Gained in translation

Several months ago, a group of students at Chung Jung Christian University in Taiwain approached me to see if I’d allow them to translate ONCE UPON A TOAD into Chinese, for a class they were taking in translation and interpretation.  Since it was for academic purposes only, I gave my permission, and earlier this week I received this:


Success!  Are they adorable or what? Look at those beaming faces and beautiful smiles — you can see how pleased they are with all their hard work.


I am, too — I just wish I could read Chinese!



24 thoughts on “Gained in translation”

  1. Wow!! That is soo cool! Now people who speak Chinese can experience Once Upon a Toad too!!! Even more of a reason for MDBC to be made into movies!!!! And actually, I think once upon a toad would make a great movie too!

    • No, Carter — it won’t be for sale. Just for the purposes of the translating class that these students were taking.

  2. Hey, Mrs..Frederick, now that I think about it, in the sixth (but not last…) mother daughter book club book, didn’t Megan have a blog post called “Lost in Translation”? Because you named your blog post “Gained in Translation” , so I was just wondering…

    • Haha, I wasn’t directly thinking of Megan’s blog, but “Lost in Translation” is a well-used phrase, and I thought I’d turn it on its head because I’ve gained something very fun with this new book! 🙂

  3. Congrats, Mrs.Frederick! They truly look happy. What other languages are you hoping to expand to?

    • Well, this was a completely “unofficial” translation — just for academic credit. My Spy Mice books were translated into a number of other languages, though, including Czech and Thai! Cool, huh?

  4. Hi my name Is Alyssa and I am 11 yrs. old. My friend Taylor and I enjoy reading your books and we were wondering if you could make movies out of Once Upon a Toad and all of the Mother Daughter Book Club books. Please e- mail me back. Thank you!

    • Hi Alyssa — Ooo, movies would be fun, wouldn’t they? Unfortunately, it’s not up to me. Let’s hope someone in Hollywood reads the books and think they would make great films! 🙂

      • Sorry to ruin it for you, but my siser tried to send it to someone in hollywood, but all that came back was a pathetic letter, for some reason it didn’t even look like they tried to read them, it totally stinks

  5. My sister, Hope, was adopted from China before I was born. I wish she could still speak Chinese (now, she doesn’t know a word, ha). Then we could buy her the book and she could read it to us! It would be cool to see the illustrations, if there are any. The cover is too cute, by the way.

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