Mood pillows

I love it when readers send me pictures!  Here’s one from a mother-daughter book club at the Bellingham, Massachusetts public library — they made mood pillows (a nod to Jo March).

Bellingham MA MDBC

Could these girls — or their pillows — possibly be any cuter?  I think not.

Thanks for sharing this picture with me, girls!  You made my day!

15 thoughts on “Mood pillows”

  1. Wow, those are so cute! I remember in the first MDBC book Emma got one for her birthday. I’ve been wanting one ever since!

    • These girls are all so adorable. One of them is my granddaughter..(Second from left)…She is an avid reader and I could not be prouder of all these young girls..What a creative thing to do.

  2. So proud of these readers! We enjoyed the 1st book so much, we’ve chosen to read the second in the series for our next meeting. Thank you!
    Katie’s Mom 🙂

    • Good Morning Katie’s mom,

      I am Katelynn’s mom who is 12. I read the first mother daughter book club book. My daughter started reading the book as well. I wondered how did you get your book club started and how old are the girls? Do the moms participate as well?

      • I hope Katie’s mom jumps in here with some advice as well, but meanwhile I thought I’d share my two cents. Here are two really helpful websites that you might like to explore.  The first one is:

        This one is run by a friend of mine, and she has great book reviews, author interviews, and ideas for starting a club.  Here’s another:

        If you click on “start a mother-daughter book club,” you’ll find all sorts of great information.

        Have fun!

        • Straight from the author! I am checking it out now. I have three daughters…Any advice on how to inspire a girl to read more? Advice on how to inspire one to Persue her love of reading and writing her own? And My third daughter is a Cassidy thru and thru!

          • Read with her and to her, Stacie. My dad read to my sisters and me until we were IN COLLEGE. Seriously. It was a family activity! Help her find books that appeal to her – befriend your local librarian and ask for recommendations. Praise her writing, don’t correct it (easy for parents to fall into that trap, yours truly included ahem). At this stage, writing should simply be fun, because if it’s not, it will get set aside. 🙂

          • I appreciate that as an author of many books have the time to reply to your fellow avid readers and fans! I am super excited to hopefully get a mother daughter book club off the ground in my area. We have nothing of the kind. I am hoping to meet with the local librarian and see if we can get something going for the community. If not I will try on my own. I do hope that some girls will be excited about the opportunity not think it is a drag like the girls in the first book. There is a vision of hope and there is reality : ) Having a daughter with sensory processing issues can be difficult to know how much she is understanding when she is being read to. I hope that all the efforts my husband and I make will be beneficial to her! Thank You again for reaching out. I am also excited that there will be another book in the series! That is wonderful news!


  3. Great project – great picture! I guess I’ll be reading these books next, if Katie lets me borrow them!
    Katie’s Nana

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