Cover reveal #1

Ta da!



I promised you a cover reveal, and here it is. Isn’t it breathtaking? 

I am just over the MOON about this cover! Could it possibly be any more gorgeous? Or intriguing? It’s absolutely truly perfect!

And did you notice the owl?  There’s one on the back cover as well:


(By the way, if you click on these pictures, they should enlarge for you so you can see all the glorious detail.)

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember that right around this time last year, I spotted an owl in my backyard. (Click here to read about it.) I was flailing around with ABSOLUTELY TRULY at the time, my writerly tires stuck in the mud. I was desperately in need of something to get the story going again, but I wasn’t sure what that something was until it arrived on my doorstep. What followed was some happy research (click here for the lowdown on that) and a much better book — which you’ll be able to read next November!

I know that’s a long time away, but I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful cover with you. I promise to post a sneak peek of the first chapter or two in a bit here. We’re still tweaking a few things, but look for it in a few weeks.

And guess what? I have TWO BOOKS coming out in 2014, so a second cover reveal will also be coming along soon!



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  1. I’m so excited!!! The cover looks awesome! Is it going it be anything like the MDBC? I mean, is it for the same kind of readers?

    • Yes, Claire! In fact, a (minor) character from MDBC winds up in Pumpkin Falls, the fictitious town where ABSOLUTELY TRULY is set…

      • This is SO exciting!! I can’t wait to read it! And an mdbc character?! The cover looks amazing! Very inviting. Something i would definetely read if i just saw the cover only.

      • Oohh!!!! I can hardly stand the wait!! Next November – YAY! I’m going on a cruise (quite like the one Megan and Becca went on together), next November! That November will be a very exciting to look forward to for the next ten months!! 🙂

          • Every publisher has an art department, and their designers are responsible for the covers of the books they publish. Simon & Schuster has a department full of WIZARDS, I swear, because all of my covers have been beautiful! Do I have input? Sure, some. But mostly that just consists of me jumping up and down and squealing because I’m so happy with what they’ve come up with! 😉

    • It will be out in November — in fact, they’ll both be out in November, I think. More info coming soon!

    • The other book is a picture book – can’t wait to share the cover for that one! Stay tuned!

      • Sorry- it kind of seems like I asked the same questions that two people already asked- but their comments weren’t there yet. I’m excited!! 😀

  2. Hi–I made a comment on Finished Scarf, and I’m just asking if you couldn moderate it because the comment is basically interview questions for my blog. Thanks!
    – jane B.

  3. Totally pumped for this book!! I can’t wait to see who the character is! And the cover is most definitely breathtaking! You have done it once again!! Are you going to release some of chapter one next week???

    • Soon, Grace, but probably not as early as next week. The manuscript is in the final editing stages now.

  4. I’m guessing Jess’s cousin from New Hampshire and her family and Jacob are going to be in the book! I can’t wait, I’m so excited.

  5. This makes me so happy!! The cover is beautiful and I love the owls!! They make it look more mysterious! I can’t wait until November now! I’ll be counting down the days. 🙂

  6. I’m so impatient… Which minor character is in the story!!! Emma freaked out when she heard about this. And all the MDBC girls love you they think you’re the best author and after is Ally Carter writer of the Gallagher series. Anyways, even Cassidy likes you! Cassidy as in Cassidy Anne Sloane!

  7. what is this book about? it looks like a good read! i absolutely adore your book! i have not found another yet that makes me feel at home like yours do. you have no idea miss heather how your books put a smile on my face every time i pick up one of your books! when i was going to start reading home for the holidays i just stared at the cover in awe fingering the snowflakes and seeing the shine just put me over the top! i never felt such a warm glow inside of me before! and in the book pies and prejudice when mrs. bergeson died i was crying so much that my mom asked me if i was ok. lol 😀 thx again for doing what you do! -cassidy

    • Oh my goodness. I LOVE what you said about my books making you feel “at home.” What a wonderful compliment! Tell your mom I’m sorry I made you cry, OK? 😀

  8. crying crying first Wendy Mass then you are making another sort of companion like book to one of my favorite series’s that ended and just ahh I’m freaking out and I’m so happy!

    • Wendy mass is really good too,no affence heather,my mom just says that I’ll pick up pretty much anything and read it, although reading mdbc is something that I can relate to, your writing has also encouraged my to start my own “book” if you could call it that, but its comforting for me to be reading and writing so I do it quite often and my parents and teachers tell me that I’m really good, although when we can only have like two pages I freak and I end up complicating my situation by trying and unsucessfully going into wayyyyyy to many details, but I get by well enough

      • I love Wendy’s books too! 🙂 And I’m delighted to hear that reading the MDBC books has inspired you to write, too. Keep it up!

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