Saturday Story Starter

Welcome to the Saturday Story Starter!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one, and I apologize — we’re long overdue for a writing date together. Too many deadlines + too much travel = crazy life! I’ve so enjoyed all the stories you’ve shared so far (click here and here and here and read the comments field to check them out) — I just love the hum and buzz of collective creativity!

As you know, the Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just as a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise!

Here’s this week’s photo:

Heceta Head

If you click on it, you should be able to enlarge it for a better look. It’s a great shot, isn’t it? ::pats self on back::  My husband and I spent a week on the Oregon Coast recently, which is one of my favorite places in the whole world. We hiked and read and ate fabulous seafood and napped and watched old movies. Bliss. One of our excursions took us to this beautiful, windswept spot. It’s called Heceta Head. The fog started to lift shortly before I took this picture, but it still has an air of mystery about it, doesn’t it?

STORY STARTER:  Write about this place. Maybe something happens, or maybe you just describe it for us. It’s up to you. If you need a jumpstart, here’s a first line you can use:

The storm blew out to sea shortly before dawn…

Ready, set, write!

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  1. Every neighborhood has a house different from the rest. But have you ever seen a house isolated from the others? Well, there was one no one dared give a name and no one really knew the history of it. But if you would like to find out and dare to read what lies beyond, then read on.

  2. Madeliene sighed and sat up. The sky looked beautiful but not as beautiful as the swooshing pools of water extending for miles in front of her. The cool breeze flooded past her, and she flicked her long blonde hair out of her eyes. Madi loved this place. It was her thinking spot. Often she would lay on the grass and watch the sea, wondering, waiting for something magical in nature. This meadow was Madeliene’s refuge. It hid her from her mother, who was, more often than not, intoxicated. Her father as usual was away on a business trip. Madeliene thought no one knew about her spot, for it was concealed by brush and over-growth. No one tended to the meadow. Madeliene felt safe and alone but little did she know that she was being watched.
    Everyday Sebastian hid in the trees behind the house. He watched the girl, mesmerized by her grace. He was careful, he didn’t want the beautiful girl to know he was there. He feared that if he was discovered, the girl would stop coming and he would be left alone. Sebastian felt calm knowing that he was not the only lonely soul in his world.
    Madeliene looked up. The tall tree always seemed to be suspicious from its perch high by the cliff. Once or twice she had seen flashes of color too big to be birds. She thought someone was watching but she could never convince herself of such an insanity. Today, though, she was sure she had seen a large patch of blue near the top of the pine.
    Sebastian gasped. The girl had seen him. She knew he was there. Slowly, carefully, he sighed, mustered the little courage he had and began his slow decline. He had he reached the lowest limb: five feet of the ground when the girl started towards his tree. He breathed in and breathed out. Seizing every ounce of strength he could, he launched himself down to the ground.
    THUD! Madeliene jumped backwards as a tall sandy haired boy landed straight in front of her. He breathed heavily for a moment and then, slowly raised himself up. His blue eyes met Madeliene’s and she melted inside. This boy, she knew, would become her companion. All because of the little tree by the sea.

    • Her hands were intertwined in the gnarled, dark green grass. Her feet the same; she could barely make out the ten bright blue nails staring back at her. The breeze danced around her hair, playing with it and twirling it in many different directions. The waves rushed to the shore and then retreated once more to dwell in the ferocious ocean before her. The sand was wet and cold, like soggy cereal on a Monday morning. The girl peered up at the cottage which now looked like a life-size dollhouse. The large rock loomed in the distance, and the fog strolled along the beach, as if the ghost of a couple were having a conversation alongside the murky tide that rolled in. The chills of the morning sprang upon the girl’s bare shoulders, marching down her harm and sitting finally on her fingers. Trees rustled, shimmying right along with the breeze that tried to bring life to the cold place. And especially to the girl.
      Oh how she despised this place! Her hatred for it was a hundred times hotter than the temperature that day. Summer vacation used to be one of the girl’s most anticipated times of the year. That ended when her mother took her to the cottage this year for “fun.”
      “She has no idea what the definition of ‘fun’ is,” the girl though harshly. Her phone, with its sleek case and thin screen staring up at the sky (a sky that did not provide cellular WiFi) was untouched for the first time in a long time. No Twitter. No Facebook. And in the girl’s case, no life. “Oh yeah, ‘nature will do you just fine, too,’” the girl mimicked. She knew she should have appreciated her mother, who was in a difficult financial time to begin with, but did the girl not have authority over decisions either? The fog’s humidity stuck to the girl’s face, its sticky substance enraging the girl.
      “Don’t you know this is expensive makeup?” she cried at it, but the fog didn’t care. It just ambled right along. “I hope this fog leaves and takes me with it!” she muttered.
      Just then the wind picked up, its dance number transitioning to a final finish. It rushed past the girl, but the fog would not leave. Amidst the fog, though, was a beautiful young girl. The angry teenager stared at her some more. Ten bright blue toenails glittered back, to her surprise.
      It was her.
      Her hair, which was already being played with, was pulled upward. To the teen’s dismay, the blond locks began to dissolve like wet paper. The particles began to whirl around and around, and then disappeared. The fog was beginning to disperse. The young teenager began to feel herself being pulled up as well, like a marionette. As she was pulled, she saw and a more middle-aged woman with a Nikon in her hand in a clearing. Camera in hand, she was trying to take the perfect photo for her nature blog.
      The girl could not scream. Her voice had probably already disintegrated. In her mind, she tried to scream, “Wait, I take back that wish! I take it back. Please, don’t take me away!” Fear was pushing through her veins; her eyelids were pulled back to where she couldn’t blink. The cottage wasn’t a life-size dollhouse anymore to her. It was a white speck on a small, green island, in the middle of nowhere. And the teenage girl was nothing.
      Nothing at all.
      *cliffhanger, I know :)*

      • Not just a cliffhanger, but a BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN ONE — I especially love “the fog strolled along the beach” … 🙂

  3. It was a perfect day in Oregon, the wind was blowing slightly and the fog was starting to escape it’s chamber. Two teens named Emma and Jess were on vacation with their families. Jess’ Aunt Rachel lived on a small hill next to a beautiful beach. Jess and Emma decided to take a nice walk on the beach. They started to talk and for some reason Jess was rambling on about Darcy. Emma was super bored, she gets it Jess and Darcy are in love blah blah blah. Whoa where did that come from. Emma realized she was jealous. Stewart and her had been in a huge fight because Stewart went on a date with the new girl in town, Kayla. Then to top it off Jess and Darcy spend as much time as they can communicating and Jess barely talks to Emma. When they found out they were going to Oregon together the first thing Jess asked was “Is Darcy coming?” ” I guess I’m jealous” Emma concluded. She didn’t realize that while she was thinking Jess had left. ” She must have gone back to the house” Emma thought. She jogged back and when she finally got there she yelled,” Anyone home?!?!” No response, suddenly a muffled scream came from Jess’ room. She grabbed a banana and walked over. ” A banana Emma really. Because a burglar will be terrified of a banana.” she muttered to herself. She peeked into the room and dropped her “deadly” weapon. “Oh my gosh” she gasped.

    Hoped you liked it!
    Part 2 coming soon

    • I’m hooked! Love the humor with the banana, and of COURSE we need to find out what’s happened to Jess. Write on! 🙂

  4. Who new that the foggy afternoon could disperse such men around the quaint house like unwnated rats.Through a tourists looking glass they sight their quarries place of refuge. One giving the signal to the other they slowly leak onto the docks each getting into their boats and ignoring the shouts of the angry pedestrians. Each man wore a large black overcoat with the flaps folded up to cover their faces. Only one woman was amoung them dressed the same as the others exept for her jet black hair that peaked out og her coat like a curious mouse. Just because she was the only woman there didn’t mean she was lower than the rest of them. About her lay a feeling of authority and jugdment like the thick fog that was slowly decending opon the green hills of Ireland. THis women was guarded by her fellow protecters as they set out in the leading boat. The woman docked first as the others scrambled around the small island looking for a water entry way. Stepping onto the soil the woman seemed suprised by the fact that nothing went off or any alarms started screeching. Semming satisfied she walked closer to the semmingly innocent house. When suddenly the fog was pushed upwords with a seemingly invisable force and a swirling wind threatened to show the womans true identity. A helicopter was taking off flying above the people that wanted it so badly to come down. A smirk appered on the woman’s face. “Very clever”, she hissed. “But evil shall reign once again, you shall not so easily get away next time.” Until than A revoir, and watch your back”. Suddenly.

    Well got to wait to see what happens next time. I’m kinda in the mood for this right now. I just finished Out of Sight, and Out of Time by Ally Carter. What do you think? You should really read her books sometime their almost as good as MDBC or Spy Mice.

    • Very suspenseful, Samantha! I love the image of the mysterious men “leaking” onto the docks. Well done! (And by the way, I LOVE Ally Carter’s books! Glad to know you do, too!)

  5. “Ok, first off ewwww and second why are you guys kissing.PDA now guys,,11 really. Hello!!?? Ugh whatever.” Emma said “I sound like Becca” she thought. As Emma started eating her bruised banana Jess came out, “What is your problem Emma?! Seriously you’re not telling me something. I’m your best friend, I know you.” Emma scowled “You probably won’t care.” Jess’s lip started to quiver. Emma looked at her best friend, the morning light seemed to reach out and caress her pale cheek, her blond hair pulled back in a slick ponytail shined like the braces on Becca’s teeth, her pale blue eyes sparkled and then Emma couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Stewart went on a date with Kayla and we got in a fight.” Emma sobbed,”I get it, she’s so beautiful and I’m a pile of trash.” ” No you are not, Emma Hawthorne. Even if her hair is as black and shiny as a lava rock, and her skin has a perfect tan, or if her eyes have a perfect color-” Jess started “You’re not helping” Emma stated “You didn’t let me finish! You have wonderful features too, you’re hair is as shiny and silky as – as well silk! You’re skin is as pretty as a sparkling grain of sand and your eyes sparkle can light up our Earth! And to top it off you are a very polite nice person and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Emma, I’m sure that spoiled brat realized what a horrible person she is or she’s going to be meeting a chicken and a goat!!” Jess finished with a flourish. “Thank you, Jess.” Emma whispered and they hugged. Jess turned on her heel “Oh and next time knock” “Wait! A couple things, I suggest Dolly and the most smelly goat you have. And why did I hear a muffled scream?” “Oh, I hit my heel on the bed and was in so much pain I almost screamed so I covered my mouth.” “Ok I see” said Emma.

    With Darcy and Jess:
    “Hey, is Emma ok?” asked Darcy. “Yeah she’s fine” Jess replied. “Jess I have something to tell you.” I think we should…


    • Another cliffhanger! Fun fan fiction, Kay — I like your use of dialogue to keep things moving. 🙂

  6. Yay, I’ve been looking forward for a Saturday Story Starter for weeks.

    The Stormy Sea
    Luciana was a very curious girl who loved visiting her grandparents. She had been looking forward to Spring Break where she would spend a full week with them. One day, she was particularly excited because that day her Grandpa Charlie would be taking her on a boat ride. Luciana’s grandpa was a fisherman who was very adventurous. Grandma Mary warned them to be careful but Grandpa waved his hand and told her that they would be fine. Luciana was busy practicing her spelling words so, she didn’t notice the strong winds. She was a super speller and she was training to compete in that year’s National Spelling Bee. She quickly snapped out of her daydream, when she heard Grandpa calling her. ” Luciana, help me with the sail or we’ll sink!” called Grandpa. “Okay, okay grandpa!” called back Luciana. Just then, a wave knocked grandpa out of the boat. Luciana frantically searched for him but soon she gave up. The next morning, Luciana awoke and couldn’t remember anything that had happened. She was really frightened. How would she find her way back home? She had been enjoying her vacation in Oregon but now it was ruined. She searched and searched until she found a clue. She should build a shelter until a family member came searching for her. She found a cave and realized it was better than nothing. After drinking some water from a well and eating some bananas and coconuts, Luciana grew tired. Before she went to sleep, she wrote in her pocket notebook. She was happy her notebook hadn’t gotten wet. Back at her grandparent’s home, Grandma Mary was really worried. She decided to send a search party to look for her husband and granddaughter. To be continued…

    • All these cliffhangers you girls are writing! I’m on pins and needles to find out what happens to Luciana! (and I hope Grandpa Charlie is OK….)

  7. YEAH!!! I’ve missed Saturday story Starter!!!:)Here’s mine:

    When dawn broke, I saw the craggy coast for the first time.
    The room I was in was small, perhaps at the top of the house.There was a bed, a dresser and nothing else. Where was I?
    I didn’t know anything; even how I got here. All I could remember was a long road, pain in my leg and lying under a lilac bush until a dog chased me away.
    I remembered long, hungry nights and cold midnight frights.
    I looked out at the coast again. The waves that pummeled the shore seemed to be chanting my name. ‘Isabelle’ it said.There was a purpose in it, as if it was trying desperately to remind me of something.
    Over and over it repeated it’s self until I thought I was going mad.
    Suddenly, and without any warning the door opened. A lady perhaps in her mid forties came in. She was dressed in the fashion of twenty years ago- a large skirt, puffed out by a crinoline; a white blouse. The skirt was black- the color of mourning. It reminded me of……..what? Ohhhhh, the color my mother wore when she heard my brother wasn’t coming home from the war. The color they gave me when the told me she had ‘passed on’.The dark room in the building filled with skinny,sorrowful children. My reasons for running and that long road came back.
    I was an orphan.
    The lady was speaking, but I couldn’t hear her. Didn’t want to. I turned back to the window, to the sea. It chanted again, but the words were different. ‘Gone’ it said. It was right.

    There you go! If anyone wants to add on, feel free! Sorry if its a little long.

    • Such an air of mystery to this, Abigail — and I love the sea in the background, chanting to Isabelle. Great job!

  8. “You’re kidding! Mom, you promised we wouldn’t move again.”
    Mom sighed. “Please try to understand, honey. I was very lucky to get this fantastic job offer. When you become an adult, you’ll understand.”
    Don’t you hate when grown-ups say that?
    “Besides,” she added, “our new house will be much bigger. You won’t have to share a room with Robert and Cole anymore.”
    Robert and Cole are my twin older brothers, and they’re really proud of the fact that they’re older than me, even though it’s just by one year.
    Mom just doesn’t understand. Out of the eight houses I’ve lived in over the course of my eleven years, this one is definitely my favorite. The white wooden boards that make up the exterior of the house look really good with the red roof, but that’s not the main reason why I love this house so much. My room has an awesome view of the sea, and I’ve painted it about a million times with my favorite watercolor paints. I love looking down at the glittering expanse of blue, green, and gray. It’s incredibly picturesque. How could I leave the greatest painting spot ever(which also happens to be my favorite spot in the whole wide world)?
    Mom slants a glance at me. “You’ll have your own bathroom, too. You’ll like that, won’t you?”
    I sigh. It would be nice, but I’d rather stay and keep this house.
    Since I didn’t say anything, Mom sensed she was winning. “So, what do you say?”
    “No. Mom, what am I going to do without my best friends? Cokie and Nicole and I were meant to be BFFs!”
    “Hannah, there’s always texting and calling. Please, do it for me?”
    “Mom, no. You’ve been saying that ever since I was little. I’m not giving in this time.” And with that, I run out of the room, up the stairs, and into my bedroom. Slamming the door, I flop down onto my bed. I’m determined not to let Mom win. She can’t make me move again. Not this time.

    • Well done! I really identify with your main character, and how much she loves the house and her room and doesn’t want to move (been there).

  9. It’s Leah again. Are u going to make more MDBC books after wish u were eyre?! I really hope so!!! I’m an author also. Just got my book published, A Girl’s Life. Bye!!:)

    • Wow, congratulations! That’s great news! You must be doing the happy dance! As for another MDBC book, it’s under consideration. Stay tuned… 🙂

  10. Yay! Saturday story starters! ^.^

    “It’s too bad the mist is out there…”
    Adelaide sighed contentedly, sitting on the beach, or at least the sandy part of it. There were rocky patches that she strived to avoid, and that weren’t very comfortable to sit on.
    There had been a raging storm last night, so fierce that Adelaide had been afraid that it would blow their tiny shack right off the side of the cliff. However, it had ended before that morning, leaving a misty morning behind.
    Adelaide had seen mist before- the kind through car windows, letting the tops of buildings disappear into the foggy nothingness, giving everything a sort of magical feeling.
    “It would’ve been such a nice day instead.”
    The beach had been even more amazing shrouded in clouds. Adelaide had headed down as soon as she woke up, which was, strangely for her, early and before anyone else.
    But as far as she was concerned, some places were too small to house five people, and their tiny little cabin was one of them. Surrouned by the mist with shafts of sunlight peeking through, and the sound of the waves like far off background music, Adelaide felt like she’d found the peace she’d needed.
    “By the way, where d’you think Adelaide’s headed off to? She wasn’t in her room.”
    Besides, the atmosphere at her house was much too tight these days. Everyone was on edge, snapping at each other, especially since Mom had flung the radio out the window in a fit of frustration. They had only just gotten a new one, but Adelaide knew it would only worsen everyone’s nerves, and not help.
    “Hm, don’t know. Turn on the radio, won’t you? We’ve been quite awhile without checking up…”
    After all, all anyone would talk about these days was…
    “Martin. Martin! Oh my lord…”
    The trip to Oregon was supposed to help. Maybe it was naivete, but just the fact that in the midst of everything, Adelaide and her family had traveled from their home on a vacation, comforted her. It made her certain nothing would happen. It made her be able to wander around without fear, sit out on misty beaches without concern…even though it was about time she should get home…
    “Mom, the mist is really thick…”
    “We need to find Adelaide! Look outside, oh lord, oh lord…she’s not there-!”
    “We can’t go outside now!”
    “But I have to-”
    When they had first arrived at the cabin, the storm had hovered in the sky, everyone commenting on the rage that it would soon unleash, the rain and wind and crashing waves. After awhile, the predictions had finally come true, and a storm lashed the beach.
    The same was true with the war America was facing, the stupid war, the war everyone was obsessed with, the war everyone said was happening but all the people back home had to go by were black and white pictures from far off places. It was the war that glued everyone to their radios, in anticipation of the attack on the mainland U.S. that was said to come. Said to.
    Adelaide decided it was time to go home. But when she rose to her feet, the mist was no longer magical. It surrounded her, blocked her off. She couldn’t see anything.
    “If the reports are true-”
    “Mom, what are we going to do?”
    “I’m going to get Adelaide.”
    “You can’t see anything in this mist!”
    “Mom…! Listen…!”
    And that was when the real storm hit.

    This is connected a much bigger story… Sorry, I think it kind of strayed from the picture ^^’

  11. Hi Mrs. Frederick!
    I was getting in the holiday spirit and planning Christmas gifts for my family, and I had an idea. My younger sister loves your books too, just like me, and I was wondering if I sent you a pre-addressed envelope and stamped it and a piece of paper, would you autograph it for me for a present? I wanted to know early, because I know you are busy!
    P.S. I didn’t put my name bc my sister reads the blog too.:) Please let me know and I will mail the letter!!

    • I’d love to do this for you! I can send you autographed book marks, book plates, or just sign the piece of paper, if that’s what you’d prefer. Go ahead and send it along to the address on my “contact” page, OK? 😀

  12. Thanks so much! Look for the envelope!! I am so excited, my sister is going to freak out!!! AHH I can’t wait till Christmas! and would it be selfish for you to sign one for me too?! hehe!

  13. “Johnny,” the note said. “We know your secret. Come to the house by the sea at dawn and perhaps your life will be spared.” – L. Johnny shivered and tore up the note. He threw them in the air and flopped onto his bed with a groan. He had just stuffed his head under his pillow when he heard a loud, strong knock on the door. Johnny lifted his head up right as his door opened. It was his mother. “Um, someone’s here… to see you.” She said. Johnny hopped off the bed, ready to greet one of his buds. On the way down the stairs, he grabbed a tennis ball, note forgotten. “Hey, what’s up dude? Let’s go play ball.Did you catch the game last night? The quarterback threw this totally sick touchdown pa-” Johnny stopped short. For standing at the door was not one of Johnny’s “buds”. Not Josh, not Bryan, not Ralph, not even the weird guy Randolph Stuart the Third. Hunched on the doorstep, Johnny knew was L. He was a bulky man wearing a trench coat and sunglasses. “Young man.” said L. “You have explored. You are curious. You have just been a boy. A normal boy. But now, you must pay. Hand me that tennis ball.” L commanded. Johnny stood frozen in the doorway, but slowly bounced the ball across the wood floor. The man caught it and stepped forward. He held the ball in front of Johnny’s face and squeezed it with a tight grip. The ball popped and air squealed out of it. L dropped the ball on the floor and promptly left, closing the door with a slam.

  14. Tucked away in a world of lush green trees, rocky cliffs, and the sound of foamy waves slapping against the shore, old Minerva- forever known as the loner up at Heceta Head- never thought of anything else. Until the call came. Minerva was just returning from her daily walk along the sandy beaches when her wall-phone began to shriek. Muttering to herself about ‘young whippersnappers these days and their technology’ she creaked over to the red phone and picked it up reluctantly.
    “Hello?” Minerva barked gruffly.
    “Aunt Minerva? This is Amelia. I was wondering if my daughter, Emily-your great niece- could stay with you for this weekend. I’m traveling for work, and Em could use the experience.” Minerva opened her mouth to say ‘absolutely not’ but Amelia continued, “Great. I’ll bring her over tomorrow.”The next day, Minerva cleaned-well, sort of cleaned- the spare room and swept the front porch steps dutifully, keeping an eye on the rocky driveway. Finally a SUV pulled up. A slender girl with shoulder-length chestnut brown hair and bright blue eyes climbed out.
    “Bye, Mom!” she yelled, slamming the door shut and watching as the car sped away in a cloud of dust. Minerva stiffly greeted the girl- her great-niece, eh?- and watched her run up the wooden stairs and a slam of a door echoed throughout the red and white cottage. For the next two days, all Emily did was lounge in her room, keeping to herself except for when she would rush through meals with Minerva in a hurry to get out of the kitchen. On Emily’s last day at Heceta Head, Minerva spotted her on the beach. She was stretched out on the warm sand, gazing out at the foamy ocean. A sigh flew out of Minerva’s mouth- she would have to go all the way down to the beach to fetch the girl. Well, she thought. Emily’ll be out of my-quite tangled- hair soon enough. Amelia comes in an hour. So, looking forward to that upcoming hour, Minerva trudged down the worn, beaten path and down the beach. Emily looked so peaceful- her hair was blown around her face and her already unusually bright eyes were even brighter while staring at the ocean. Minerva felt her heart melt. The ocean can do that.
    “It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” she said softly, reaching for her great-niece’s small hand. Emily held onto her great-aunt’s hand.
    “You know what? I think it is.”

    Thank you so much for doing Saturday Story Starters!! It’s a great change from writing boring essays at school. 🙂

  15. Luciana awoke to the sound of water swishing. It sounded magical. Then she remembered she was alone and away from home. She grew sad. She knew that by now her grandma must be searching for her but she was really worried about her grandpa. How was he? Was he injured? All of these questions entered her mind. She also knew that she was hungry. She found a stick and made a spear. She knew how to make a spear because her father had taught her just before she left her home in Egypt. She was going to have to hunt for food. Just then, she heard a noise. ” That was strange,” she thought. Where there more people on this island? I heard voices of strange people. Luciana saw a girl. She seemed desperate. Maybe she was a prisoner or a slave. Luciana hid behind a bush. She wanted to observe this girl. While, Luciana observed the girl, she didn’t notice that the girl was right next to her! ” Who are you?” she asked. ” I am Luciana,” Luciana replied. ” Who are you?” Luciana asked. ” Meet me at the rose pavilion in five minutes,” she said. ” Rose pavilion?” asked Luciana. But the girl had disappeared. Luciana wondered who that girl was? She felt uneasy meeting a stranger in a pavilion. She finally found the pavilion. It looked beautiful. Luciana noted some facts in her pocket notebook. Suddenly, the girl appeared. ” It is lovely, isn’t it?” she said. ” Yes, I’m sorry but who are you?” Asked Luciana. ” I am Keira,” replied Keira. ” Wow, I love your name!” exclaimed Luciana jotting it down. ” Are you a reporter or something?” asked Keira puzzled. ” No, I am just an ordinary girl who is lost on this island,” explained Luciana. ” Sometimes I feel lost and alone in the world, ” Keira admitted. ” But you live with other people, perhaps your family?”questioned Luciana. Keira grew silent. Her face became pale. ” How long have you been on this island?” asked Keira. ” Well, over one day, ” Luciana said. ” Oh, so you are a newcomer, ” Keira stated. ” Yes, do you think you can help me get back home?” asked Luciana. ” I… I have to go,” stated Keira and was gone. Luciana was disappointed. She felt as though she’d be alone on that island for a long time. She went back to her cave. As she got near her cave, she heard a soft bark. Ruff! Ruff! Maybe there was a playful dog in her cave. ” Oh my!” said Luciana. There was a little white and brown puppy who looked so cute. ” I’m going to call you Barksee, ” stated Luciana. Just then, Keira appeared. She had been crying. ” Keira, what happened?” asked Luciana. “Well, my uncle said that they- my aunt, cousins, and sister where going on a trip and I had to stay here and guard the island alone,” Keira started. “When I protested, my uncle whipped me and told me that I was a disgrace to the family and that I was lucky to be beautiful or else no one would want me,” Keira said in tears. “How did you get here?” asked Luciana. ” I come to this cave because it is far from my village- I come here to think, ” responded Keira. ” Why is your uncle so mean to you?” asked Luciana. ” Well, he isn’t really my uncle, he is a cruel man who bought me from Africa and raised me in his home,” Keira explained. “The only true family member I have is my sister Myra who is also from Africa, ” explained Keira. “I haven’t seen my real parents or relatives for so long that I almost started believing that man and his family were my family,” said Keira. “Why does that man want to leave you here if you are his slave or prisoner?” asked Luciana. ” Because he is rich and has a lot of wealth here and need someone to guard it and if I don’t he said that he will kill my sister and hurt me, ” Keira replied. “I feel that you should stay here and help me escape from this island,so we’ll both be free,” said Luciana. “But how about my sister?”asked Keira. “How long will that man be gone?” asked Luciana. “He is leaving tomorrow an won’t be back until next month,” Keira said. “If we can hurry up with making a boat, we can escape just in time,” Luciana said. “Wait, I am going to rescue my sister so she can help us,” Keira said. “Try but be careful,” Luciana warned. Keira ran to where the man and her sister where. “I was wondering if I could speak to my sister for a minute or so,” asked Keira in a polite manner. “Fine but we are leaving soon and your sister is helping me pack,” growled the man. “I know, we’ll be collecting water for the trip,” announced Keira. When the man nodded. Keira took her sister Myra and ran all the way to the cave. When they arrived, Myra asked, “Keira what’s going on?” We are planning to escape- my new friend Luciana is in on the plan,”stated Keira. “There will be time for explanations later,” said Luciana. Myra was still confused but since she trusted her sister she did as she was told. Meanwhile, Grandma Mary and the search party had landed on that island after several weeks of searching. They soon came upon the cave and noticed the girls. Grandma ran to her granddaughter’s side and gave her a huge hug. They filled grandma in on the plan and she said that they would be following a different plan. They would arrest the man and his family and take Keira and Myra to live with them for the time being or take Keira and Myra without arresting the man or his family. “I think we should go with the first plan,” agreed Keira. As soon as the man was arrested, Grandma Mary broke the sad news to Luciana. “Sweetie, I don’t know how to tell you this but your Grandpa Charlie has suffered from a heartattack,” said Grandma. “But how?”asked Luciana. “Your grandpa made it home but all the effort he put into coming home made him weary and when he knew you weren’t home, he suffered and died,”said grandma. Luciana wept and wept until she could weep no longer. As they sailed back home, she knew in her heart that one day she’d see him again.

  16. I thought you would want to know that an (some) anonymous user(s) have Twitter accounts under the name of the 5 MDBC girls. Here are the account names:

    Becca Chadwick: @BeccaLChadwick
    Jess Delaney: @JessGoatGirl
    Emma Hawthorne: @EmsJHawthorne
    Cassidy Sloane: @CassidySloane
    Megan Wong: @Megan_Rose_Wong

    There is also a blog that interviewed “Becca, Jess, Emma, Cassidy, Megan” here is a link: I promise this is not spam.

  17. So I’ve read all the fanfictions on I need more fanfiction! Anyone know where to find some good ones? (I especially like the ones with Jarcy [jess and darcy])

  18. I stare out the window, gazing at the scenic view before me. I tap my lip with my pen, and snuggle deeper under the covers. It’s a little chilly since we’re near the water. I decide to write a diary entry, instead of just writing about what I see. Well, I could do both.
    Dear Diary,
    It’s so beautiful here, I can hardly stand it. It’s the perfect place for a poet- it’s relaxing and yet it seems there’s some sort of a mystery to it. I think I saw something weird the other day- I was on the shore and I heard a really weird noise, like a splashing of water. It frightened me because I was alone, and I looked around and there was nobody there. I stayed at the shore for the rest of the night, and It never happened again. What do you think it could be? I’m scared, or do you think i’m paranoid? I’ve been keeping a journal of what I see because there’s a mystery on this land, and I need to find it.
    – Lillian May Ravensdale
    Hope you like it!

  19. Lillian
    I wrap my purple loose jacket around me. I was sure I saw something odd yesterday. I took out my notebook and jotted down everything about today. Before I could get out my pen,I heard something
    ‘Lillian!’ A soft voice called. I felt my hands go numb.
    ‘Lillian!!!’ It was louder this time.
    “Who’s there?” I called.
    “Me,” It said. I turned around on my heal. On the shore was a girl my age ,but something was differeent. She had a FIN.
    “How do you know my name?” I whispered to her,sitting on the sand before her.
    “I’m-“She hesitates.
    “You can tell me “I say comfortably.
    “Gloria,” She said. She was very pretty,with bright blue eyes and longb blonde hair. ” Come with me,” She said,grabbing my hand and pulling me under water without a warning. I close my eyes and hold my breathe,anticipating seeing her…well,home.

    Oooh suspense. 🙂

  20. ~Seaside Cottage~
    Charlotte, once again, looked out the window of her attic bedroom. This helped her think. Being the youngest child of 5 children, whom all but her were boys, it got quite rowdy in her house. Her bedroom, which she’d begged her parents for,was her only escape to quietness. She had shared a ground level room with Jack, her 15 year old brother, but the room provided no privacy whatsoever. Jack’s bedroom had a view of the dumpster, if you even counted that as a view. Her parents hastily agreed, and cleaned out the attic. Charlotte loved every part of the attic, especially the view. She would look out at the sea, her love, and instantly find a new idea for a story, or sometimes it would simply remind her to stay strong even in the toughest times. It was an inspiration to her. 
    Right at the moment, she was working on an assignment her English teacher had given to them. It was an essay on why she enjoyed where she lived. Charlotte glanced out at the sea, again, in hope for a message of any sort, simply stating: “This is what to write!” Nothing came to her. She sighed and decided she must finish this soon, even though it wasn’t due for five days. If she procrastinated, she would lose all of her thoughts about the writing project, and she would have to start all over again. Of course, she could just write her thoughts down in her notebook, but she preferred to get her assignments finished so she could have ” free time.” Charlotte was unlike most girls in her class for that very reason.

    Charlotte began to think of all the reasons she loved her house. So, she started at the very beginning. The Seaside Cottage, the name which she had given her home, was the first and only home she had. It was also the home which her mother had grown up in. She loved the older charm it had. Charlotte liked how the Seaside Cottage was isolated, on a private beach, where she had first learned to swim. On summer days, she and her brothers run down the gravel path, and surf. Charlotte loved to go beach combing on the beach, too. Every day, she and her mother ride together into the 30 minute away town in the mint green Fiat, she riding to school, and her mother to her bakery.( Her father drops her brothers off at the central high school on his way to work.) At school, Charlotte could be easily found sitting at a table or bench, reading or writing. All the girls in Charlotte’s class would not consider this activity important. They spend their time gossiping, and talking about nail polish and makeup. Charlotte’s only friends are from the books she reads, or stories she writes. 
    After a long day at school, Charlotte heads home on the Transit Bus, to do homework and make dinner for her family, before they come home from work and school. She likes looking out the window in the kitchen while making dinner. She loves the quietness of the house when no one is home, and all she can hear is the constant crash of the sea waves, and the roar of the surf. When her family comes home, they enjoy the food that Charlotte has prepared for them, which they all rave about. After dinner, they either go for a walk on the shore, or play a board game together. Charlotte usually escapes to her bedroom to read a book, or write a story after that, before going to bed. Above all of the things Charlotte loves about her home is how it makes her feel safe, and complete.
    Charlotte glances out at the sea once more, reflects on her memories, and now knows exactly what to write about the Seaside Cottage for her assignment. 

    • LOVELY — you really capture Charlotte’s love for her home. Great descriptions, too. Well done! 🙂

      • Thank you!!!! You have really inspired me to write stories! Your books are amazing, my favorite series by far. Every time someone asks for a book recommendation, I always say,” Read The Mother Daughter Book Club series, they are REALLY good! ” I even hooked my school librarian on the series, too. She has every book! Thanks for all your hard work! Merry Christmas!

  21. Wow these are all good story starters! In my language arts class we have to work on hooks like AQQS. Now we are working on clinchers and thesis statements.

  22. Sure you will do well if you take some advice from Mrs.Frederick and let your writing muse run free 😉

    It was weird how as soon as I get to her home ( which I’ll be describing later) I can breathe perfectly fine. Her blonde hair flows behind her and my auburn hair gets freed from its braid.
    ”Wow, Gloria, you’re house is beautiful!” It was like any other house inside, but on the outside it was white and gleamed like a pearl. I stared at it.
    ”Come in,” Gloria told me. She was nice, but a little too easy to bond. Not that I minded being friends with a mermaid. She looked down at me from above the stairs and her eyes turned wide and pupils small.
    ”What?” I asked her.
    Even through the water I could see her flowing tears.
    What had happened?

  23. Lillian

    ”Gloria!” I say loudly,as she starts to hyperventilate.
    She sucks in air and lets it out.
    ” Gloria, tell me what’s the matter!”
    ” It’s a curse,” She says quickly, the words falling off her tongue.
    ”What curse?”
    ” I totallly forgot,” Gloria says. ” I can’t take humans into this part of the water. There’s a curse on it that if any human comes they’ll become one of…” She trails off and I finish her sentance.
    ”Us?” I squeak, eyes filling with tears. Would I ever see my brother again? It was only me and him on this vacation, after all.
    ” But Gloria how can we break it? I can’t be a mermaid.”
    ” I don’t KNOW how to break the curse, that’s the thing!” She wails. ”There’s the rules to it written down somewhere, but…I don’t know where.”
    ” I beleive I can help,” A soft voice said from behind.
    Was she my angel to come save me?
    I whipped around, noticing I still had legs. ”How come like–I still have legs?”
    ” Like a dumb storybook,”Gloria mutters. ”Curse falls at midnight permanently.”She says, flopping onto the couch.
    ”GLORI-AA!” A booming voice thunders.
    ” Yes, father,” Gloria responds, head down, in a mousey way.
    ”Gloria I WARNED you about taking humands down here. Don’t you knnow how dangerous it is?” He said, entering the room and cupping Gloria’s perfectly shaped face in his hands. ”We don’t know who we can trust,” He whispers, giving me a cold look. I guess I’m an intruder.
    ” We can trust Lillian, father! She’s just like me! She likes to write–she’s curious, oh please daddy@” She begged, although I’m not sure for what. Trust,perhaps.
    ”Lillian, I need you to step out of the room.” He says.

  24. Gloria
    ”Daddy,”I wail. ” Please–can you please step out of my life and quit worrying for once?” I say, and he takes a swim backward.
    ”Okay, dear. If that’s the way you want it to be,” He replies softly. I try to go higher, and I manage to kiss him on the cheek.
    ”Just remember Caroline Ravensdale and Corin Ravensdale.”
    I nodded solemnly. The legend of Caroline Ravensdale is frightening.
    ”Come on, Lillian.”
    ”Lets go on an adventure,” I say to Gloria. She smiles.
    ”You read my mind.”
    I miss my parents a lot. They dissapeared right after they had me, and my mom was really adventurous. So was my dad. They would’ve been proud of me.
    She takes me to somewhere very deep–but we see a building that’s all white.
    ” Have you been here before?” I ask. She shakes her head,but looks excited.
    ”In honor of Caroline and Corin Ravensdale,” Gloria reads aloud, on a statue in front of the white building. I freeze.
    ” In honor of WHO?” I ask, frightened.
    ”Caroline and Corin Ravensdale. A couple–Caroline a mermaid and Corin a man. They were in love and she took him down here and they got married and had a child and–dissapeared. All AFTER midnight.” She says, as if telling a legend. THESE WERE MY PARENTS!!!
    ”Gloria,” I say, breathing thick air(water?).”Gloria!”
    I shout, nervous. The only words that came out of her mouth were:
    ”How do you know them?”
    ”You promise not to tell,” I ask, somehow having a feeling she would tell. ”These are my parents–my last name is Ravensdale, my parents dissappeared after they had me! Gloria, this is my story!!” I spill out, and she lets out a gasp.
    ” Lillian, if these are your parents, you know what that means?”
    I shake my head.
    ”Well,but–we can’t be sure they are, butthis means that there has to be some sort of exception. The Ravensdale case was a big deal–people are still trying to find out what happened ro them.”
    Suddenly, I look down at my palms, and realize what she means.
    I’m half mermaid.

  25. Gloria
    Lillian pales.
    ” It’s not a bad thing,” I said encouragingly. ”Maybe you were meant to be here, with me.”
    It’s impossible to not be sarcastic for me normally,but something about Gloria’s gigantic glassy blue eyes and golden hair makes me not want to. Her cheeks redden, with hope.
    ”Please stay, Lillian,please stay. I get lonely and you seem to have something all the other girls don’t. I mean, you don’t think I’m stupid because I’m a blonde,” Gloria explains with flourish. I reach over and drape my hand on her shoulder.
    ”I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.”
    ”Want me to..uh..give you a moment?”
    I nod silently and drift outside.Somehow I find my way to shore. I thought about my brother, the brother who I truly didn’t love and my [foster]mother, who treated me horribly. I thought of my father, who was two busy to love me. I thought of my real parents, then I sobbed.
    I sobbed on the grass and kicked my leg to get up.
    I swiveled around.
    My leg was turning a limp, scaly,texture and I didn’t like it. It was enough to make the freckles slide off my face.
    ”Gloria!”I shouted, and for a moment I felt like my mother and father were next to me.
    ‘Go on an adventttture,’ They chanted. It was a bit spooky, and when I tried to run away I couldn’t. My left leg was already turning mermaid-like.
    Gloria came swimming up, speed of lightning.
    ” Here’s the deal: You become a mermaid faster because you already have it in your genes. Make sense?”
    I nod, and she swiftly looks at my left leg.
    ”Therefore you need to make your choice within the next 10-15 minutes.”
    I started to sob, tears falling on the damp sand.
    ” I’m sorry, Lillian. I’m going to spend the next 10-15 minutes looking up this information. I need answers.”
    I nodded, then sleep, like a spell, worked its magic on me.
    Of course, magic isn’t always good.
    ”WAKE UP, LILLIAN!” Gloria yells. I can tell she’s worried.
    ” Lillian you’ve been sleeping for 14 minutes. You have 30 seconds!”
    All of a sudden I’m dizzy and I hear the voices. I lift my head up from on the ground.
    ”Yes,” I cooed softly before I could think twice. ” Mermaid,” I gasped, then let go all my breath.
    A needle pinned a page on the book Gloria was holding.
    ”Where did that come from?” She frowns.
    ”Did you hear me?” I ask. ”I said yes!”
    Gloria lets out a cheer and screams ‘just in time!’
    She lifts up the needle off the page. It pinned a sentence, too. On one side the tip was on the page number, and the next the pointy tip pointed to the sentence.
    Gloria scans the page. ”According to this the person who first found out the secret gets to hide it! In other words, you’re staying with me@”
    I see a person with a sewing bag out of the corner of my eye. and determine it to be her father. He winks at me. I smile and laugh along with Gloria.
    ”YES!” I shouted, truly happy. I took out the notebook, somehow not wet, and jotted down something:
    A girl meets a girl on a mysterious beach…..named Gloria. Trouble strikes. The End.
    I write short sentences like that because when I look back at them I realize exactly what I was thinking in real life.
    Gloria and I stroll along the shore together, laughing and sharing old memories.
    I look up at the sky, and an image comes to my head.
    My mother.
    I’ve never seen her,but somehow, through Gloria, I’m seeing her like never before.

    ~The End~

    • Great story! Very fun! Hope you’re saving it — you’ll want it in your “keeper” file. 🙂

  26. It will be, I promise. It’s a short story and the only one I’ve actually ever finished, but I’ll tweak it to make it better.

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