Fan Art Friday

It’s my favorite day of the week — the day I get to turn the spotlight on YOU!

(I’m fond of Story Starter Saturday for the same reason.)

I’m turning over a NEW LEAF for 2014, and am going to try and not only get caught up with all my mail, but stay caught up with all my mail.

We’ll see how that works out, right?


So to those of you patiently awaiting replies to your letters and emails, hang in there a little longer. I’m diving into my pile o’ mail even as we speak…

Meanwhile, I have a treat for you.  First of all, a glorious self-portrait of Miranda and Sofia, who were 11 when they sent me these pictures LAST SUMMER, and are probably, like, 27 by now. And have grown long, gray beards waiting for me to finally, FINALLY, post their pictures!Miranda & Sofia

Could they possibly be any cuter?  I don’t think so.

Isn’t this a great picture for a cold, rainy Northwest winter day (cold and snowy where many of you are)? Such a blast of summer! I’m keeping it here on my desk to remind me that warmer days are coming…

And here’s the drawing that Sofia did for me:

Sofia's artSimply stellar, Sofia!  (stellar: of or relating to the stars; outstanding — in other words, you’re a star, Sofia!)

Thank you so much, girls — your cheerful faces, lovely letter, and delightful drawing absolutely made my day!

Stop by tomorrow as we kick of the brand-new year with a brand-new Saturday Story Starter.


10 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday”

  1. Wow! My sister, Emma, sent you a drawing of “Much Ado About Anne” cover and appreciated your reply very much! She’s sitting tight waiting to see it on here, but your response really brightened her day 🙂

  2. Hi! I was looking on the kindle book store and I searched up “Heather Vogel Frederick” and saw that there was a package with all of the MDBC books in it. I looked at it and it said “pre-order now and get it downloaded on December 30, 2030.” I was wondering if this was a mistake or not because the books are already out, so…??? Thanks!

    • That’s definitely a mistake. The boxed set (and e-book set) of MDBCs should be available now! 🙂 Feel free to post a link here if you still see the wrong message, and I’ll have my publisher look into it, OK?

  3. Cool!! It always makes me do a double take when I see how greatly fans can re-draw the covers of MDBC books. 😀

  4. O my goodness! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I kept checking back to see when you would post it and this really brightened my day!!!!

  5. I love your books so much, the series is amazing! Me and my friend love them! I sent you a letter, so you should get that soon!

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