Fan Art Friday

Is it Friday again already?  This past week went by in a whoosh… 

I have more great art to share with you today — this time around a lovely black-and-white line drawing by Emma.  Double-click on it for a closer look.

Emma R's Fan Art

As always, I’m amazed and impressed!  Beautiful work, Emma!

17 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday”

  1. Whoa! Great job Emma!!! Her face is what amazes me most about the looks so realistic, like the cover! Her eyes are phenomenal!

  2. Ahh! So beautiful! Thank you for posting the picture;
    Emma was just over the moon when she saw your post, it truly made her day!!!!

  3. WOW! It looks just like the cover of the book. You did an amazing job! This is probably my favorite sketch of a book cover shown on fan art friday.

  4. Thank you so much for the bookmarks and bookplate, Mrs. Frederick!! I just got them in the mail today!! 😀

    • I agree with you Leah, MDBC could use one more book! But Ms. Fredrick is probably busy with her two new books and she also has to talk to her publisher . We should give her some time, but another book would be great!

  5. This drawing looks just like the cover!! And the eyes are so realistic, I definitely can’t draw like that!! When I draw it looks like a 3 year old did it!! JK, great job Emma!!

  6. Quite amazing….I am drawing a cover for our school’s yearbook contest…I sure hope my cover is at least half as good as that drawing is…

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