Heading to Concord, Portland, and Seattle!

I’m hitting the road soon here, and I have a few more fall book signings to pin to my calender in addition to next Saturday, November 8th’s fun bash in Midland, Michigan. I hope those of you in Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington might be able to come join me!

Concord sign

I’m VERY excited to be returning to my old hometown (not to mention hometown of the Mother-Daughter Book Club) for a book signing! I’ll be visiting the Concord Bookshop on Sunday afternoon, November 16th at 3 pm, where I’ll talk about both of my brand-new books, A LITTLE WOMEN CHRISTMAS and ABSOLUTELY TRULY.

LittleWomenXmas_1Absolutely Truly cover 2014
Next, I zip back to my current hometown (Portland, Oregon) for a signing at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing on Thursday, November 20th at 7 pm.


Portland, OR

After that, it’s on to University Bookstore in Seattle on Thanksgiving weekend — Saturday November 29th at noon — for a super panel of YA and middle-grade authors.

seattle sign

On Sunday, November 30th, I’ll take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for a 3 pm signing at Eagle Harbor Book Co., one of my all-time favorite bookstores and the inspiration for Lovejoy’s Books in my new novel ABSOLUTELY TRULY!Β  How fun is that?!

Portland, OR

And finally, I’m back to Portland again for the Oregon Historical Society’s annual book bash, Holiday Cheer! That’s on Sunday, December 7th from noon to 4 pm.


Lots of fun to come!Β  For a full schedule of events, click here. Hope to see many of your shining faces in the next few weeks!

25 thoughts on “Heading to Concord, Portland, and Seattle!”

  1. LOL!!! U have got ur hands full!!!! HOW FUN! I can only imagine me doing that someday!!!! Ur awesome to be doin’ that!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. AHHH So excited that you are coming to Boston finally πŸ™‚ never got to meet up with you while you were on the Cape but glad i’ll be able to come see you in Concord (one of my favorite places for a day trip in the Fall anyway :)) So excited!!!

  3. I am so excited about the release of Absolutely Truly! πŸ™‚ I aboslutely fangirled about it on my blog.
    Is it going to be in stores everywhere such as Barnes & Nobles?
    Thanks so much, keep writing fantastically! πŸ˜€

  4. I wish I could go to one of those places and see you. Sadly I live no where near any of those places. Oh well. Maybe next time. I hope you have fun on your trips!

  5. I hope I can go to the one in Concord! How many books am I allowed to bring…(-wants to bring the entire MDBC series- XD)

    • Ari, why don’t you call the bookshop and ask? I’m happy to sign as many as you bring, but sometimes they have rules, or ask that you buy at least one while you’re there, out of courtesy… πŸ™‚

  6. I’m asking my aunt to go to the Concord book store for the signing! I wish I were in Massachusetts to meet you :/

  7. I might be coming. Finally you’re on the East Coast. It’s only a 5 hour drive…
    I do have a question, if I bring all the books I own by you, will you be able to sign them all? (I have 8) Or is it limited to Absolutely Truly and A Little Women Christmas?

    • FIVE HOURS??? Oh my goodness. Yes, I will sign whatever books you bring, although you might check with the bookstore to see what their policy is. Usually, they hope that a customer will buy at least one book out of courtesy. Understandable, oui? πŸ˜‰ Hope to see you!

  8. I have a question. I read Absolutely Truly and i did not notice any minor Mother-Daughter Book Club characters( I read the book as soon as it came and finished it the same day). Are there any in the book? If so can you point them out to me.

    • Oh shoot, I wish I had a copy of the book here in front of me (I’m on the road at the moment), so I could tell you which page to look on… Trust me, there’s one lurking about in Pumpkin Falls! πŸ˜‰

  9. My aunt went to the signing the other day at the Concord bookstore. She said you were the most down to earth person ever and loved your presentation! Now she wants to read the books too xD
    The signings are going to be my sister’s Christmas presents. Thank you so much for being so interactive with your fans. It means a lot to us πŸ™‚

    • I loved meeting your aunt, Grace! So fun! πŸ™‚ And love it that she wants to read the books, too…

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