Fan Art Friday

August 28th, 2014

It’s been quite a few Fridays since I’ve posted fan art — we’re way overdue!  I have a trio of fun drawings to share with you today from my readers.

First up is Malory’s picture of Megan:

Malory's fan art

Supercute, right?!   Go, Malory!

Next, Eman gives us a glimpse into each of my book club girls’ personalities:

Eman's fan art

Love it!  (And have to tell you something funny — the first time I glanced at this, I wondered “Why is that hockey stick using a baby chick for a puck?!” Then I took a closer look and realized they were two separate drawings…)  Great job, Eman!

And finally, Caroline was asked to draw a scene from a book for a school project. She chose the moment in HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS where Becca and Megan are on a Christmas cruise, and Megan has just learned that she’s going to Paris with her grandmother. Megan is twirling in excitement, but Becca is disappointed. Caroline wrote, “I picked it because I could imagine it perfectly.”  Thanks to your drawing, Caroline, so can we!  Here it is:

Caroline's fan art

You’re all rock stars, girls!  Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful artwork!


8 Responses to “Fan Art Friday”

  1. [C+T](J+D){E+S}~M+S~¢B+T¢ says:

    that was really cool, the pictures were awesome

  2. Carter says:

    They are all so good!! Great job girls!!!! I love Fan Art Fridays!

  3. Jenna C. Stone says:

    Oh… they all are so cute!!!

  4. Olivia says:

    Those are so awesome! 🙂 Ms. Frederick, what was your first published book? 😀

  5. [C+T](J+D){E+S}~M+S~¢B+T¢ says:

    hm, i’ll look that one up at my library

  6. Samantha says:

    They are so beautiful. Good job girls.

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