Hammock hog

The dog days of August are upon us…

Billie in hog heaven
Billie in hog heaven

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  1. Oh, he’s so cute, and your so lucky to have a pet and a hammock. Our landlord claims that pets ruin houses and are yard is a little bit too small. I start school next week so I’m enjoying the freedom I have left. It looks like Billie got the same good idea.

  2. I bet Billie loves life right now! 🙂 That hammock looks so comfortable! I love the pretty porch in the background, Mrs. Frederick! Is that a pedestal thing on the corner?
    ~ I also like the effects of the picture, how you made it circular and kind of blurry on the edges!

    • The pedestal thing was a freebie I found discarded by the side of the road. Knew it would make a perfect spot to place a potted plant and dress up the back patio, so home with me it came! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh that is so cute! My two wiener dogs have been dozing the whole summer and won’t stop. Their bed is their haven, that’s for sure 😉 How old is Billie? And your backyard is beautiful!

    • Nope — a hanging flower basket! (It does sort of look like a pumpkin, though, doesn’t it?)

  4. I love dogs! He looks so peaceful and cute. I wish I had a dog! Preferably a Rough Collie or Sheep Dog. Go animals!
    I like to write turkey stories and horse stories. I have to figure out a dog one…

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  6. My dog is almost like a cat! All she does is sleep and lounge. She doesn’t leave home much except to get groomed! Your dog os so cute Mrs. Fredrick! Dogs are super adorable!!!!

    • Oh wow, Aliya, I have SO many inspirations — so many books, and so many authors inspired me to write. E. B. White, of course (I still think CHARLOTTE’S WEB is the most perfect book EVER). Jane Austen. Scott O’Dell. Susan Cooper. And many, many more!

    • Billie (a she, actually) is a Shetland Sheepdog. They’re called “Shelties” for short. 🙂

      • Hi I have a suggestion for MDBC if you do make another book you should have Megan’s parents adopt a girl the same age as the girls and have her join bookclub

        Thanx for listening to my snoggestion
        Aliya G.

  7. Aww so cute! I wish I had a dog! If I had a dog I would want a Pip! Speaking of that, Will you ever write more MDBC? THE PRETEENS OF THE WORLD NEED TO KNOW!!!!!! Sorry for nagging about that… But I love the series so much I’ve read each book about 10 times! (probably more) even little online chapters would be cool!
    Thanks again

  8. I bet Megan would like you to give her a sister it could be quite the adventure she could be bratty but have a soft side like savanah Sinclair or be kind with a greedy heart just givin some snogestions for her personality

  9. Hi,
    You know how I have the Anything Blog?
    Well, I wrote a book review on WYWE, The last mdbc book. Hope you read it 🙂
    Aliya great snoggestion!

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