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Greetings from deadline exile! I’m barely coming up for air at the moment, but I thought you might like to take a peek at one of the few fun things I’m allowing myself to do these days, other than write.  Wait, what am I saying? This one actually involves writing!

But it’s still fun.

Coffee Shop writing group July 2014

Every week, I meet three of my author friends at a nearby coffee shop to write. From left to right, that’s Susan Fletcher, Rosanne Parry, and Susan Blackaby.

And yes, we actually do write!  Together. Well, separately, but together. You know what I mean. And yes, I’ll admit it, we do chat a bit as well…

Writing can be very solitary work. It’s good to have friends you can chat with.

This particular coffee shop happens to be in a lovely location, and on a glorious summer day, it’s not exactly a hardship to sit and work on their lakeside patio!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Frederick! I am glad you have friends to write with. It must be a joy. I am also writing a lo this summer. I am going to have a poem published in a book called Accolade. I am so excited! I immediately thought of you and wondered, Is this how Mrs. Frederick felt when she published her first book? You are ne of my favorite authors and your books encourage me to follow my dreams. Thank you!

  2. WOW! That view is so pretty! Is it a restaurant or something or just somewhere to sit and dream….

    Oh and a few weeks ago i was at a super market called fred myers and as i was going down the aisles i saw someone who looked like heather vogel frederick! And i was like omigosh! is that really her!?!?! no it cant be her, but what is it is? and i kept saying that in my head over and over again…

    • It’s the patio at Ava’s coffee shop… And guess what? I do shop at Fred Meyer now and then, so maybe it WAS me! 😉

  3. That sounds lovely!!!! And yes, I do know what you mean. There is nothing better then sharing a story with a great friend!!! And, that lake seems BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. :sigh: i was planning to sleep in the morning but my “alarm clock” had other ideas. It’s summer time and it was suppost to be sunny and warm today, but i was woken up to thunder. And omigosh! Today were i live is the grand opening to a fair!!! Hahaha!!!

  5. Okay so…. finished with Titanic, and now I’m writing something called “Forest Defender” It’s a series. The first one starts, in a small Island…. The main girl, Zsa is devastated when her normal peaceful life is interrupted by French people, and they start destroying her Island country.
    When an unexpected assassin Kills the king, rage is built and she and her followers start planning a way to defend their Rain forest. But, through the time when they are planning an attack, she comes across two foreign girls, Dawn and Rachel, to whom help each other to see the world as it is, and not what they thought it was. The end of the first book, is suspenseful and she’s starting to hope, that there is someway to settle this problem… without battle, and maybe without death.

    So……. what time should it be? Now, future, past??? And, any suggestions??!! Gwyneth, and y’all I could really use your help again!!!! And, what should the Island be called???? 🙂 I was inspired by the quote by Edmund Burke “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

    Thanks y’all!!!!


  6. Hi Heather! I really really really love ur books! Ur my second fav author- my first is Jessica Burkhart-author of the Canterwood crest books. U can find her on her blog @ http://jessicaburkhartblog.com
    Anyway I’m a really big fan! Will u pls post more abt the 7th MDBC book? I can’t wait any longer for deeds! Thx soo much!

    • Fun! I’m not familiar with those books, but will check them out. And yes, there will be more info coming about MDBC #7 … after I’ve finished writing it. 😉 Meanwhile, stay tuned for a sneak peek preview of ABSOLUTELY TRULY, coming soon!

      • I am so glad there will be another MDBC. I’ve become so attached to the girls that it broke my heart to think I wouldn’t continue in their lives. I’m so excited for another. These books are incredible. So out of the ordinary from typical teenage girl books. I love them!! I love the unique personalities. I love reading classics already but these books have gotten me into them even more. I feel like Cassidy, Emma, Jess and myself could all be kindred spirits!!

        • I feel the same way! I have read the series 3 times and am so attached the characters. I wish the characters were real. I could so see myself being friends with them. I cried a lot when Mrs. Bergeron died. 🙁 I also cried when Cassidy gives her mom the picture of her and her dad on the beach. I don’t why.

          I also wish I could babysit Chloe! She is so cute! Ever since reading about colonial academy, I have wanted to work at a school like that when I’m older. I’m not sure why, but I kind of had a soft spot for Savannah after she became nice! Did you base colonial academy after anything?

          I loved having the book take place in Massachusetts because that’s where I live. Once I played Concord in soccer and I was thinking of Cassidy and MDBC the whole time!

          • How fun that you’re in my old home state! Colonial Academy is *loosely* based on Concord Academy, in Concord. I say loosely because basically I just borrowed the location — everything else is made up. Glad you like Savannah — I do, too! 🙂

  7. Oh and heather? Thx soo much fir ur comment! I guess I can wait a liitle longer for more deets on MDBC#7! And u shouldn’t def check out jess Burkhart’s books! And my new blog! Daisy blogger inspired me to write a blog! She won best blogger award on my blog! Sorry heather! U were runner up!

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  9. When I saw the part about the deadline it reminded me of Mr. Hawthorne! Are you like him during deadline time?

    ~Charlotte from seasonalfashionsbytandc.blogspot.com

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