Saturday Story Starter

Welcome to the March Saturday Story Starter!  (Better late than never, right?!)

As those of you who have participated before know, this monthly feature on my blog is purely for fun–just as a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

OK, let’s get started:


STORY STARTER:  Pretend this earring was found on the sidewalk. Who might have worn it?  What did they look like? Were they young, old, in-between? Were they with someone, or by themself? Did they lose the earring, or throw it away in a fit of anger?  Did this happen yesterday, or a hundred years ago? Where were they coming from?  Where were they going?  What might they have seen, heard, smelled, etc., as they were walking (or riding) along? What will be the consequences of the loss of this earring, if any?

If you need a jumpstart, here’s a first line you can use:

My name is _________, and something terrible just happened …

Ready, set, WRITE!


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  1. Well, this turned out a bit longer than I thought but here it is… 🙂

    I’m walking fast through the traffic lights, the busy mob of people engulfing me in a warm, sweaty hug. I stood on my tiptoes as I waited impatiently for the light to turn green, trying to get a breath of fresh air. As soon as the light changed, I hurried down the street, dodging a car and a couple slow-walkers with baby strollers and little dogs on leashes. My phone dinged, and I grimaced, pulling it from my back pocket. “Where r U?!” I sighed, deciding not to answer, as it would only slow me down. I could offer an explanation when I got there. My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I walked faster and faster, trying NOT to be annoyed at tourists’ open-mouthed expressions staring at New York’s most popular sites; most of which I’d worked at or my friends had been dedicated their lives to over the years, barely stopping for a dinner party at my place. These days, I don’t even have time to go to one myself. I hardly have time for anything, and the only time I slow down is when a police is patrolling the busy streets. Letting out a small sigh of relief, I near my building… but before I could open one of the heavy glass doors, my heel broke, I twisted sideways, and found myself lying flat on the concrete. “No, time, no time!” I shook myself off and hurried inside, ignoring my broken heel and stained dress pants.

    “Miss, you dropped-” I didn’t hear them anymore. I was head to the elevator, ready for a busy day at work.

    • Great descriptions, Emily! I felt like I was right there with your character… 🙂

  2. Shiela screamed and paled as she ran through the rain, and she pulled her coat on tighter. Her mother sobbed as she was taken by one of the kidnappers. She looked back at her daughter who was running.
    “Don’t let them get you, Shiela, run!!”
    Shiela ran. She didn’t want to leave her mother, but it was her only choice. She wanted to do whatever she could to help her. So thinking fast, she ripped off an earring and threw it at the kidnapper behind her while running. She didn’t care if some of her brown hair was tangled in it. She knew that if she gave this to her mother, the kidnappers might be satified and let her mother go. They were trying to get her mother’s jewelry, after all.

    Unfortunately, deciding that they didn’t care, the men threw the earring away.
    I’m not going to let this happen. Because now I know why the men are trying to kidnap my mother and me.
    It’s because it’s 1937, and we’re jewish. In other words, this isn’t some little jewelry – stealing crime. It’s the holocaust we’re talking about. I’m not going to let this happen to us because we’re Jewish. I lunge at the men, screaming for them to let go of my mother. I don’t tell them that we were busy almost finishing fleeing our country… Eventually, I manage to grab my mother’s arm, pull her out and we run as fast as we can with them on our heels to where we’re trying to go.
    We knock on a door, taking a chance. They might be like the men, or they might know what’s the right thing to do. The people open the door and I’m relieved to see that it’s an elderly lady with a worried but warm expression. She lets us in and coaxes my mom into spilling our story, when I reach up to tuck a strand of hair behind my hair. That’s when I realized – I forgot my earring on that sidewalk. But it doesn’t bother me now. Now I’m safe until they come, and I don’t have to worry. Everything will be okay.

    * 2014, Aug. 18 *
    “I wonder who dropped this,Kay.” I tell my friend Kayla, who’s carefully picking out a bouquet. She shrugs and fans herself. It’s really hot.
    ” Isn’t it pretty, though?” I continue, not bothering to aknowledge her shrug.. She looks up and I dangle it in front of her.
    ” It is..” She admits.
    Little did they know that it was the 77th anniversary of when little Shiela and her mother fleed the country, and she dropped the earring in an effort to protect her mother.
    Whew, that was so dramatic! I don’t normally write about this. Hoped you liked it!
    – Jane

  3. A young woman walks along the same path that she does every day to work. She walks past the post office, Mr. Sherman’s coffee shop and finally the oldest house on the block. Today the woman decides stop and stare at the house. She admires the beauty in its age and sagging wood. The blue paint on the mailbox is extremely faded except for a hint of blue on the right side towards the stake. The woman began to walk away when something catches her eye. There was an envelope sitting behind the mailbox as if it missed its target seventy years ago. The woman looked around to see if anyone was there; there was not. Seeing that no one was around and no one lived in the house she took the envelope. On the rest of her journey to the office she noticed that the envelope was slightly singed in the upper left corner where the sender’s name was supposed to be. When the woman arrived at her office she decided to open the envelope and out slipped a single pearl earring with a note that said, “You must have forgotten this my love. I thought that you would want it back. -XO, October 26, 1924.” And thus the woman’s research commenced on the owner of her peculiar finding.

    • You could actually take this story many different ways….I think you should complete this into an entire story! That would be awesome! 🙂

  4. My name is Daisy and I’m 14 with wavy chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes my skin is tan all year round.I live with my parents in the upper west side of new york, my family moved from San Felipe, Mexico.————–

    My name is Dahlia I’m 14 with wavy chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes my skin is tan all year round.I live with my parents in the upper west side of new york, my family moved from San Felipe, Mexico.

    (Dahlia and daisy speak at same time…)- by the way, we are twins.

    -Daisy and Dahlia walk arm in arm step by step together in synch, they are window shopping down all the glamorous streets looking at all the gorgeous clothes and jewelry.-

    “Come on daisy!” my sister calls. We have to hurry or we’ll be late! “I’m coming” I call back. We are getting ready for our quincenera.

    A quincenera is a big party for a girl when she turns 15 it is a party that symbolizes a girl’s coming of age, she wears a beautiful dress and and during the party she receives a special doll as to say this is your last toy(since most kids this age won’t want anymore toys). There are a few other rituals like, during the first half of the party she wears a flat shoe and then her dad changes her flat shoe to a high heal shoe, there is also a special dance with her dad that makes both the dad and the the daughter and most of the people in the room tear up. 🙂

    “Do you like this dress?” asks my sister Daisy. “Mmmm… I don’t know. i think it a little to puffy don’t you think?” I said eying it critically. “Ya i think your right.” – After an hour and a half the 2 sisters found the perfect dress.- “i absolutely LOVE my dress!” cried my sister dahlia. It IS a really pretty dress. It’s a very pale mint green that looks dazzling on her, it is a baby doll dress that reaches the floor. the dress has tool fabric and has little sequins that sparkle every time she moves. It’s breath taking. Mine is the the exact same dress as hers only mine is a pale pink. “We are going to have so much fun tomorrow night!” said Diasy. “I know right?, all of our friends are going to be their our cousins, uncles, aunts….and well.everybody!”

    – The day of the party…. oh there is so much hustle and bustle in the penthouse of theirs! right now the 2 sisters are getting a facial then they are going to get their hair done then make up then off to the party!-

    I’m sitting waiting for the hair stylist to be done doing my hair when my mom pulls up a chair and sits in-between my sister and me. “I have a present for you 2” says my mom. “oh you didn’t have to mom” says my sister daisy. “But it sure is nice of you!” taking the present and fingering the box she gave me. its a dark blue velvet case about the size of my whole hand daisy has one like it too. we open it at the same time and suck in our breath sharply at the same time too. There in the box are the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen, a pearl with little gold chains down both sides with 2 little amber pieces,then below two more amber pieces ,then three little pearls ,underneath 3 emeralds the shape of a tear drop.

    “these aren’t real, are they?” i ask. “yes they are, they belonged to your great great great great grandmother who by coincidence was also a twin, that’s why there are two pairs of earrings.

    when it was my turn to dance with my dad he smiled at me and said “you really are growing up.” i smiled at him then he twirled me, “your not gonna cry dad?, you’ve been crying all week every time we mentioned the party.” “No sweetheart i’m not gonna cry tonight,i think i’m all cried out.” i smile and say, “how about when i tell you how much the party cost?” “uh oh here come the tears!” says my dad. i just laugh and hug my daddy close.

    -the party was a hit! there were 250 people there and everyone had a great time.-

    • FUN! I loved the details about the shoe exchange during the dance at the quincenera party! 🙂

  5. Marissa Topaz stared down at the earring in her palm. It had been her mother’s, given to her with its partner. Marissa clutched the large, pearl beads in her hand. Tears streamed from her face. She had been searching fervently for it for weeks. She had regretted throwing the earring in grief at her mother’s funeral and now was grateful to have the other half of the little piece of Mumma that she was left with.

    Her fingers grasped for a tissue from her pocket and gently wrapped the earring in it and placed it gently in her purse. Marissa continued down the street feeling happily upset.

  6. Jasmine Stone gazed at the gorgeous diamond earring on the sidewalk. The earring looked like something her best friend Luciana Stone may have worn. Then again, Luciana lived really far from that area. Jasmine decided that it was her duty to find out who the earring belonged to. Her mother had always taught her that it was better to spend time returning something that passing by in a careless way. Jasmine whistled to call for a taxi. She handed the taxi driver a twenty dollar bill and he took her all the way to where the Stones lived. “Thank you so much,” Jasmine said politely. Ding-dong! Ding-dong! “Hi Jasmine it is such a pleasure to see you,” Luciana said. “The pleasure is mine,” Jasmine replied. The girls giggled. Luciana Stone was one of richest girls in New York city. Her parents expected her to always speak properly whether she was greeted by a friend or visited the Queen of England. “So, what’s happening?” Luciana asked when they were a safe distance away from her parents office. “I’ll tell you when we make it to your bedroom,” Jasmine responded. After Luciana finally locked her bedroom door, Jasmine finally told her what all the fuss was about. ” I found a gorgeous earring on the sidewalk close to my house and I was wondering if it was yours?” Jasmine asked pulling the earring out of her purse. “Wow,this is a beautiful earring but I am afraid it is not mine,” Luciana answered. ” Huh, I wonder who this earring might belong to because you are just about the only person I know who might have an earring as nice as this,” Jasmine stated. “My aunt Helen has diamond earrings but she lives all the way in France so I don’t think she is missing an earring,” Luciana said. Jasmine told her friend that she had to leave, so walked herself out the door. As she was about to enter a taxi, she heard lots of shouting. “Stop that man!” someone yelled. “He’s got my wallet!” someone else yelled. Jasmine saw a thin figure of a man run down a dark alley to a bus station. Jasmine decided to run after him because she might find out if he had stolen the other earring. She didn’t know if this man was dangerous so she tip toed quietly next to the man. The man was so busy making sure no police men were after him that he did not notice Jasmine. When he was inside the bus, Jasmine made a quick disguise. She took of her blouse ( don’t worry, she had a tank top underneath,) she ripped her jeans and she grabbed her cellphone. She was trying to disguise herself as a rebellious teen because the man did spot her he wouldn’t think she was one of the rich people living in the suburbs he had just robbed. She had to admit she felt pretty proud of herself coming up with such a fast disguise in practically twenty seconds. ” That will be two dollars,” said the bus driver. “Ugh whatever,” Jasmine replied spitting into a napkin to make herself appear more tough. The bus driver rolled his eyes and told her to find a seat in the back. Just then Jasmine phone rang. She had also changed her ring tone under the circumstances to this really creepy song called Death Valley. “Hello, no mom I already said no to that and no I don’t care about that dumb boyfriend of yours,” Jasmine said into her phone. She stared around the bus. The man she was following was sitting about three seats down from her. She had to keep an eye on him. Just then, they reached this ugly part of town. It looked like something out of a horror movie. Despite Jasmine’s pretend “tough guy” attitude she was actually super scared. The man she was watching stopped here. So, Jasmine gathered up her bravery and walked right off the bus. She stopped a few feet away from the man. She took some notes in a notepad she always carried with her. It was her notebook for clues, story ideas, lists, and other important stuff. Notebook: I am following this man who people claim is a robber. It appears that he stold a wallet. he has a tattoo on his right arm. He walks with a slight limp. He is wearing a corduroy jacket and has brown boots on. I must find out if he has this diamond earring I’ve been trying to find so I can return it to its right full owner. Jasmine closed the notepad. Jasmine kept walking until she saw the man come to a stop. She saw this huge haunted house ahead. The man went inside there. She had to go inside as well. The man talked to this other man who was wearing a mask. “Henry I found this,” the man Jasmine was following said. Jasmine peered closely to see what this man was pointing at. The reason she did this was because the haunted house was slightly dark. Jasmine couldn’t believe it! It was a diamond earring that looked exactly like the one she had found earlier on the sidewalk. It was the other earring! Jasmine took a picture of the man. “Did you here something?” the man who had stold the earring asked to his companion Henry. “Yes, it sounded like the click a camera makes,” Henry responded. “Who’s there?” the man who Jasmine later finds out his name is James asked. Jasmine was frightened. She didn’t know what this man could do to her. Since the man couldn’t see her face, she ran outside. Henry spotted her as she made it outside. “James, I think I found the girl who took the picture!” Henry yelled. Jasmine ran and ran as fast as she could. She made it all the way to a bus. “Sir you have to help me,” Jasmine called to the bus driver. The bus driver noticed her outfit and he looked like he didn’t believe she was in danger. “Look, I disguised myself to look like a punk but in reality I am an innocent girl and these guys are chasing me,” Jasmine said. The bus driver told her to prove it. She quickly showed him the video she had recorded of the men talking about their plan to steal a Ferrari car, money, and some other jewels. The bus driver finally believed her. He allowed Jasmine to enter his bus and grabbed the men who were chasing the girl. He contacted the police and the two men James and Henry went to jail. Jasmine finally knew who the earrings belonged too. They belonged to a rich woman who worked at a huge law firm. This woman was very kind though. She told Jasmine that after all the danger and trouble it had cost her she deserved a special reward. Josephine, which was the name of this woman, gave Jasmine a check for five thousand dollars and escorted her home in a huge black limo. Jasmine thanked this woman. She was happy she had helped this woman and told herself that she would always help people whether they gave her a reward or not. The End


    I step out the back door onto the porch and run so gracefully across the morning, damp grass you would think I was flying. I’m about to cross over the fence when I hear, “What are you doing?” Its my older brother Kanyon, not to mention my favorite of my three brothers, and the oldest. ” BreAnna’s,” I reply. Before we can say anyrhing else my mom bursts out the door screaming, towing my younger sister behind her. My other brothers jump out the first floor window.

    “What is it?” I ask.” Fire,run!” Cassidy, my little sister screams. I start running as I absorb what she just said. I’m running so fast since I have such long legs that i’m like way ahead of everybody but Kanyon. We are so much farther ahead that we don’t relize everybody is long gone. I replace and tell Kanyon, we duck back, Kanyon reaches them before I do, he grabs Cassidy out of my mothers arms and starts running again. I, who am about as strong as I am fast, pick up my little brother, connor, and jake my other brother jumps on my back and I start running. We run to the nearest home where people are still at home. We, kanyon and i, turn around to find, no one. We drop the younger kids and run back, this time in full sprint. When we get there, there is anything but the small fire it had been. I pull my cellphone out of my pocket and dial 9-1-1. Not long after we see fire engines. They put out the fire. As soon as they do we run all around the territory …


    … to find nothing. As the fire engines leave we see a very familiar truck pull up, my father, well my step-father’s truck. He jumps out of the cabin and runs toward us. As he nears us I start crying. Although I am fifteen my stepdad picks me up and holds me. I burry my face in his shirt. He rubs my shirt. Then I feel another hand, Kanyon’s. Then my father asks where jake, cassidy, and connor are. We tell him. Then he relizes mom is gone. He doesn’t have to asks nor us to answer for him to know. He puts me down and starts running around,and yelling my mother’s name, MaryPaige. I start crying again. This time Kanyon picks me up. I tell him that I want to look around for anything of mom’s. He puts me down. I slowly walk around eyeing the ground critically. Nothing, until I see a small lump on the ground, an pair of earrings, intertwined with a silk ribbon. I pick it up. Then put it in my pocket. We, rather me and my siblings, move in with my grandparents, the day after the fire. It really stinks, they live like three states away so I will have to make new friends. Plus my grandma, my real dad’s mom, hated my mother since I look exactly like her I get treated like her, not to mention that she always talks negatively about her.
    The first day of school isn’t to bad, I actually make new friends like right away.
    These friends will remain friends for many years to come, although none of them know that at the time.
    – 10years later –
    I’m married and have my own kids. My oldest is six, the youngest is just three months old.

    It is a nice spring morning when I step onto the damp grass. I hear the back door slam. Then I hear my four year olds voices. I turn around and see Tristan, the oldest of the quadruplets, Charlotte the next oldest, Destiny, the youngest, then Miranda. The next thing I hear is crying. I go back inside. I go into my bedroom and take Amy out of her crib. As I leave the bedroom I hear Darcy, my oldest scream from the bathroom I turn the corner and get run into by her.
    “Mommy, run a fire,” she cries. I scream at Harry what my daughter just told me as I pick her up and run out the back door. I put her down once I pick up destiny. Darcy takes amy so I can carry two of the four year olds, harry picks up the other two. We all start running and for a six year old darcy runs fast. As we run miranda accidentally pulls my earring out, as in rips it off my ear and drops it. I later relize that it was the same pair of earrings that I had found in the destruction of my childhood home so many years ago, the same earrings that had been my mother’s so many years ago …

  9. As my friend Ashley and I ate walking back from swim practice, I notice something gleaming in the sunlight on the sidewalk. I stop in my tracks. Ashely doesn’t. She’s still giggling about the rainbow toe socks mr. Saini was wearing during third period math class. I bend down to get a closer look at the glittering something on the ground. It looks strangely familiar. I pick it up, inspecting it. It is a gold earring, with emarld coulered beds branching down from a single pearl at the top. Before I can think about the discovery an,ore, though, ashley interrupts my thoughts.
    “Bianca! Hurry up! Don’t you still have to choose your outfit for the party tonight?”
    “oh yeah…sorry.” i reply.
    She’s right. Today is my friend Katreah’s birthday party. We’re going bowling. I’ve never been bowling before, so I’m pretty excited. I stuff the earring into my bag and run to catch up with Ashley.
    “what were you doing there?”
    “oh…nothing really.”
    “okaaay. Anyways, did I show you the new belt I got for Katreah’s party yet?”
    “Yeah,” i roll my eyes. I totally love Ashley and everything, but it sometimes gets annoying when I know that she can afford things that I can’t. Like designer belts. I get my clothes form Walmart. My dad passed a way when I was five, so now we manage to live on my moms mere clerk salary. We as in me, my mom, and my grand am

    Once I walk into the house, I realize how many chores I have left to do. Not to mention the pile of homework I have to tackle.great. Then I remember the earring I found earlier, and I walk into the apartments only bedroom. It’s not like I don’t have any privacy in here. I mean, my mom is always at work, and grandma resides on the couch. I’m scared of her, really.i crawl into my bed, pulling the earring out of my bag. I admire it, then realize that it would’ve gone perfectly with the outfit I as thinking that I might wear to the party tonight. Too bad I don’t havetheother one.then, all of a sudden, I have aflashback. I wa about four, almost five, a month ago my father died. We were at my grandpas funeral. Grandma was telling about an earring. She told me that she had lost it the week before, the day grandpa died. She used to be quiet then, but now she never said a word. I was now intimidated by her. I then remember how Sad I as when grandma told me how she lost it . I was sort of hoping I would get the earrings one day.i take a deep breath. Yes, I’m scared of her.. But no, I won’t just sit down and do nothing when I know that I can have the old grandma back, the one before grandpa died. I alK out of my room, and plop down on to the arm of my grandmas couch. When she sees the earring in my hand, she smiles at me. It is the smile she used to give me when she was about to tell a story. I smile back, and I know that I just earned my self a new friend.

  10. I walk down Abbyton Road and listen to the small clinking of my white strapped heels. There’s a party in 5 minutes right across the street from my house. Lynn Hudson is hosting the party, she’s the most popular girl in the school and is related to Henry Hudson. I shopped for hours to find the perfect outfit.

    I choose a floral skater skirt and a pale pink medium sleeved shirt with Love Music on it and a lace heart surrounding it. I tucked it into my skirt and I looked pretty good if I may say so myself.

    I tuck a strand of slightly curled dishwater blonde hair behind my ear to reveal a earring with five layers and pearls and emeralds. It was my great grandma’s and it means a lot to me. I turn a corner and mumble the address to myself 47921 Abbyton Road, Arendale, California.

    “Hi!” a young girl greets me at the door. “I’m Alise Hudson younger sister of Lynn!” “Oh hi!” I reply “My name is Summer” “Pretty name!” She smiles. “Thank you” I say walking into their big house. I was a little worried that I under or overdressed, but everyone looks at me with jealousy as I walk in.

    I smirk as I at down in a lawn chair. “Hi, I’m Carter.” A boy my age says sitting down. “Hi, I’m-” I start “Summer, right?” He cuts me off much to my shock. “Umm yeah” I say clumsily. I think this belongs to you he says giving me one of my five layered earrings.

    I touch the ear hidden by my too long hair and smile in appreciation. “Thank you!” I say “How’d you find it and figure out it was mine?”

    “Well I was walking a little bit behind you and couldn’t help but notice you” he blushes “And when I walked up to their house I saw an earring. I figured it was yours because only a pretty girl like you could have an earring like this.” He finishes with a smirk.

    Well I thought he wasn’t going to be a flirt. But I guess things are not as they seem. “Well thank you again” I say rushing away from him. I finger the earring feeling the pearls as if they just came out of the oyster. I put it back on and smile. Maybe there are some happy endings.

  11. I grasp at my bracelet, twisting the gold chain every step I take. ThenI reach for my necklace pulling it up and down. I pause to reach for my earrings, but I hesitate.

    “What’s the point?” I wonder, though my fingers start crawling toward my mouth, and I start to nibble on them.
    “Calm Isabel, take a deep breath,” I mutter to myself, careful not to say too out loud. Last time Mother heard me, she started sending me to a psychiatrist. Yet she’s the one who got me into the habit of talking to myself.

    “So Isabel,” my mother interrupts my worries, “Aren’t you so excited to finally meet my boyfriend?” I slapped a grin on myself.

    “No no no no no no no! I was not excited to meet you boyfriend when I could be home rereading Catching Fire!” I wish I could say, but I would never dare say that to mother. But technically, thinking isn’t the same as saying.

    “Yes, mother. I am super excited to meet your boyfriend. Sure he’s a great guy,” I said in a lifeless tone.
    “Well, look! There’s Derek’s house!” my mother screamed dramatically.

    I studied his home. Yellow, one story, brown door, ivory fence, ugly neon shutters.
    I shuffled my feet toward mother who was starting to skip. When she reached the front door, she was about to knock, when a tall man came out.
    With a yellow shirt, one shoe, brown pants , ivory skin, ugly neon green watch.
    “You must be Isabel,” he stuck out his hand for me to shake.
    I ignored it and replied, “Yes sir.”

    He led us to his 2 by 2 ft living room.
    He and my mom started giggling like teenagers after a story about something that happened at where he works. By the way, he works at this bad chicken place. Chickie Palace or something.
    My eyes started to wander to a moose head hanging over the the kitchen entry.

    “Your moose,” I interrupted the laughter, “is lovely.”
    “Why, Rosalia, you never told me you had a wonderful daughter!” he laughed.
    I have a hard time believing he knew I existed.
    “And Isabel” Derek acknowledged, “you have lovely earrings, though, where’s the other?” I picked at my right ear for my my earring, but it wasn’t there
    “Oh yeah!” I remembered, “I forgot to put the other one on.”
    “Well, I have one that might match. Those earrings do look very pretty on 12 year old girls with long brown hair and blue eyes,” he complimented me.
    I felt like throwing up.

    I cleared my throat, “No thank-”
    “Oh, yes, Derek!” my mother exclaimed,”That would be wonderful!”
    Derek left the room, my mother just sat at the red old worn-out couch sipping some orange juice Derek had given her. I just sat there, and glared at her. I couldn’t believe my mother.

    Derek came back tripping on his own feet, “Here is the earring!”
    I took it carefully from his hand, and inspected it. I looked the same, yes, except the one he gave me was cheep, and would probably infect my ears, because I can only wear gold earrings.
    “Thank you, very much” i muttered.

    Finally, when my mother and I felt Derek’s “house,” my hand crawled to my right ear. I unhooked the earring and dropped it on the sidewalk. One second on my ear. Then on the sidewalk.

    “Isabel? Do you think I should break up with Derek?” my mother asked me.
    “Uh-huh” I said not thinking about my consequences,
    She sighed, “I think you’re right.” She looked at me, and this time, I had a real grin on my face. She squeezed my shoulder.

    This moment was perfect. I’m only wearing one earring, but my mother doesn’t like some weird dude Derek.

    Of course, I know that mother probably has some other guy in her mind right now. Let’s hope he the manager of that Italian place down the street. Italian food is better than chicken or at least food that I think is chicken.

  12. I was walking out of the speakeasy on a cold blustery Saturday morning when something shiny caught my eye. I leaned over and picked up a pearl dropped earring from the sidewalk. Looking it over it was sort of well simple. For a flapper I mean. For a conservative woman like my mother it would be outrageous to even think about laying eyes on. I stepped out on to Baker Street and hailed a cab. I slipped the earring into my purse and stepped into the cab.
    ” number 6 Derry park please”. I said to the cab driver. I sat in the back of the car as I watched Manhattan wake up. Vendors were pulling their carts our on to the street and old men were resuming poker games. As we pulled on to my penthouse road I slipped out of the cab and slipped the driver a bill. I opened the door quietly hoping my parents were still sleeping. I crept up the stairs into my room and had just enough time to wipe the makeup off my face and slip into a frilly white nightgown to conceal my double life and slip in to my frilly white bed. That’s how I had always felt about my upper east side life. Frilly white. That’s why I liked the flapper life exciting and daring. I heard a rap on the door and I quietly said ,
    “Come in.” My mother entered completely oblivious to where I had been last night.
    “Clara wake up dear we have a full day a head of ourselves!” She said in her shrill voice. Frilly and white. I quickly got up and changed again and pulled on what my mother deemed respectable clothes. I grabbed the small purse and my clutch from last night only to take the earring and slip it in and quickly stashing the red lipstick under my mattress. I scampered down the stairs and followed my mother into the car driven by Martin our driver. We were meeting her friends at the Palm Court for breakfast and I would be subjected to another hour of boring worthless conversation. When we arrived I saw Lydia Newman and her daughter Irene being escorted in. When we entered we were shown to our table with them and a waiter droned on about the specials. Irene sat across from me and my eye drifted over to her ear. There was the exact same earring as I had found on the sidewalk. As our mothers were caught up in their chatter I quickly opened ky handbag and took the earring out and slid it across the table. Irene looked relieved and winked at me. She slipped it in to her ear and resumed looking like a normal society girl. It was nice to know that someone else knew their was more to life than tea parties and luncheons. She knew that life was not frilly and white

    • Emme! This is an accomplished story — I’m impressed with how you brought it full circle. Love the “frilly and white” theme, and the historical setting. Very well done! 🙂

  13. Well, Celia was really starting to hate the earrings. Never mind that they were the last link she had to her parents. They were fancy and pretty, and the way they dangled down brought the images of well lit parlors and dinner parties. Nothing could be further from the truth, and now the only purpose they served was to make Celia feel stupid.
    And she was already feeling that sentiment pretty strongly. It was freezing outside. She had a long coat and scarf, so the bitterly cold air wouldn’t have bothered her, but it was also accompanied by a stinging rain that soaked through Celia’s already-matted hair.
    She began to cross the street, her head ducked. The pools of light illuminated the empty streets around her. To think, one step and your whole world changed. If you went by how fast Celia’s mind went, it was barely a week ago when her mother asked her if she wanted her to do her hair, maybe something nice to accompany her best green dress? But that had been a long time ago. Celia’s mother and father getting into an automobile accident had been a long time ago.
    Celia gritted her teeth as a shiver racked her body. Her hand went up instinctively to touch the earrings- she always needed something to play with when memories consumed her- but immediately decided against it and pulled out instead the letter from her jacket pocket.
    “Come any time you wish, but you might want to come quickly lest the job is taken before you can get here! …” Really, Celia’s train came in the morning, but she couldn’t stand another moment with her relatives. If that was even the case. Most people actively pursued the truth but Celia was more than happy to close her ears and believe she was the beloved child of a happily married couple, not an illegitimate child of an affair, all evidence to the contrary. The looks, the whispers….Celia hadn’t anticipated the rain, but besides that she was perfectly content to sleep at the train station. She wasn’t too afraid of the threat of being robbed, since her money was safe. In fact, being robbed could turn out to be a good thing. Maybe they’d take the stupid earrings.
    As Celia continued to make her way to the train station, the empty streets lulled her into the assumption of being completely alone. As such, she was more than startled when an automobile passed by without any warning, sending up a spray that soaked Celia’s already wet figure all the way through.
    Celia let out a strangled cry of frustration. She was dripping wet, the letter clutched in her hand a sopping mess, and near illegible too, with the ink smeared. Even with no one around to witness it, Celia felt like an utter mess and an idiot as well. Nothing had gone right since the day her mother and father had decided to leave her alone. Even her attempts to better things resulted in scenarios like this.
    In a fit of anger and frustration, Celia ripped the earring from her ear. Emphasis on ripped- the piercing pain was the only thing Celia registered amidst the numbing of the wet and cold.
    She hurled the earring to the ground and then tentatively touched her warm. If nothing, the blood was warm.
    Inhaling deeply, Celia made a pact with herself. She had thrown the earring at her lowest moment, so things could only get better from there. The uphill climb was just beginning.

    For the first time in awhile, the sun was out and shining. In fact, taking in the small sprouts of flowers between the cracks in the sidewalk and the singing of the birds, it was almost certainly the first unofficial day of spring.
    And given the melting of the ice, Anna was determined to make the most of the day. She’d had a bit of the problem with the ice during the winter- she could barely walk on it without falling on her face- so now that it was gone she felt compelled to be outside.
    Having dragged Henry along with her, Anna had been reveling in the newfound warmth when she noticed something gleaming in the sunlight.
    “Hey, Henry, look at this.”
    “What’s that? An earring?”
    “Yes, look! It’s really pretty. But there’s only one…”
    “My guess is that it fell and got frozen under the ice, and now it’s finally free.”
    “That’d be really cool…”
    “Well, spring’s a time for new life and all. You should take it.”
    Anna nodded and scooped up the earring. She felt a small smile form on her face. She got to spend time with Henry and she now had a new earring. Even though it was only one, it was still gorgeous and elegant looking.
    It was a rather unique experience for a piece of jewelry; to be abandoned by one girl at the lowest point of her existence and rediscovered by another at the pinnacle of hers.

  14. Hello, my name is Sherry, and I am a detective. My first case started out one gloomy afternoon. Here’s the story.
    Sherry rushed down the cobblestone road in search for her runaway puppy, Watson. She searched this ally, and that ally, this street and that street, but just couldn’t find that bothersome dog!! She had been about to turn onto Wall Street, when a horrible YELP! came from behind her. She gasped, a stream of blood was streaming from poor Watson’s paw!
    Meanwhile, Annie Walldstworth let out a horrible scream. It was gone, forever, whatever would she do? Tracing her footsteps, she rushed to the Coffee Shoppe, where she had had her morning breakfast, into the history museum, where she had given a story, and she looked everywhere it could be! Poor Annie, she was in despair.
    Sleuth Sherry, no matter how big or how small she was set out to find out why a earring was on the ground, whose it was, and especially what was a earring with amethysts and diamonds doing on a sidewalk? Quickly, she got out her first aid kit, cleaned up Watson’s paw and the earring. Sherry looked with her special light on the earring to see fingerprints. Nope, it must have been handled very carefully. She picked it up with a hankerchief in her detective case and continued looking for clues. She saw nothing, nothing out of the ordinary, she thought anyway. But then, she saw it, glimmering from the rain, sparkling by its diamonds, a glasses case. She ambled over to it, trying not to look suspicious, and picked it up, she looked inside, and to her great dismay, nothing. But, to look on the bright side, there was cotton in there, which means whatever that was in there must be valuable, because it needed protection. She picked up her clues and dog, and walked home to study her clues.
    Annie rushed into the parlor, passing by the butler, causing him to spill the drinks her was serving. She ran up the winding flights of stairs and into her room, crying. She lost it. The earring that had been passed on for generations, AND the very,very expensive case that went with it. She only had one earring left, what would her mother do with her now? She heard a light knock on the door, but she didn’t answer it, instead, she walked out onto the balcony and went down the secret passageway. She wondered around the courtyard and walked into town.
    CRASH!!! Detective Sherry, deep in thought,had just bumped into someone. ” Oh, I beg your pardon, I, I, wasn’t watching where I was going, you see, I have just found this earring, and trying to solve why it was on the side of the road, and who would drop it, you know, the w’s? Anyway I-” ” Earring, did you say?” said the stranger.
    “Why, yes!”
    ” Oh thank goodness! I was walking to the Shoppe when I dropped it, I was in such a rush, I dropped the case with one earring and didn’t even realize. It’s been in my family for generations and I was in so much despair, after looking everwhere I went this morning”
    ” Oh dear, now see what you did, Sherry,” Sherry muttered under her breath. ” I am dreadfully sorry, miss, me and my nosey brain of mine cause so much trouble.”
    “Oh but I am the one to blame, now that I see your poor dog here, poor darling!”
    ” Yes, but Watson here gets into trouble, so there is nothing to worry about. Now here miss, uh-”
    ” Miss Annie, take your earring and its case and be in no more despair, and do forgive me please”
    ” I will forgive you, as long as you let me pay for that troublesome dog of yours,”and with that, she took the earring with its case and Sleuth Sherry and Annie Walldstworth walked down the cobblestone road, on the gloomy afternoon, to the vet.

    • What fun, Anna! I especially love the fact that Sleuth Sherry has a dog named WATSON! Perfect. 🙂

  15. I groan, squirming in my bed. The faint, distant sound of my alarm can be heard. I crack open an eyelid. 7:45, the clock reads in bright red numbers. It takes a minute to register. Then I throw back my covers, panicked. I overslept! The bus will be here at 8:00, so I barely have time to get ready.
    Throwing on the outfit I laid on my bed the night before (mint green lace top, black jeans), I feel so grateful that Mom got me into the habit of setting out my clothes before bedtime each night. But something is missing from my outfit. I paw through the drawer in my desk where I keep my jewelery, looking for earrings to complete the look. Finally, when I spot a pair of dangly earrings with pearls, I tuck them into my back pocket to put on later.
    Grabbing a granola bar from the pantry, I glance at the clock. 7:55. Wow, I can’t believe I did that in 10 minutes! Slinging my backpack on my back, I race outside.
    Of course, with my luck, the bus showed up early. It’s already at the bus stop at the end of the street when I get outside. Running and slipping on my earrings at the same time, I race to catch the bus before it drives away. Finally, out of breath, I climb on and slide in the spot next to my best friend, Sarah.
    “Why are you only wearing one earring?” she inquires when I tuck my hair behind my ears.
    “What?” My hands fly up to my ears. Sure enough, only one is secured onto my right earlobe. I go ahead and take it off so I won’t look weird. I’ll grab the other one after school.
    The rest of the day passes by in a blur. When the bus drops me off at my stop, I look for the earring but never find it. Someone must have taken it. But why? There are only so many things you can do with just one earring. Oh, well.

  16. I’m walking along the beach, finding the perfect spot to lay out my towel. I sit in the spot I chose next to a few pieces of drift wood. I lay on my towel looking up at the sky that is dotted with clouds. I let the sun caress my face and the warmness of the sand relax me. I pull up my ear buds to listen to some music, and close my eyes and let the classical piano music lift me up and carry me away. after 30 minutes or so of listing to music I decide to get up and go for a swim. the water is as blue as a sapphire. I pull down my goggles and jump in. letting the creaminess of the water surround me. I see something glimmering out of the corner of my eye. I turn around and reach for it. I pull on it but it seems to be stuck in the sand. I go up for air before I start to dig around what It is I found. – 5 minutes later –

    I sit on my beach towel staring at the bottle in my hands. It seems to have something in it. when I shake the bottle it clinks. I work for 10 minutes trying to take out the cork. when it finally un plugs I shake out the item that was in there. two items actually. one item is a earing. it is a really pretty piece of jewelry. makes me wish I had the other one. the other item is a note. it reads:

    JANUARY 19. 1920. 4:44PM



    I have tears in my eyes. it is such a beautiful letter. And enclosed with the letter is a picture a picture of a tail that shimmers and glistens like that brightest star in the sky. And now as I walk away from the beach onto my bike I am now a believer. a believer of what you ask? OF MERMAIDS.

  17. Alice moaned as her step mother, Susan combed her unruly hair. She sighed and slumped down in her seat, drifting into a daydream while Susan complained. She wished things were the way the used to be, she recalled the last day of them all together as a family. They were all sitting in the parlor while papa read newspaper,and mother read to Alice and then suddenly… “Alice Roosevelt listen to me ,DON’T SLUMP!” she screeched. Alice snapped out of her daydream. “Why do WE have to go to the ball, after all it is meant for father!” she moaned as Susan put on her earrings.
    In case you are wondering, it was 1914 and Alice Roosevelt the president’s daughter was getting ready for an amazing ball, a very fancy one. Stomping down the shiny marble stairs, she yanked of the silver earrings. Suddenly she heard a piercing scream, stuffing one earring in the pocketbook she ran, her dark hair flying, leaving the other behind.
    100 years later…
    The old man’s heart leapt as he picked up one silver earring in the old burned down ballroom. He would report it instantly. This must of belonged someone very important.
    Wow that was really fun,I have done a story starter before!

    • And you did a great job! Glad you jumped in and joined the party, Kitty! 🙂

  18. Heather do you think it would be easier to do a fanfiction or a realistic fiction based on your life first, as a writer I mean

    • Hmmm. Not sure, Ems. I say write whatever speaks to you, whatever intrigues you.

  19. “Mommy, look! See what I found! Is it a diamond?” Olive bounded into the kitchen, where her mom was cooking dinner, an earring dangling from her chubby fingers. “Oh, honey, that’s just junk left over from the last family that lived here.” Her mom explained, wiping her hands on a dish towel. “Go throw it in the trash, okay?” Olive’s mother turned back to chopping veggies. Gross. Olive still believed it was a diamond so she stuffed it under her mattress and sat down for supper without a second thought.
    Literally. She didn’t think about the ‘diamond’ earring again. For. Twenty. Years.

    “Joshua, pass the salt, please.” “NO! I’m eating the salt!” Olive sighed with exasperation. She shot a glance at her mother who nodded. “You can go play upstairs in Mommy’s old room, okay?” Her four year old son nodded happily, spat out the salt, and raced up the stairs. A few peaceful (finally) minutes later, there came a shout from the wooden staircase. “Mommy, look! See what I found! Is it a diamond?”

    • Caroline! So much packed into just a few short paragraphs. Love the idea of “20 years later” and bringing the story full circle. Well done! 🙂

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