Fan Art Friday

Now that I’m back in town for a while (more about my travels later), I finally have time to share with you  some of the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE fan art that has found its way to me recently!

When this particular package came in the mail a few months ago (yes, shame on me, it’s been that long since I’ve had a chance to sit down and organize my blog), I was speechless. Just. Speechless. The care and love and thought and artistry that went into making each of these lovely friendship bracelets–color coordinated to match the corresponding books–totally blew me away.

So Brianna, today’s post is ALL ABOUT YOU!  I’m sending love & hugs your way, as words are inadequate to tell you how much your beautiful gift meant to me. I’ll treasure them always, along with your letter.

These photographs don’t do Brianna’s craftsmanship justice, I’m afraid. If you click on them, though, it should enlarge them so you can see at least some of the detail.

Fan Art Friendship Bracelets

Fabulous (as Wolfgang would say), right? Here’s a closeup of the bracelets on their own:

Friendship Bracelets

Just had a brilliant thought:
I’m going to hang them on my Christmas tree this year!

24 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Those are beautiful!!!!! Like friendship bracelets… You are a very VERY talented girl Brianna!

  2. Wow those are so cool!! Heather, I was just wondering when your new series were coming out? Maybe a Christmas gift?? Thanks! I can’t wait to hear your reply!

    • Alas, new book won’t be out until NEXT fall, Mackenzie! But I hope to post a preview chapter or two before too long. Probably after the holidays. Cover reveals, too! 🙂

      • I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! Guess I’m a little excited for it…..Okay a lot excited. I’ll be waiting for next fall to hurry up, but I can’t wait for the cover too! 🙂 😀
        P.S. Did I mention that I’m excited?

  3. Those look awesome! Super jealous! I just wanna reach in and take ’em, but….those rightfully belong to Heather Vogel Frederick. But good job!

  4. WOW! Those look AMAZING!!! Brianna you are so talented! I would love to learn how to make those! Ms.Fredrick, will you be coming out with any previews of books soon? I LOVE your MDBC books! Ps. what is your Mailing address/PO box? I would love to send you some art.

    • Yes, Sophie, there will be sneak peeks (and cover reveals) coming soon — probably after the holidays. My mailing address is on the “Contact” page of my website… 🙂

  5. Awww so adorable! You should start a company. If there was a store filled with those I would most likely by one.^.^

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