Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Ugly 2014

My pumpkin — er, I mean my husband — carved the pumpkin this year. Isn’t it hilarious?  Almost as hilarious as he is…

Steve as Waldo for Halloween 2014

His entire department at work dressed up as Where’s Waldo.  Fun!  There was a hat involved, too, but he’s not wearing it here. He is wearing face paint, though, since he loves to go the extra mile.

Me?  I’m just happy to hand out candy…

Have fun trick or treating, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Happy Halloween!!! It was to cold…… I only went one street…… Hmmmm…… just thinking. How awesome it would be to walk up to a door…… knock…… and see a famous author open up the door. 😀

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