Fan mail Friday

One of the brightest spots in my week is the trek (or two) I make to my post office box.

For one thing, it’s close to a park that the dogs and I love to walk in — check out the views at the moment, with enormous banks of rhododendrons in full bloom against the towering evergreens:

Walk 1

Walk 2

There are few things in this world prettier than rhodies in full bloom in the spring. Especially pink rhodies. I’m a big fan of pink.

As much as the dogs and I enjoy our walks, though, the MAIN reason I love visiting my P.O. box is because of the mail, of course!

There are few things in this world more fun than opening my mailbox.

You all have completely spoiled me, what with your wonderful letters and fun fan art (both of which I appreciate more than I can ever say). A writer’s life can be a solitary one, so we really, REALLY look forward to snail mail and email.

Here’s a peek at something spectacular that showed up in my mailbox recently from Isabella, a reader from Canada:

Isabella 1

That’s the back of the homemade card that she sent me.  I love it!  And here’s the front:

Isabella 2

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?  I love the little heart floating over the reader’s head. And what she’s reading, of course. And the huge pile of books, and the snacks, and, well everything…

Isabella even signed her card with a self-portrait:

Isabella 3

I would say that she certainly knows how to “live life,” doesn’t she?  Thank you SO MUCH, Isabella, for this incredibly special card!




37 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. Isabella, if you’re reading this, you are an awesome artist and you obviously have great taste in books! 😀

  2. Love the picture of the park view! 😀 It’s such a cool cloud formation in the background. Isabella, your pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!

  3. OMG! those rhododendrons are so pretty! did you know heather that where I used to live they had a annual rhododendron parade?! it was super fun! all the floats would have a theme and be decorated in rhododendrons! not completely covered in them but still very pretty!

    ps visit my blog mdbc fans! its all about the mdbc girls and weekly sat. story starters and a NEW voting poll! so stop by! here is the link-hope you enjoy!-

  4. Hi. I only have one week left of school, (I’m home-schooled)
    and my Mom wanted me to read books this summer. Sadly, they have to be ones I have never read before. :(. Can you think of any captivating books for Tween-teen aged???
    Thanks SO much!!!!

    • Anybody want to chime in? I guess it depends on what you like to read — check with your local librarian for suggestions, as they are TOTALLY up on new books (as well as older ones). Have you read Shannon Hale’s books?

    • Oh gosh. Why is it that my mind always goes blank when people ask for book suggestions? If you like fairy tales, there are Andrew Lang’s fairy tale anthologies, which you can get free on Kindle or hard copies through Amazon. Historical fiction wise, there’s a really good book written by a family friend called Diary of a Cabin Girl that I highly recommend. I’m racking my brain trying to think of more, but I’ve hit a blank. Um… Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels are very good, and when taken in small doses, Edgar Allen Poe is excellent… very creepy, murder mysteries and such! I hope this helps. I know that I’ll have all sorts of other suggestions come to mind after I submit this, so I’ll comment again once I am inspired!

  5. This is a toughie… maybe Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat? Ooh! Or Dead City! Both of those are very captivating… I hope you find some good books to read, Jenna!

  6. The Running Dream is a super awesome book. I’m not sure who the author is, but if you go to your local library they might have it. 😀

  7. HELP!! One of My friends is lying to me. I can tell. I want her to just be herself and not act like Courtney around her boyfriends..-MDBC- What should I do???

    • Show her that you are there for her. Make sure that you are always including her. And if she keeps lying try letting her explain what she is talking about. Keep asking questions about what she is lying about.

  8. Are you in the work of writing to last book? I need to know when they go to college!!!!

  9. Maybe you could try talking to her about it. tell her that you know and tell her how you feel. talk to her about what you think she is doing.

      • Yeah, that’s some good advice, I sometimes feel like I’m in your situation, Jenna, with the few friends I do have, and my older sister, we used to be really close then over the years, well lets just say we have kinda gone our separate ways, although we are only nineteen months and a day of difference, she just graduated eighth grade and tries to act so mature now, honestly my maturity comes pretty naturally, although that might just be me

  10. Jenna have u heard or tried jess burkhrts books? I’m a TOTAL TC-team canterwood- fan. Her books r abt girls that go to boarding school with an exquisite riding program. The books feature backstabbing roommates, boys, drama, and horses of course! U can find out more abt jess on her blog: http:/ u know she’s great bc she shares a name with one of the main characters in Heathers books! 😉 also, u can check out my blog @
    I have a post with book suggestions! I know this is an old post but if ur reading this Jenna, check out my blog and Jess’s! Her and I email all the time- I’m an honorary elite member. Hope this helps! And heather? Can u pls check out my blog? Thx! I really want ur opinion on it bc ur a fantastic writer! Xoxox everyone! And pls pls pls, if u didn’t already, check out my blog!

  11. Oh I got the spelling wrong in Jess’s name! Sorry! It’s Jessica Burkhart or Jess Ashley to her friends and family!

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