Happy book birthday and another giveaway!

What an embarrassment of riches for me this fall!  Happy book birthday to me … again!

Absolutely Truly cover 2014

It’s officially here!  ABSOLUTELY TRULY, my other new baby (the first one was A LITTLE WOMEN CHRISTMAS) goes on sale today in bookstores everywhere!

And in more good news, ABSOLUTELY TRULY is a Top Ten pick on the Winter 2014-2015 Kids’ Indie Next List! 

(That makes five consecutive sentences ending in exclamation points. Can you tell I’m excited?)

What does this mean?  It means that our wonderful independent bookstores LIKE MY BOOK!  (Yet another exclamation point.) I’m absolutely truly thrilled.

Eagle Harbor Book Co., one of those wonderful independent bookstores, was the inspiration for Lovejoy’s Books, the fictional family-owned store in Pumpkin Falls that’s part of the setting for ABSOLUTELY TRULY, and plays a central role in the mystery. Click here to read about THAT fun research trip. And click here to read an excerpt from ABSOLUTELY TRULY.

I’ll be visiting Eagle Harbor Book Co. in a few weeks for a book signing. Click here for the full run-down on that event, and others.

Now, let’s celebrate….

I have two copies of ABSOLUTELY TRULY to give away. If you’d like to win one, tell us about your favorite bookstore in the comments below. Why is it your favorite? What makes it such a special place?

Winners will be chosen at random at midnight on November 19th. US and Canada only, please. Share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook or Twitter or other social media for additional entries. (If you tweet or blog or otherwise share on social media, please leave a link in the comments below so I can assign you an extra entry.) 

108 thoughts on “Happy book birthday and another giveaway!”

  1. My favorite book store is the Barnes & Noble about 10-15 minutes away from my house. I’ve grown up in the same community all my life, and this particular B&N is is basically the only book store my family and I go to. We’ve been going since my mom took me to story time when I was a toddler, and have even become friends with one of the employees, who still remembers me leaving my stuffed animal there when I was 3. (I’m 13 now!) it’s a very special place to me and has lots of great memories! =)

  2. Ooh, the winner is picked on my birthday! Super cool 😀
    I’d have to say my favorite book store is Barnes & Noble. I remember going there as a kid and immediately running to the kids’ section to look at the stuffed animals and the bright posters. As I grew older, I started heading the book cases with the teen fiction and everything, but I remember always going back to look at the fun things in the kids’ section. Plus, how can one not love Barnes & Noble? You can’t go wrong with a Starbucks in it XD I think what makes it special is that I’ve grown up with it. Its style has changed overtime, but it’ll always be my favorite place to go for getting new books. I love being surrounded by books anyway (especially if they’re new, and not used, like in the library :D) So there’s my favorite book store! 😀 I am so pumped to read Absolutely Truly and A Little Women Christmas. Gosh, you have so many books out (with one on the way!). I wish I could even finish writing a book XD

    I don’t have a favorite book store, which surprises me, being the bookworm that I am. I’ve never had the privilege of going into a one.(I get all my books offline) But I really want to go to Barns & Noble. 🙂

  4. My favorite bookshop has such a cozy atmosphere that I could almost move in! Comfy chairs, a yummy cafe’, and even a cat! Very seldom do I leave empty handed as their selection is amazing.
    Can’t wait to read Absolutely Truly. My daughter and I so enjoyed the Mother-Daughter Book Club series.

    • Ooo, can you share the name of the bookshop, Robin? I’m always adding to my “great bookstores to visit” list…. 🙂

  5. My favourite bookstore is Kidsbooks! I do live in Canada, so we don’t have a B&N but I’ve heard it’s cool! I love this Kidsbooks because it’s a 5 minute walk from my house, and I go there all the time! The staff are so sweet, and I love to chat with them, and sometimes when it’s a rainy day, we’ll sit and talk. Or I’ll just go there to read. it is so colourful and bright, and once in a while, I sit in the picture books area and listen to the little kids talk. 🙂

    • That’s the best part about independent bookstores — the staff are always so amazing. Sounds like a great place, and another one to add to my “must visit someday” list!

  6. Hi! My favorite bookstore is called When The Side Walk Ends. It is in Chattham, MA. I went there with my cousins and looked around for awhile. I enjoyed looking at the books and reading. It was really fun and cozy!

    • I love that bookshop too, Alli! I’ve been there many times before, while visiting family on Cape Cod. 🙂

  7. Yay! Another give away! I can’t wait!
    My favorite bookstore is called Eight Cousins. It’s in East Falmouth, MA. I go there with my sister and family when we visit my grandparents. I love going there to read and just look around at the books. It is really cozy and it has a nice atmosphere. I also like the bookstore Bunch of Grapes at Martha’s Vineyard. It had lots of books and a nice selection of stationary. I love the “new book” smell that bookstores have.

    • Haha, yes, the “new book” smell is intoxicating, isn’t it? I’ve been to both of those bookshops while visiting family on Cape Cod (and jaunting over to MV), and love them both! 😀

      • Sorry to intrude, but why does “Eight Cousins” remind me of the Louisa May Alcott book “Eight Cousins?” I bet there is some kind of reason behind that XD (You know, it being in Massachusetts and all ^.^)

        • Well aren’t you smart to figure that out! I’m pretty sure they “borrowed” the name from LMA. 🙂

  8. My favorite bookstore would have to be a store called Books and Other Found Things. I don’t always have a lot of time, but when I manage to spare some, I always beg Mom to take me there. It’s quite small but extremely cozy, and instantly made me feel at home when I walked in the door for the first time. There are always so many great books to choose from – in fact, I discovered the MDBC there! If I could, I’d stop by every day.

  9. My favourite bookstore is called Chapters, and I remember the first time I went there I was in book heaven. The next day at school, I kept telling people about this wonderful place I was sure no one had heard of before. Many people did though, and now I love sitting on the large window sill reading a good book. The Chapters I go to also has a cafe in it, and I like to get a snack as I enjoy the cozy feel to the place.

  10. Mines Barnes and Noble because of the great selection of books! I wish that there was more independent book stores were I live but there’s not
    Barnes and Noble has great staff and lots of books(the best part of a book store.) So yeah Barnes and Noble!!

  11. My favorite bookstore sadly actually closed a couple of years ago so I hope its OK that I’m writing about it here. It was called the flying dragon in Toronto,ON,Canada and was a really cute Children’s bookstore. I actually got the first book in the mother-daughter bookclub series in a gift basket from there a few years ago and it has been one of my favorite series ever since! So really I thought it was only fitting to do this entry on the flying dragon, even though it no longer exists.

    • I’m so sorry this store closed, Sarah, and yes of course it’s absolutely fine to write about it. Flying Dragon is an AWESOME name for a bookshop, by the way…

  12. Ah! I am absolutely, truly excited about this new book, Heather! I’ve been reading your novels since 6th grade. Now I’m a college girl, and I can tell you with conviction that if I do not win this giveaway I will be purchasing it 🙂
    My favorite book shop is no longer with us *sniff sniff* I wish I could say the shop was a small town treasure, but because I live In Southern California we are not allowed such quaint oddities. (I suppose that’s why I love your books so much–they take me to the hidden away, cozy nooks of East Coast America)It was the book chain Borders, and the particular one I went to was a few minutes from my house. Every time I’d step out of the car with my dad in front of the store, I would get giddy with excitement. For one, I never spent time with my dad one-on-one, and when it was coupled with a place with fresh books, I would be over the moon. For the next few hours I’d browse the shelves looking at the newest titles, and sometimes I’d even finish books before I’d leave so I didn’t have to pay for it 🙂 It just held so many good memories. I also remember a time my dad got into a literary fight with me over a character in a book (I can’t remember which now), and the employees were looking at us like we ate crazy cereal for breakfast. It is now closed for good, but the memories are so vivid I sometimes think that it’s still open.
    I wish everyone had a book shop likes that!

    • I miss Borders, too! Love your description of eating “crazy cereal for breakfast.” Ha! 😀

  13. I do live in Canada, so I don’t know if you guys have this bookstore in the US.

    My favorite bookstore would be Chapters. In the one that I go to, my favorite section of this store is the basement where all the books for my age group are. For some reason, being in a basement at a bookstore seems to be really cozy, since I’m at the heart of the bookstore. The carpets make the place seem really homey (like Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid would love). I could seriously live forever in this store.

      • Yeah, the sad news though is that the one closest to where I live closed this October. When I found out this summer, I was committed to visiting it every week, just to remember all the memeories I had in there.

  14. Lets see…… I like this one book store in Ludington MI. I think it’s called Window books. Used book store….. and lets just say it holds a special place in my heart. I think I remember seeing Wish you were Eyre and Much ado about Anne. I spent 25 bucks there two years ago.



  15. Sadly, I would have to say amazon.com. Boo, I know. But I live in a really small town and we don’t have a bookstore beyond a really cluttered, impassable one with only a few book choices. So I have to surf and poke and do searches to find out what books are new. I do enjoy a trip to the Barnes and Noble an hour away on rare occasion. I can spend hours wandering up and down the children’s book aisles to see what’s new.

  16. I don’t really remember a bookstore when I was younger, I think I might give to one, only a couple of times. When I came to the U.S., and because I’m older, its changed a bit. Every time I go to B&N I always try to plead for a book. So…really, it’s Barnes and Noble which is my favorite (and really the only one I’ve ever gone to). What I love about it is the eternal amount of books they have! And how I’ve AlWAYS been able to find something I like…most of the time

  17. My favorite bookstore is one called Papyrus Bookstore. I really enjoy going there, because its very warm and cozy. Each time I step inside, the smell of good books greets me. Another reason I like it is because not only does it have oodles and oodles of great books, it has a lot of cool stationery. Pencils,pens, erasers, you name it. It’s here in Cupertino, California where I live.

  18. This is awesome! I can not WAIT to read Absolutely Truly! Didnt you say some MDBC characters might appear in the book as well??? Anyway, my favorite Bookstore is definitely Barnes & Nobles! They have such a wide selection of books! Also, the place is so big!!!! When I walk in there, I feel so overwhelmed. The books are just calling out my name and I have a hard time saving my money when I am in a Barnes & Nobles! I’m so happy for you, Mrs. Frederick! Also, the winners will be picked on my mom’s birthday!

  19. My favorite bookstore is Barnes and Nobles, which is 5 minutes away from my house. It is my favorite because it just makes me want to curl up on the couch and read a good book. Especially one by you. Special events that happened there was when I got my first journal, my fashion history book, a biography about Missy Franklin, who is my favorite swimmer, and where I learned about all my favorite series like MDBC, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Heroes of Olympus. It also made me want to be a blogger. (I still need to name my blog!)

        • Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your blog, and maybe all of us can chime in with some recommendations…

          • Let’s see if I can help……
            You could always be creative about it and sneak your name into the title, like in Hindi, Trisha means thirst, and in English it means noble…. You could always do something like……. “Book Thirsted.” Or maybe…… “Noble Queen” Or….. “Noble Books” Or….. “Trisha’me’not” Or could always take something from ur favorite book, like the author or something…… just like Fastiona Jane….
            You could always take something from nature…… like if I was doing something, It’d have to do with history…… and I prob. would do…..
            “Sunken Nobility.”
            Or, “Tided past.”

            Just an idea.Hope this helps!


        • I don’t know what you could name your blog! Maybe you can do something like “Fashionista Jane” but change it up a little and do “Fashionista Trish!” Or you could play around with symbols, and do “Fa$hi∅n¡sta Tri$h”
          Just a suggestion!

          • how about something like Just being Trish. What is your favorite book? Maybe you could change the title to match what your blog is going to be like. Like pies and prejudice or much ado about anne. Be creative and be sure to tell us what you decide on. 🙂

  20. My favorite book store is called Iconoclast in Sun Valley, Idaho. We go to visit my grandparents in Sun Valley every year and as a tradition my grandma takes us there and lets us pick out any book we want!! I have found many treasures there:) It is a really cute small book store with a little coffee shop and local books. I spend hours in the teen section every year pouring over all the books I’ve never seen before. Another book store I absolutely love is Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis where I live. It is a really cute children’s bookstore that has a ton of animals (cats, chickens, different rodents, birds) running around (or in cages) and a lot of books!! I just love little book stores! I could spend hours in one!

    • Ooo, great name for a bookshop. And Wild Rumpus! Ditto! I’ve heard it’s a GREAT store, and love that it has animals!

  21. My favourite bookstore is Hager Books. It’s an indie store, and whenever I step in I just get this warm and fuzzy feeling. They’ve usually got my favourite books, so sometimes I just step in and browse for a long while. I’m not very familiar with the staff, but I’ve heard it’s been a family run business for a very long time. What I also love is that they don’t just have the generally popular books, they’ve also got some little cute and quirky things that I’d never have imagined as a book. (If a book I want isn’t there, I can also rely on good old Chapters/Indigo, our version of B&N in Canada!)

  22. Hi!

    So, in all generecy, my favorite bookstore is B&N, but a specific one.

    Well, we moved last year and while we were waitin for our house we stayed in a downtown hotel. There was a B&N within walking distance, so we often walked there. We didn’t have a car yet, and so we usually stayed tere all day just reading and people-watching and getting Starbucks(yummmmmmmm) Even now that we have a house I love when we go there because I know right where all the good books are and where to sit without being blasted with AC.

    I really would love to win a copy of Absolutly Truly, as I have not gotten to read it yet…( I will be on the lookout for MDBC cameos <:)

    • A bookstore within walking distance is my idea of heaven. I live within walking distance of a library (in fact, I’ve ALWAYS lived within walking distance of a library), which is also my idea of heaven. 🙂

  23. Well, I am having a difficult time picking a favourite. My daughter and I have browsed through a delightful shop on a canal boat docked outside of Paddington Station; I wanted to live on that boat – drifting from town to town via the canal reading the whole way. On the other end of the spectrum, on a day trip to Oxford, we were wowed by the vast expanse of Blackwell’s. It was like being in Belle’s library!

  24. My favorite book store is The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. It’s a beautifully designed book store with exquisite shelving. Some books look like they are flying, others arranged by color (which by the way are $1). Amazing, it has shelves of non-fiction science books in a safe room and it’s so cool. There is a tunnel made out of books to a different part of the store. Cute little plants all over the room in reused items like cassette players and signaling timers. Crime books are displayed in vaults and the store is humongous (sorry don’t know how to spell that) with so many books you couldn’t finish them all in a few lifetimes. Check it out on Yelp and look at the pictures to see how amazing it is

    • Ooo, sounds like it’s a spot worth visiting for sure! I’ll definitely take a peek on Yelp. 🙂

  25. My favorite bookstore would have to be the Barnes & Noble at my local mall. There’s a cozy children’s corner and books galore!! <3 I'm so excited that Absolutely Truly is out!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • I did, Lucy — I am WAY behind on answering email! It’s gonna be a bit longer, as I’m heading out of town for a couple of weeks. Hang in there!

  26. I’ve never commented on here before but I just wanted to say I absolutely love your books Mrs. Fredrick! I was really excited when I found out you were writing another MDBC and for Absolutely Truly too 🙂 Unfortunately there are no independent booksellers by me so my favorite bookstore is the Goodwill Bookstore somewhat near us because it’s pretty cheap, has a pretty large collection of books, and if course smells like books 🙂 Once I got 15 books for $5 there which was the most books I’d ever bought at one time!

  27. My favorite book store is my local Barnes and Noble. It has two floors and I just love looking at all the titles on the shelves. There is even a café and seats to take a load off and stay awhile!

  28. My favorite book store is the BOOKWORM in my town of Katy , Texas. I love this bookstore because its quaint and cozy feeling. Everyday used and new books come in .There are so many old ,used books just waiting to be opened . Everyday is a new adventure because you never know what you are going to find .The minute you walk in the door, you completely fall in love with it . Most of the time you never want to leave because you always find the perfect book to read .Its so special to me because its like no other .It doesn’t have posters and movies like the other places you can find books at, it just has books and cozy seats to read in. I love the small room in the back of the store. From the big, different colored couches to the thick wool rug .I also love the small ,fur covered arm chairs nestled in the corners .I love the variety of wallpaper with charming detailed designs , which reminds me of the wallpaper ,Emma in the mother daughter book club series put in her room .Its heavy curtains cause there to be no light in the room except the tall lamps causing a peaceful mood .Every time you sit in the room ,it feels as though you are sitting on a bed of roses .Its intimate feeling is like a dream .Even though its small, its made a big impact on my heart.

  29. We don’t have a Barnes & Noble anymore where I live, but my favorite place to go is our public library. I know some of the Children’s Librarians by name from when I was younger, and it always makes me happy to be surrounded by so many books. I love being able to just pick a book off the shelf and sit there and read forever!

  30. my favorite book store is just the barns and nobles by my house. its not that special to me because its so big and department store-ish there are no real homey bookstores near me just the one or 2 big ones. I wish that there was a cooler bookstore near my house though. In an amazing imaginary bookstore though it would have comfy chairs and i would know everyone who worked there and it would smell good and i would go there after school to do my homework and that would be my first job
    (sorry if the writing is bad i have been writing all day today so im really tired haha)

    hope this counts even though its not really a real place haha

    I cant wait to read your new book! i am soooo excited!

  31. My favorite bookstore is the Barnes & Noble I used to go to with my family when I was little. I loved playing with the train set there!

  32. My favorite bookshop is Half Price Books. It’s pretty close to my house, so I can make a book-stop whenever I need to! I love it because the books are REALLLLLY cheap. (Hence the name Half Price Books.) Now when you read this you’re probably thinking to yourself, I may need to go to this Half Price Books place. And you should because:
    a. One time I got like 5 books there for $2.50
    b. It has a bunch of cozy nooks and crannies that are perfect to snuggle up in on a rainy day.
    It also sells CD’s and old records and sometimes they hang records from the ceiling which looks really awesome.

  33. My favorite bookstore is any bookstore I happen to be near. 🙂 I especially love used bookstores because every book in the store has a history. Why did the owner get rid of it? Was this old book passed down through the family or was it just stored in a box for years? What is so special about this page the reader dog-ear it? I love reading all the little notes jotted down on the title page or in the margins. When I read a used book, I have a special connection to the previous owner.

  34. My favorite book store in the whole world is Barnes and Noble. I like to read books there because it carries books that transport me to places I might never get to see otherwise. A lot of the books are filled with fun adventures that inspire my imagination. Reading has no limits of where I can go, who I can be, and the people I can meet. Barnes and Noble also has a really nice cafe which comes in handy when I want to spend multiple hours reading. It has the best hot chocolate with whipped cream and it also carries a really delicious cheese pizza. Yummy! Barnes and Noble has book signings by authors. Ps. I hope you come to the Barnes and Noble in Glendale Americana one day! The couches are super comfy in Barnes and Noble as well.It is the perfect place to curl up with a book and hot cocoa. It has been my favorite book store since I was little. It held a lot of pleasant memories for me. I used to go to the one in York Town Mall in Illinois. The journals in Barnes and Noble and bookmarks sold there are also really nice. It is the perfect place for a fellow author and a writer. The Barnes and Noble has a beautiful view as well. During the holiday season, it has a gorgeous decorated tree and it has an awesome fountain all year round. Music is blasted from some speakers and it blends into the music. Yup, there is no other place I’d rather be.

  35. My favorite book store would have to be Pages, it is a local bookshop that offers a variety of great reads!

  36. I hate to be generic, but my favorite bookstore really is Barnes and a noble at the mall where I live. It has a nice staff, and it is organized, and I found the first MDBC book there, sitting randomly on a shelf, waiting for me!

      • I LOVE Powells. It is amazing. It is a block long! I went there once when i was visiting my Uncle. I would love to go back. I found many great books there. We still have the map they hand out.

  37. My favorite bookstore is called “Dear Old Books”, and it’s in the downtown area of my city. The store is small, but has several rooms that wind around and are lined with bookshelves. There is a good mix of rare and unexpected books and older, but still popular ones. Bonus: the clerk is super nice!

  38. My favorite bookstore is the Northshire Bookstore in Vermont because my family and I used to vacation in Vermont every year and go to that bookstore, and I remember being so small and just gaping up at all of the shelves of books that I could potentially read, and I remember always walking out with a great book and a huge smile.

  39. My favorite book store is the BOOKWORM in my town of Katy , Texas. I love this bookstore because its quaint and cozy feeling. Everyday used and new books come in .There are so many old ,used books just waiting to be opened . Everyday is a new adventure because you never know what you are going to find .The minute you walk in the door, you completely fall in love with it . Most of the time you never want to leave because you always find the perfect book to read .Its so special to me because its like no other .It doesn’t have posters and movies like the other places you can find books at, it just has books and cozy seats to read in. I love the small room in the back of the store. From the big, different colored couches to the thick wool rug .I also love the small ,fur covered arm chairs nestled in the corners .I love the variety of wallpaper with charming detailed designs , which reminds me of the wallpaper ,Emma in the mother daughter book club series put in her room .Its heavy curtains cause there to be no light in the room except the tall lamps making a peaceful mood .Every time you sit in the room ,it feels as though you are sitting on a bed of roses .Its intimate feeling is like a dream .Even though its small, its made a big impact on my heart.

  40. My favourite book store is kidsbooks. It has a very big verity of amazing children’s books. I love that the staff ther are very helpful.

  41. My favorite book store is the library! And with all the bookstores I have been to, at my home and everywhere I have been, my favorite is still the Bozeman Public Library. I feel like I have grown up there, and a part of me definitely resides there. I remember, when I was probably ten or eleven, telling my mom how much I loved the smell of the library, all those yellowed old pages and faint smell of coffee. It is very special to me, and time after time I took home armfuls of books and marched through them, reading even when I wasn’t supposed to! It really nurtured my love of reading, writing, and words. It has become an old friend.

  42. My favorite bookstore is called Hooked On Books. It’s a used bookstore not too far from where I live. They have aisles and aisles books with pretty much every genre. I could spend countless hours there.

  43. My favorite bookstore is The Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont. I only get to visit it once a year while on vacation but it is full of charm and history. It is in a building that looks like an old house, with old wooden floors and run by people who also love books. They have cozy reading nooks and all of the wonderful things that Lovejoy was described as having. Even the town of Manchester seems like it could be Pumpkin Falls.

  44. My favourite bookstore is Chapters. I love this bookstore because I don’t get to visit it often, so its always an adventure!When you walk into the store, you can smell the freshly printed pages and you can just feel the stories coming alive!

  45. My favorite book store is the Boston College gift shop. when i was visiting there, we got to pick something out for about five dollars. Even through all the stuffed animals and clothing, i chose a book. Even though no one would think about looking for a book here, to be honest i wouldn’t either, but it’s my favorite bookstore because i made a family moment there and got to make another memory in my interesting life.

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