A Chinese “Toad” hops onto my shelf

Remember those delightful students in Taiwan, who wanted to translate my book ONCE UPON A TOAD into Chinese as part of a class they were taking?  (click here to read about it)

Well, the story has a very happy P.S.

A friend of my husband’s was traveling to Taiwan on business recently, so I got in touch with the girls and asked if I might be able to have a copy of the translation for my bookshelf. They very kindly scurried around and had one sent to the hotel where my husband’s friend was staying, and he brought it back to the U.S. with him. He lives in L.A., so it took a little while longer to get here to Portland, but it was worth the wait!

Toad 1

Isn’t it fabulous?

I love seeing the title and my name in Chinese.  What a beautiful language!  Wish I could read it.

Chinese Toad

My favorite part is at the back of the book, where the students included several pictures of the translation work in progress…

Toad in progress

… along with that great shot of them showing off the finished product. You’ve already seen this one in a previous post but I can’t resist posting it again.  Just too cute!


Congratulations, girls — you did a wonderful job, and I’m thrilled to have my very own copy!

Toad 2




22 thoughts on “A Chinese “Toad” hops onto my shelf”

    • Yes! Spy Mice was translated into German, Italian, Thai (!), and Czech. Very fun! 🙂

  1. Fantastic, Heather. Every one should beg, borrow or buy a copy. Such FUN in Engilsh or Chinese.

  2. Hi everyone! I have started a blog about the MDBC girls. That includes fan fiction and voting poles on them and weekly Saturday story starters so we have double! here and at my blog! I was thinking, hmmmm… where is the best place for my blog to get the most views? and I thought oh! I know!, at heathers blog, I have a mdbc blog and here are a bunch of mdbc fans! so here is the link to me blog!—- hope u guys enjoy!

  3. That’s so cool! By the way, this is TOTALLY random, but the wall color of the room you are standing in is gorgeous!!

    • Thanks, Carter. We love it! Oregon can be very gray in the winter, and our salmon/peach/”strawberry puff” (believe it or not, “strawberry puff” is the official paint color name — is that crazy or what?) family room is always cheerful, regardless of the weather.

      • That’s awesome! I think the unique names on paint and nail polish are so fun! It would be neat to think of those if i had nothing else to do! ( like emma said in i believe jt was Much Ado About anne.) 🙂

    • ONce Upon a Toad? It was published a year ago — should be at your local bookstore or library! 🙂

  4. So sweet!!! I think that is so nice that they did that!! Now, people can read your FABULOUS books in CHINA!!

  5. We loved your Mother-Daughter book club, we e-mailed you, please answer. Juliette and I love to read and I recommended the book to our friends, who loved them. we are currently reading the last one which we explained in the e-mail. We just wanted to say hi, and your an AMAZING writer.

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