Reason #4,792 why I love Oregon…

… because you can go to the beach on a busy holiday weekend and still have it all to yourself.Β  Well, except for the BALD EAGLE you spot, snacking on a seal carcass!

Bald Eagle May 2014

Yes, I know, a bit of an eew factor.

But hey, that’s the kind of thing eagles eat.

This picture doesn’t even BEGIN to do justice to this Marlin Perkins moment (those of you who aren’t baby boomers are probably scratching your heads right now, wondering who the heck I’m talking about — click here for more information if that’s you). It was taken with an iPhone from a fair distance, as we didn’t want to get too much closer and risk disturbing his lunch.

I thought it was a seagull at first. A really big seagull. My husband spotted the white head and said, “No, I think that’s an eagle.” I didn’t believe him, but when the eagle stretched his wings and flapped upwards a bit, revealing those big, powerful, feathered legs, I knew he was right.

The eagle’s mate was there, too, flying around.Β  Absolutely breathtaking to see the pair of them. How often does THAT happen?

Only in Oregon…


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  1. I think that’s really cool heather! I live in the Portland Vancouver Area as well, and we moved here just the beginning of the year, and we haven’t been able to explore our new wonderful home! Before moving here we did lots of research on Portland. We found out that,

    1. It’s the rose state

    2. Portland has been voted to have the biggest variety of different types of ethnic/nationality food in the WORLD in one small place. (I think that’s really cool)

    3. it has beautiful nature trails and lots of waterfalls and Chinese gardens.

    4. A BIG 5 de mayo Festival which go my family really exited because we are Mexican/Spaniard and at that festival They have all my favorite foods, music, and a lovely dance called, folklorico which I used to dance.

    sorry to make this message so long but I think its so cool to be living near my favorite author of ALL TIME!!!!! and that you love Oregon as much as I do!

    (P.S. do you like chocolate? I’m asking because we also learned that there is a chocolate festival in Portland too!)

    • I love it that YOU love Portland, too! I love your research findings, too. πŸ™‚ I did not know about the chocolate festival, but will definitely have to investigate because chocolate is one of my favorite foods… πŸ˜‰

  2. oh and heather? I have another quick question, you say you are most like mrs hawthorne and mrs chadwick.

    I understand why you say you are like mrs h. but why do you say you are like mrs c.?

    the picture you posted of yourself looks great! you don’t look like mrs chadwick because she like you said in your book is a walrus, and you are not a walrus!!! AT ALL!! maybe your hairstyle is like hers?

    thanks for reading!

    • Oops, did I say that? I meant to say that I hope I’m more like Mrs. Hawthorne than Mrs. Chadwick — in other words, I hope I’m not her! (at least Mrs. Chadwick in her full bossypants mode) πŸ˜‰

  3. I went to the Oregon/Washington area last summer to visit my cousins and the weather was SO NICE. Compared to Texas, that is. Texas is like 85 to your 65.

  4. Thats so beautiful! i love it! i want to see something like that! it would be so cool to live up in portland!!




  6. Oh my gosh…..

    I was on the web searching for a new book for me to read, and I found that the writer of anne of green gabels, also has a book called pat of silver bush. practicly the same title. have you read that book yet heather?

    oh and yesterday I watched a movie called finding neverland and its about, how the writer of peter pan got his idea to write peter pan. I liked seeing the writer point of view…

    has anyone seen that movie? its a great family movie, not for younger kids because they can get board with all the talking. not violent or inappropriate just a lot of taking!

    • I haven’t read Pat of Silver Bush, but I did read Emily of New Moon, which I LOVED! (L. M. Montgomery is the author.) And I liked Finding Neverland, too. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Ms. Frederick! I’m super psyched about the seventh MDBC book! I have one tiny thing I want though. I have half the MDBC books in paperback and the other half in hardcover. I like collecting hardcover boxed sets but I couldn’t find one for the MDBC series. Is it possible that we could get a hardcover boxed set once the seventh book is out?! THANK YOU.

    • Hmmm. I’m not sure if they do hardcover boxed sets — at least for my books. I’m pretty sure there’ll be one in paperback, though!

  8. Know I should ask elsewhere, but this is the only place I can think of to turn to for help! LOL. πŸ™‚

    Couple questions…. answer one, answer all!!!

    1. Writing a Titanic love story. I know the movie hit the jackpot, but, I want to write one with good in it. Like…no bad words or immodest parts… any suggestions? I’ll give you the start…. A girl named Alexa goes on summer vacation on the S.D.S Freedom. While she is there, she comes across her great grandmothers diary. Then, she is plunged into that world. Her great grandmothers name is April Fogs. And, she falls in love with a man named Windum Lucas.

    2. How do I make the guy, tough, romantic, sweet, kind, but not OVERLY ROMANTIC??!!

    3. Should I make Windum Live, or die on the Titanic???

    4. How do I make my book…not to cheesy??

    Guess that was more then just a couple….:)



    • Anybody want to dive in on this one and help Jenna out? I’m on a tight deadline this week, alas …

    • Well, I’ll see if I can help. These are just my two cents, so you don’t have to take them seriously at all ^.^

      1. I like the idea you have. To start it off I think you should do some research on the Titanic so you can figure out if April (Coral, right?) and Lucas are rich or poor or what, and their reasons are for being on the Titanic, their lives at home, etc. I’m not going to say anymore because this should be for you to decide πŸ™‚

      2. Well, for Windum, he could be an officer on the ship. If he was, then relationships with the passengers would be looked down upon and he couldn’t be overly romantic with Coral. Just a thought. But then again, that’s only an external reason for him to not be overly romantic- there are other ways to do it. For example, he could’ve lost someone he loved before and that makes it hard for him to be close with others- or it could just be his personality.

      3. This would be your choice. Realistically he would probably die, however there are a number of factors that would increase his chances of living, such as if he was rich or poor.

      4. Try to steer away from cliches. Also, keep things realistic. When you’re writing it, keep in mind how long Coral and Windum knew each other, and how to realistically portray their relationship. It would help for them to fall in love gradually and not all at once, and relationship development is actually a fun part of writing. I would also try to distance yourself from the orginial Titanic- that is to say, try not to make the story too similar to Jack and Rose’s.
      I think you’ll know what cheesy is if you write it. In a Titantic-themed story, one wrought with tragedy, it’s helpful to know how people react. Not everyone reacts the same way to their soon-to-be death or death of loved ones. Some people get quiet, some people get panicked, others numb themselves completely. Not everyone falls over themselves sobbing and declaring undying love. If you know the personalities of your characters you can pick an appropriate reaction. Remember, sometimes the most simple things are the most poignant.

      As for what they would look like, that’s again for you to decide πŸ™‚ I’m not entirely sure what the fashions of the era were, but they would probably give you something to model the characters off of.
      But things such as hair color, eye color, etc. aren’t as important as how you reflect their personality through their appearance- lowering their eyes when talked to, have a nervous habit of brushing hair behind their ears, have a strong jaw, etc. It’s all a balance. Even if Coral’s not red-haired, I would think of her as a blond or at least light haired.

      And just an opinion, I like the name Windum. But if you don’t then I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking!

      Well, this got too be too long. Sorry ^^’ But I hope at least some of this was helpful to you. Good luck with your story Jenna! πŸ™‚

        • Ya. I will TRY not to make it like Jack’s and Roses, But, I tried 1st class for him, and It didn’t work. But, One thing that’ll make it different, is Windum is a Christian, to which Jack is obviously not. He’s third, but he comes from a loving family, he bought his ticket, He saw Coral as a person stuck in the middle, is outgoing, and his hobby is archery. It took a while to realize Jack and Windum are two very different people.
          Besides, it’s not like I copied off of James Cameron.It’s just, that’s what life was like back then for most people. Divided, and yet united at the same time.

          Coral, is 1st class. For some reason, that just seems right. Even if there was no Titanic movie, I still would have made her 1st class. There is no Cal. Just Mr. Cilia who is a nasty man. Since Coral is the richest daughter in England, He tries to get acquainted with her, Rob her, and Kill her, moving on to her family next. He almost did, but it was just her luck that Windum showed up in time to start a gun duel, (for of my brother) That happens on the 5th night.
          Then the sinking….. She gets rescued on a Lifeboat, Windum has to stay behind…. They get reunited three years later during WWI at an army camp. Coral sells her heir mansion, and they move to the Mountains in Colorado
          to where they are far from the Ocean where so many lives were lost.

          That was longer then I intended… πŸ™‚
          Thanks again Gwyneth you really helped!!!

          Titanic Sea ya! Jenna

          • Wow, I just noticed you’d responded- sorry for not getting back sooner…
            No problem, I’m glad to help! πŸ˜€ What you have so far sounds good, especially the ending. There are many ways to get drama from what you have while ultimately having a happy ending. And yeah, seems like Jack and Windum are pretty different so you won’t run into trouble there.
            Once again, good luck!

  9. also, not sure about the name Windum. Any other ideas? I like Jack, but…. I can’t use it…. πŸ™


  10. also…(LOL)

    What should they look like. I don’t want red hair for April…you know why.

    Either her name should be… April, Mia…Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire…you know. The jewel names.

    • Hello!!! I’m writing this from my Grandparents comp. Thanks again Gwyneth!!! You helped a lot!!!!! I thought I liked Rowan better then Windum and Elizabeth better then Coral….

  11. When do you think you’ll have an little bit of Absolutely Truly out on your website? I’m on the edge of my seat- can’t wait until it comes out! πŸ˜€

  12. Here is what the front says….

    “Love can conquer everything,
    it is said.
    But, no one knows if it can even
    conquer this….

  13. oh my goodness!!!!!

    ms. heather?

    how did you get your idea for the dance of the maypole maidens scene for jess in the first book?

    I will write the rest of my comment once you reply because I want to see what your answer is first……. πŸ™‚

    • Oh gosh, I can’t even remember now where that came from – I think I was noodling around with the idea of Louisa May Alcott’s book “Under the Lilacs,” and thinking about how I could work that into the story, and the maypole maidens just popped into my head… πŸ˜‰

      • well, I FINALLY got the complete betsy tacy series and I wont give any spoilers but, in one chapter, Betsy asks her mom, what may queens are, and her mom answers, “its an English custom, on may day, people used to go to the woods and bring back flowers, they called it going a maying. then they out up a maypole with garlands running from the top and danced around it. and they choose a pretty girl, and crowned her with a wreath of flowers.”

        Hmmmmm?….. sounds familiar? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› (poor jess!!)

  14. Umm…. I was (Still am) reading Pies & Prejudice and was wondering. Are Tristan and Cassidy meant to be like Elisabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy?

    • Hey, Hockey Rules!!! Are you new??? Don’t mean to pry, but if not, I’m glad to make your screen-acquaintance!! If so, Well… welcome to the team of fans!!!!!

  15. Heather!! I had a dream last night that you were the uncredited author of the original Dr. Seuss books!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  16. Hello heather,

    just a quick question,

    in Portland there are a lot of bakery’s, being such a big city and all,

    what is the name of your favorite bakery. and do you go there often? My family want lots of choices for when we go exploring in our brand new home! πŸ™‚

    • OK, my top faves (in no particular order) are: Grand Central Bakery (triple chocolate cookies, yum); Baker & Spice (cranberry oat almond scones; world’s best hot chocolate); Pearl Bakery (chocolate croissants); Beaverton Bakery (cider donuts in the fall). Does that help? πŸ˜‰

  17. when is there going to be a sat. story starter? I was super exited for the first sat. of the month, then when I didn’t see one I got a little sad….. :/

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