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  1. The flowers are very beautiful…but where we live, I doubt that the flowers will grow in time for spring….

  2. Wow! Such pretty colors of flowers! My Nana always has pretty flowers blooming around the hard in springtime! I love springtime!!!

  3. Maybe for you Mrs Frederick, but here in Canada we just got a snowstorm and we are up to our knees in snow! 🙂

  4. I know you probably won’t have an answer, but which mother-daughter book club daughter is your favorite? Which mother are you most like? Which daughter are you most like? I like Cassidy the most, because she is quite humorous, and I like her attitude, although I’m probably most like Emma, because I can finish the entire series in, like, one week. Which book is your favorite? I like Pies & Prejudice the most. I am currently trying to read Little Women, but it is a little hard because the language is old fashioned. Because of your book Much Ado About Anne, I was able to answer a question about Lucy Maud Montgomery during Quiz Bowl, which is a sort of trivia activity you can participate in during recess.By the way, how often do you have story starters? How can you participate in Fan Art Friday? I would LOVE to do that.Sorry for all these questions, but I have one more. The MDBC book #7!!When is it coming out? Thanks for these books, Mrs.Fredrick!

    • Wow, lots of questions here — let me see how many I can answer. I don’t have a favorite daughter. I hope I’m more like Mrs. Hawthorne than Mrs. Chadwick (!). When I was your age, I was a mix of Emma (obvious reasons) and Jess, because I used to be super shy and because I love animals. I don’t have a favorite in the series, although P&P is a *wee* bit more special because I got to go to England for research, and weave in bits of my past, living there in a 400-year-old stone cottage and going to school on a double-decker bus. Yes, LW is a bit old-fashioned, but stick with it. SUCH a great story! You might watch the movie first. Go LMM in Quiz Bowl! Ha, who says reading doesn’t pay off?! To participate in Fan Art Friday, all you have to do is send me some fan art (snail mail is best). My address is on the “Contact” page of my website. MDBC #7 is currently being written — stay tuned for an exact publication date! Whew! Got ’em all, I think… 😉

      • 😉 I think I know why it took so long for you to reply…thanks! And yes, I think I will try to read little women again another time so I can hopefully understand it better.

  5. OH MY GOSH I sheepishly disappear [forget] from here and then I come back and excitedly read through all the posts… only to come find out there’s going to be ANOTHER MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB BOOK. I will be a sophomore in college when it comes out BUT I WILL EXCITEDLY BUY AND READ IT LIKE I HAVE BEEN FOR LIKE FIVE YEARS NOW.
    too happy about this, thank you!

  6. I love daffodils, we don’t even have any flowers here.
    The last batch of snow took care of that.:)

  7. I love those flowers! Recently, I was planning to write a Mother-Daughter Book Club story feautured during spring time. Perhaps in a japanese garden? Anyway, I just thought you might like to know. P.S. I am so excited that Absolutely Truly and Little Women Christmas are coming out! I also can’t wait to read another mother-daughter book club next year!

  8. Those Flowers are looking like heaven right now… We live in MI and it seems like spring won’t come fora million YEARS!!!

    • I keep a notebook filled with names that I hear and like, or read somewhere and like. Baby name books and websites are a good resource, too. Newspapers, magazines, telephone books (back when they used to HAVE such a thing!), and even graveyards…

      • Do you think basing them on real people that you know is a good idea or do you think that that could cause an uproar

        • I think there’s nothing wrong with a character who’s INSPIRED by a real person, but I’d be careful about making them EXACTLY like a real person. Just in case the real person didn’t like it… My characters are all patchworks — a little bit of reality, and a lot of fiction.

  9. Good weather has finally arrived. If…you call cloudy but no snow and lots of rain…that is!

  10. You have very pretty flowers but I wondered, how do you think of good ideas for books (without thinking they are weird) if you want to become an author like me?

    • Lauren, hop on over to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on my website — there’s lots of info on where I get my ideas there… 😉

  11. I am amazed with your ideas for the MDBC books (mother daughter book club books), and I can never think of good names, good characteristics, or anything like that. Your books are so interesting and enjoyable that I just want to copy them! Do you know what I mean?

    • I do know what you mean! But YOU have something UNIQUE to offer as a writer, so don’t give up! It starts small — keep a notebook and jot down interesting names you find, bits and pieces of characters who interest you, brief sketches like the Saturday Story Starters here. Eventually, an idea will grab hold of YOU and not let go, and then you’ll be off and running on a longer story. Most important thing is to just have FUN with it! 😉

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