Fan mail Friday

Sometimes I not only get great fan letters, I get great ENVELOPES!

Envelope #2

Do you love it?  I do! This one fairly danced out of my post office box. I was cheered up before I even opened it and read the letter inside. Thanks, Emma!

And then there’s this one:

Envelope #1

SO CLEVER!  I laughed out loud when I spotted it waiting for me.  Thanks, Emily!

Seriously, do I have the best job in the world or what?!



22 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. THE best job EVER!!! I hope to be like you someday. Loved by your fans all over the U.S.!!! Your books are as sweet as white chocolate. My favorite candy. OK, lets face the truth, your books are SWEETER then that!!!

  2. wow! that’s great artwork! I think it is very special when someone has a job they enjoy doing!

    ps. hi everyone! I have started a blog about the MDBC girls! now for everyone who LOVES the MDBC Girls and heather vogel Frederick can come visit my blog weekly and you will find voting polls like who is your favorite character? weekly Saturday story starters and…..oh wait no more spoilers! come visit and check it out weekly to find something new!

    (I am not trying to drive people away from your blog, just want somewhere else where people like me can talk more about their favorite books!)

  3. Those are sooo cool!! i love them!! Emily’s was very clever with the book cover!! very creative!

  4. Heather, do you ever start a story, then get preoccupied with something else, then by the time you get back to your story, it doesn’t make sense of you just don’t feel that you can write it any more. Or you think someone else could do better use in writing it. I mean I came up with so many ideas(that made sense back then)like a few years ago. But then I got my schedule all messed up by all the theater that I love to do. Therefore; I spent most of my time at home, doing homework, sometimes really late into the night, and less time reading and writing, although I somehow finished reading a lot of books. I mean my parents and teachers tell me that I am a good writer but I feel like I am losing my touch with writing down words. I use lots of words, big ones at that, in my speech, but it almost doesn’t feel right anymore. I mean I know this is wordy, but this is so much different than fiction. All my used to be brilliant ideas seem pathetic, and like I said… used to be. It stinks cause I love writing. It just isn’t working anymore. I guess I feel like I do to much writing for school, which gives restrictions, and things that you have to include, or even the topic. I can’t stand writing for school, its not as much fun. Has this ever happened to you? If so, what do I do about it?

    Ems, your loyal reader
    P.s. some of your other advice has really helped me, thanks, love your books, again so much thanks

    • I totally understand about the kind of writing you do at school, and how it pales in comparison next to creative writing. I felt exactly the same way at your age! HOWEVER, that “school writing” is excellent preparation for the kind of clear, compelling everyday writing you’ll find yourself doing throughout your life, so hang in there. It’s not just a pointless exercise. (And you’ll find ways to jazz it up a bit here and there and give it some life.) As for your other writing, perhaps just now the best thing to do is keep a notebook in which to pop your story ideas. Then, whenever you do have a little extra time, you could browse through it and look for something that sparks your imagination. And a story idea that seems stupid at one point might be pure gold at another, so don’t throw anything out. I’ve got notebooks like this from YEARS ago, and I occasionally dip in and find something worth developing…

  5. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! I get to see my cousins today for the first time in 2 years!!! They are working in India with widows and orphans! I am thrilled!
    Pray all goes well!!!!!

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