Fan mail Friday

Reaching into my mail bag today for a fun book club do-it-yourself project!

First of all, check out the centerpiece that this fifth grade book club put together when they discussed THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB:


I love it!  Skates to represent Cassidy, a notebook and pen for Emma, sewing basket for Megan, and what looks like a stuffed dog for animal-lover Jess. Oh, and a copy of LITTLE WOMEN, of course.

But wait! There’s more! Check out the mood pillows that they made:

Mood Pillow 2

Mood Pillow 1


Cuuuuuute!  Wondering what a mood pillow is?  Click here to find out (hint: if you read LITTLE WOMEN, you’ll know).

Ann, who leads this particular book club, generously offered to share directions with all of my blog readers for making a no-sew mood pillow. Ready? Here you go!

You will need — cylindrical pillow insert, sweatpants or pajama leg (or sewn cylinder), sturdy rubber bands (2 each), ribbon (about 1 yd. each).

Pillow insert
This is what a pillow insert looks like

Take a pajama leg or a sweatpants leg and cut it the length of the pillow plus from six to ten inches on each side. Stuff the insert into the pants leg so that it is in the center. Gather up the excess fabric on either side, and make a ‘pigtail’ with it, securing it with sturdy rubber bands.

Finally, cut the yard of ribbon in half, and tie a bow over each rubber band!

Mood Pillow 3

Thanks, Ann, and thanks to your book club girls and moms, too!


10 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. That is super cool! I wish I knew people in my area who like MDBC as much as I do, and that way I could start a group. Those mood pillows look really awesome 😀

  2. That’s so cool, love it, i’ll see if my mom will help me finish the one I’m trying to make

  3. Same here, Grace! I wish I had friends that were as crazy about books and the MDBC as I am! Mrs. Frederick, I am totally going 2 make one of those mood pillows! They look so cool!

  4. yes, i am in a book club too and i am very happy i joined because i never would have figured out the mother daugther book club series. We did something similar when we read it. we had it at a skating rink- for Cassidy, brought our dogs-for Jess, put sewing pins in our hair-for megan, and brought our favorite books. do you have any book reconomendations for us?

    • Also, this is a different matter, but you should think about visiting Connecticut,because i would love for you to sign my boks, and alot of people in my school are familiar with your books too!

      • That would be fun! No plans for Connecticut this fall, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the future, OK? 😉

    • Oh wow, Emily — book recommendations are always hard! Here are a few authors I love: Susan Hill Long, Rosanne Parry, Susan Fletcher, Shannon Hale, Kirby Larson, Robin McKinley. But you should ask a LIBRARIAN, because they will faint from happiness at this question and delight in recommending great books! 🙂

      • Also try Erin Hunter, and maybe J.R.R Tolkien. They both have the same level of excitement, adventure, and not to mention……. suspense!!!! Maybe even C.S Lewis. His books are great as well. If your looking for Science fiction, try Jules Verne, and if your looking for romance…… try Ivan Hoe….. and Betsey Tacy. (LOVED BETSEY TACY!)

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