oranges are one of my favorite fruits! Did you know there is no word in the English language that rhymes with orange?” I giggled at Momma’s random burst of knowledge, but inwardly thought ‘It’s an individual. Unique like its taste.’
    “Momma, how come she got to get a fruit from the market?” That was my older brother. Not long after he complained, my older sister started whining too. “That’s not fair!”
    “Sometimes you guys get to do and receive special things, but today was Liz’s turn.” Wiping her flour covered hands on her red checkered apron, Momma turned to me and asked,”Liz do you want to eat your orange right now?” I nodded vigorously. Momma gently plucked the orange from my reluctant fingertips and I watched as she carefully cut the round, whole fruit into eight, perfectly even wedges. She placed them on one of her glass, antique, floral plates and placed it in front of me as I clambered onto a barstool. The ripe, juicy scent met my nose and reminded me of when you step outside in the morning in springtime, right after all the buds have bloomed and the trees are full of blossoms. The world smells so dreamy and sweet and everything is beautiful. I selected one of the wedges and the juice made the ‘meat’ of the fruit sparkle like a glittering star. I placed it in my mouth, biting slowly. I’d eaten oranges before but they had always been imported, not freshly picked from the market. My mouth erupted with the pleasant juice. The natural sugar in the fruit made it the perfect amount of sweet, with still a hint of sour to even it out and I closed my eyes to let the taste linger. I was reaching for my second piece, when I noticed my big brother, big sister, and Momma all enviously staring at my plate. That’s when I knew I would feel better if I shared. “Would you guys all like a slice?” I offered and all three mumbled a not-quite-thinking-about-but-not-heartless thanks while grabbing a portion of fruit from the plate. I snatched one for myself and as we bit into it in tandem, each of our faces broke out in a wide, satisfied smile.

    • Oh, this is a beautiful story, Juliette–what a rich tapestry you’ve woven for us! I love the image of the small, smooth hand in the big, calloused one — and comparing the orange to a bright penny you spot “glinting” on the road. WELL DONE! 🙂

    • Wow. That was magnificent, Juliette! You described the orange very well! I really like “juice made the ‘meat’ of the fruit sparkle like a glittering star.” Bravo!

  14. Kiwi. You never fail to amaze me. Your light brown fuzz of a skin protects the beauty within. The bright green flesh is juicy and smooth. The tiny ebony seeds are arranged in a circle around the core, which is tough but still edible. Kiwi. The soothing coolness of the juice engulfs my taste buds in a paradise. The green flesh slides down my throat with no problem.Kiwi. The citrus taste is like no other. It is like the waves on a beach. Irreplaceable . Perfection in my mouth. Kiwi. The tropical scent screams ” I am exotic!” It persuades me to indulge in one more bite. Simple yet complex aromas whirl around my nose. Kiwi. You are the ultimate perfection.

    BTW- Kiwi, Watermelon, and Peaches are my favorite fruits, but I chose kiwi because it is the most unique. Also, this is supposed to be a poem and the word KIWI symbolizes new stanzas.

    • Kiwi IS unique! And love how you’ve arranged the stanzas — very clever. “tiny ebony seeds” — gorgeous!

  15. I have many favorite fruits and strawberries happen to be on of them including canteloupe, blueberries, grapes, bananas, pineapples, and apples. I love the sweet crunch in canteloupes while blueberries are soft, easily mashable, and a bit tarty. Grapes are soft and crunchy at the same time with a dazzling color of dark purple. Bananas are soft and light unlike pineapples, which are hard and have the most amazing shape, with hard spikes that can prick your finger. The tasty crunch that alters between sweet and sour is very memorable.

    • Very memorable back atcha, Pareen! Nicely done! I can practically see and taste your “fruit basket” here! 😉

  16. Flavor spurts into my mouth. The sound of a crisp, definite crunch greets my ears. My taste buds tingle and plead for more. The tart yet perfect taste swirls around my tongue as I close my eyes and breathe in deeply the delectable, unforgettable scent. My eyelids fly open to observe the sleek, tasteful green skin protected the flesh from destruction. Where my teeth bit, there is a hole in the green covering, revealing whitish flesh that has been tinted green. It is the perfect creation: the green apple.

    This is a really great topic for Saturday Story Starter, Ms. Frederick!!! Thanks for doing it!! 😀

  17. My favorite fruits in the whole wide world are strawberries and bananas. I love them in frozen yogurt and just plain together! The yellow gives the red a silly and happy burst and the red makes the yellow look vibrant. Now, here is my story…

    The Garden
    This story takes place in Concord, Massachusets. Right in Half Moon Farm. Jess was making strawberry jam with Emma on a perfect fall day. They had just been at Orchard House and were now doing Jess’s favorite chore. All of a sudden Emma had an idea. ” What’s your idea?” asked Jess. Emma giggled. ” I want to make my own garden.” replied Emma. “A garden?” questioned Jess. Emma nodded. ” It could have all sorts of things like vegetables and fruits,” said Emma. ” We could start a strawberry jam class,’ suggested Jess. Emma seemed lost in space. She was imagining. A beautiful berry field. Trees filled with bananas. Monkeys on the ends. New flavored smoothies. ” Earth to Emma!’ exclaimed Jess. But Emma was too busy writing in her notepad. She was creating ideas for games. Two days later, Emma and Jess started setting up the garden. After many long months of planting and harvesting, the garden was ready. It was filled with rows of flowers and waterfalls. A bridge was there too. Vegetables and fruits filled the place. A picnic table was added at the last minute. A lot of people came to admire the garden even Becca, who was against nature things. When Emma was cleaning up, Stewart came up to her. ” You’re garden is amazing.” he said. ” You’re amazing,” Emma said. And they gave each other an affectionate kiss. After all, they were in college. Well, almost. They were as romantic as they were smart. The garden was filled with music, art and poetry. And they- including Darcy and Jess who held hands toasted to organic strawberry/banana smoothies! The End
    I hope you liked my story!

    • Mireya, this made me laugh out loud! Love it! And I also love your description at the beginning of how strawberries and bananas are such a perfect pairing.

  18. Field Trip to Apple Holler

    This was back in fourth grade. I was going on a field trip to Apple Holler- an amazing place that looked like a farm or a carnival. My class got to pick pumpkins and apples. We got to ride a tractor like a real farmer. We went in corn and cow mazes and I even got lost! My favorite part was the play of Johnny Appleseed. It made me want to eat an apple! I loved the playground there and corn pool too. It was fun and relaxing even though I loved school.
    I hope you liked my memory/story.

    • Oh yes, I like your memory very much! And the name “Apple Holler” — that’s just perfect, isn’t it?

  19. “Now, now, Violet, when you go to the market, don’t forget to buy those fresh strawberries from Ms. Marks, OK? You know how I like everything as fresh as can be! Don’t lose your quarter, you’ve been saving up your allowance for one whole year just to buy these strawberries, OK? I mean, with all the money troubles these days, we just can’t afford to lose…” Her mother’s voice trailed off and she wore a pondering and worrisome look. “OK, I won’t forget, Mother. Now, where is that wicker basket?” Violet shivered as she headed down Errol Lane. As she turned the corner to head to the market, a cold blast of wind hit her and her quarter, (it was the 30s so everything was cheap) fell from her basket and started rolling away. “Oh!” gasped Violet as she realized what had happened. She started chasing after the quarter and ran and ran until the quarter stopped and fell flat on the street. Violet gave a sigh of relief. But what she didn’t notice was that the silver disc had rolled to a stop right on top of a rusty grate and was teetering back and forth on top of it. The coin seemed to fall in slow motion. A few moments later, Violet heard a small “plop” and saw a silvery glint come up from the grate. “Oh no!” thought Violet. ” A year’s worth of money down the drain!”

    The End!
    I hope you liked my story but I’m only 10 so I apologize if my writing isn’t very good!

    • Anna, your writing is wonderful! Never apologize, just WRITE. 🙂 I love the moment when the coin is teetering, and we’re all holding our breath waiting to see what happens…

  20. Strawberry. At first glance, it is plain red. Bland. Boring. But as soon as the soft fruit hits your taste buds, it becomes so much more. Tart, yet sweet. Plain, yet beautiful. You can not stop after one bite. There is only one thing you can say about a ripe, juicy strawberry: A creation of pure perfection.

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