Cover reveal #2

Over the past few days, Portland was finally treated to a blast of the winter that everyone else has been having. My husband and I have been snowed in here at home, which is so unusual for this part of Oregon, and SO FUN! Especially with the Olympics to watch on TV, and lots of hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Thanks to the weather, I decided that today is the perfect time to reveal the cover for the second book I have coming out later this year. (Click here to read about the other one.) Are you ready?


It’s so beautiful I want to cry!Β  Bagram Ibatoulline is an amazing artist, an INCREDIBLE artist, and Simon & Schuster has given me an enormous gift by choosing him as the illustrator for this picture book.

Wait until you see his artwork–the pages look like they’re lit from within. I truly can’t wait until this one hits the shelves next fall!



17 thoughts on “Cover reveal #2”

  1. I had no idea you were working on this book! It looks sooo lovely. I can’t wait to read it! What could be more utterly pleasant than A Little Women Christmas? You’ve outdone yourself again, Mrs. Frederick!

  2. I am utterly and completely awed at the amazing cover!! I am so excited!!!!
    Ok, so let me get this straight:
    New Books From Mrs. HVF:

    1. Absolutely Truly ( Owl cover)
    2. 7th Mother-Daughter BC( is this cover for that or a different book?)
    3. Then the little women christmas!!!!!
    So I get to look forward to three books, right? !! Yay

    • All will be revealed very soon — it’s not based on a classic novel — it’s a mystery this time!

      • Cool, in topeka about three or four months ago they did Little Women the Musical, I know what you are thinking, how, simple just add a little music, its so cool I knew Jo and Beth and a lot of people, okay make that like at most thirty people in the audience, it was amazing

  3. Heather- it looks perfect! I had no idea you were working on this one, and I think it will be amazing. Well, never mind, I know it will because you wrote it!!!

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