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I’m on the road at the moment (click here to find out where), but spotted something yesterday that I thought would make a fun story starter!

As those of you who have participated before know, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

Onward to this month’s inspiration!

Alphabet Chair

This is a chair. An alphabet chair. (Some of you may know the location — shhhhh! — don’t give it away yet!) A very cleverly designed alphabet chair, with items that start with each letter incorporated into the design:


See?  Animals for “A,” buttons for “B,” and so on. By the way, if you click on these pictures, they should enlarge for you.

Tell us about this chair. Did it just appear out of thin air one day, or did someone hire an artist to make it? Who would that someone be, and why would they want an alphabet chair? Or maybe you’re more interested in the maker, the one who designed and created it. Who would that someone be, and why would they be inspired to make an alphabet chair? Is it an ordinary chair, or an extraordinary chair? Does it have magical properties? If so, what are they?

There are so many fun directions you can go with this one….

Ready, set, WRITE!


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  1. Liliana and Violet were walking down the rocky path, Liliana’s younger sister nearly dragging her behind her, tugging hardly on her arm.
    ‘C’mon!’ Violet screeched. ‘I want my ice cream!’
    Liliana laughed, and ran with her sister, stumbling over a few out of place rocks. When they reached their local ice cream shop, Violet stopped outside the door, pausing to admire the alphabet chair that was displayed at the window. Every single time the sisters treated themselves to ice cream, Violet, who was only seven, always did this, like a tradition. Liliana, who was several years older, never understood what the fuss was about. It was just an antique chair, with a tub of ice cream placed on the table beside it. As long as Liliana could remember, there was always is display up, during summer, spring, and even winter, where the shop didn’t get as many customers.
    But as always, Liliana patiently waited for Violet as she inspected evey detail of the alphabet chair, intent of memorizing them all. She gasped, finding something she hadn’t before.
    Beckoning Liliana over, she pointed to the leg of the chair, where an inscription was made. Dwarfy Van Tripp. Violet tilted her head in confusion.
    ‘Who’s that?’ She asked. Liliana shrugged.
    ‘Probably the creator.’ She replied. Then, satisfied, Violet led her sister into the shop, getting each a double scooped cone. They sat outside on the patio, the hot wind tickling the backs of their necks, listening only to the licks of their ice cream. Everything was perfect.
    But then Violet said the creators name. Suddenly, the letters on the chair started to shift, and a message was sent to the sisters.
    ‘Thank you’. The letters read
    And the alphabet chair disappeared. Violet, clearly astonished, started to bawl, and Liliana comforted the seven year old. But the wheels were churning in her mind. The fact that the chair was disappeared was unnatural, and Liliana was sure the chair was magical. But that was crazy thinking, wasn’t it?
    They left the shop minutes later, Violet equipped with a new treat. This time however, in the place of the window display, which several people had still not registered the fact that it was now empty, was a note.
    ‘All I ever wanted was recognition for my work, and you’ve given it to me today. Thank you for your keen little eyes that let me know my work is appreciated and admired, after many years. I have been at this at this location for over twenty five years now, and it has finally happened. Someone who admires every detail and will notice my name. -Dwarfy Van Tripp’
    Liliana smiled as she tucked the note in her shorts. Years later, she will never forget the chair and the creator, and the wonder her sisters eyes always held when looking at it. And although her sister may have forgotten the chair and it’s design, Liliana would always remember her as the little girl who set the chair free.

    This is really fun, I always look forward to SSS. That’s an impressive chair as well Heather! Hope you’re enjoying your Book tour!

  2. Once upon a time, very long ago a family lived in a small cabin in the woods. There was Meci, the mother and three children, Millika, Feristine and Comin. Their father was a poor man, worked very hard, and long each day to put supper on their table. The two older girls, Millika and Feristine worked at their studies and did house work . Comin was very young and was still learning how to walk and talk. Mr. Slenher, their father would not be home until very late after work. He made this one chair with alphabet letters on it for the girls. It was their favorite and they all argued about who would sit in it. It was very special to them and they knew that their father had worked long and hard hours on it, just for them. It was one of his best artworks. That night was a hard night, because Millika and Feristine were arguing and shouting at each other, while Meci tried to feed the baby and calm her down. It was getting late and the girls were finally told to go to bed. Meci herelf had a bad headache and was stressed from the day. Finally the girls’ father came home, and Meci greeted him. He was exhausted. “Can’t you do some other kind of work? Higher pay and less hours of the day? ” she begged. “Honey, We need the money. Jobs are hard to find these days.” He wished more than anything that he could quit his job and that they would have enough money. Then he could spend more time with his much-loved family.
    Meci was tired, too, and gave her husband a bowl of soup, and put him to bed.
    One day, a year later, Mr. Slenher came home early. The girls were working at their studies. They complained that no other girl in the village did any school work and that they got to play all day long. Meci replied, “You girls! You are very lucky to know how to read and write and do math. Don’t take it for granted. You will get a good job, and will be far more better off than your father and I were. That’s the only thing we want for you.” The girls were quiet and went back to their arithmetic. Comin was sweeping the floor when her father came in. “Jarh, you’re so early today. What happened…Where you fired?!?” Meci urged as he walked into the kitchen. Mr. Slenher had a wide grin and said, “No, Meci. Don’t worry! One of the folks from the town across the river- the one with the big houses and towns came to our small town and saw my crafting work . He offered me a job near his town. Good paying and everything.” Meci’s worried expression grew into a smile. “Remember that alphabet chair that I made for you?” he continued. “Of course, it’s our favorite,” the girls said. “Well that was what got me the job. Mr. Smith came when I was working on another one and loved it, he wanted me to make more for his town. And he offered me the job.”
    The family rejoiced. They knew the future would be better if they kept trying their best and didn’t give up. To the family, the alphabet chair was magical and very special. the end

  3. If at first glance you saw this bench and imagined a magical, sparkling item with wonderful qualities, I envy you. If you believe this bench is just another decorated piece of metal, nothing special, nothing… dark, then you better stop reading this story, because you’re about to find out the truth. Listen to John’s story.

    See, what people don’t know about the ABC bench is that it’s in the middle of a courtyard outside of a bookshop. And right across from the bench is a small fountain that shoots up sparkling beams of water. Nothing too weird, right? WRONG. The legend goes that if you’re sitting on the bench and decide to make a wish into the fountain, the instant your coin hits the water, the frigid metal pulls you so tight you black out and when you wake up, you aren’t on Earth anymore. Don’t get me wrong, you still exist, but not in our universe. In a parallel universe. Your family and friends still exist. You know them, but they don’t know you. So, in a way, I guess you don’t exist but inside your head. There is no way to escape unless you are driven crazy with fear and doubt. If you are, you immediately start floating up and up and up. Off the ground of the parallel universe, through the atmosphere. Where you will float in the blackness of space for eternity, with no one to keep you company but the occasional dust mote.

    So if you read John’s story and don’t believe it, don’t take his word for it. Take mine. Because I am the One that Escaped.

  4. I am walking in the park one day when I come across a black bench that I am sure wasn’t there there the day before. It was placed right in the area of the duck pond. Next to the black bench, was a sign that read,”Wet Paint” so I just assumed that the bench was a normal color for a bench before, and now someone had painted it a black.

    The next day, I come back to the pond, bringing along a loaf of bread, since I felt like feeding the ducks. I walk along the side of the pond when I realize that the bench still had the wet paint sign next to it. I then assumed that the person who painted it forgot to come back to take away the sign. Convincing myself that that is probably what happened, I head to the bench to have a seat.

    Once I sit down, I realize that I still have a full bag of bread in my hands that I didn’t feed to the ducks yet. Therefore, I turn to get up, but as I do so, I realize that my behind feels sticky. I turn to inspect my pants and I notice that my clothes are stained with the black paint! As I’m wondering how this is possible, since the paint already had a whole day to dry, I hear a man screeching from behind my back. I turn and I see a man, waving a chainsaw in the air at me!

    I scream and turn to leave, questioning what I got myself into.

    At one point, I notice how I don’t hear the man’s angry footsteps anymore, so I stop running. I look back, only to see the man busy destroying the bench.

    Once he steps back, something occurs to me. The man wasn’t really destroying the bench, he was carving it using the chainsaw!

    I go ahead and join him. It turns out that he is an artist that was given permission to by the government to be able to create a unique chair for the park, to liven it up a little more. And I really agree at that fact. This park kind of needs a little more places to sit, besides on the lawn, of course, and what better way to achieve this than to create a carved out chair?

    I step back to admire his work. The chair really does look amazing. It is made up of letters of the alphabet, all consisting of items that start off with each letter. I sigh at the beauty of the chair. I never thought a chair could be this beautiful.

    The man sighs as well, and looks down to smile at me, proud of his completed work.

    I smile back at the man and give him the big thumbs up, then skip on home, happily humming to myself.

  5. A family was practicing their studies with the youngest child. The child, was called Fare because she was the prettiest of the girls. Pretty as she was, Fare, was not the smartest. The other girls, being so envious of their sister’s beauty, they went to see the witch. The hag was not there, but her daughter was. So the girls plead to who people call, bend, that she create something that would make her less peffect. Bend was tired of their fine sister being loved, and herself feared and hated. So she easily agreed and shooed them out. For many weeks she worked, then placed a beautifully carved letter chair, that sparkled in the sun and felt on air when Sat on. On the hour, every hour, it made words. Words so wonderful no one would speak of them. It was more enchanting then the fair daughter. The daughter, being she can’t read, ran away to never see it again. But the world was so small she couldn’t escape it. She became the wind, trying Forevermore to get away. The chair, magic drained from years, has still had the same letters forever, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From Ivy Rose Writing

  6. It’s been almost a whole month since the accident. A whole month since I flew off of Dixie and had needed to go to the hospital. I can’t think about the staircase I saw without getting this feeling….. this sensation that my imagination isn’t wild. Like every one says it is. Even Deric.
    I jerk my mind back to the present as I happily walk along the frozen town.This is the first time since my accident that I actually have gotten out of the house….. since the accident.
    A house can get stuffy, you know? All the drafts coming in….. kids playing outside in the tundra….. while I’m stuck watching Santa Claus…… Yup. Christmas break has been awfully boring.
    Until now.
    “Les, look at this.” Deric tugs me over to the window of a fudgery and we both smile as we see the man spreading out long frothy fudge on the table and then cutting it. I feel my mouth start to water. What could be better then pecan buttery cherry fudge?
    The answer: toffee.
    I was so busy staring at the fudge, I didn’t even notice Deric slipping away…… and coming back with a handful of toffee.
    He is the mayors son, which means he has a lot of money. (When I say a lot, I mean he gets 50 bucks every pay check.)
    I take a bite, and let the warm toffee sink down my throat and into my stomach. Yup. I love christmas. Especially the christmas eve party.
    We start to walk.
    “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.” I say, taking another bite of the toffee.
    He nods, but doesn’t seem that enthusiastic. His mom died to winters ago.
    THinking of something to cheer him up, I run (And slide) over to the alphabet chair we used to sit on as kids.
    He gives a sheepish grin and sits down beside me.
    We sit there in silence…….
    Until one voice gets into my brain.
    “I know it’s around here somewhere.”
    I’m suddenly alert.
    I’ve only heard that voice once before. In court.
    Deric stiffens beside me.
    He stands up, and pulls me beside him.
    We make a dash for the alley.
    The voice talks again. “Ahh,yes here it is. This is where our next clue leads to.”
    I suck in my breath sharply.
    Clue. The word burns in my brain.
    “Mr. Restna.” Deric whispers in my ear. “Bad person. Hates teens….. and….” He trailed off.
    “And what?”
    “And he killed my Mom.”
    All the breath comes out of my body.
    “Your mother? Why isn’t he in jail?” I ask.
    He shrugs. “I dunno.”
    “Let’s follow him.” I say.
    “No way. It’s to dangerous.” Deric pulls me back.
    “But its a bad-”
    “I know what he is.” He interrupts me. “but if he killed my Mom, he would surly do it again. And I don’t want it to be you.”
    I sigh. “Fine.”
    We stand there in silence…… until we finally hear them leave.
    I walk out of the hideout. The chair is still there.
    It all looks the same, except for one thing.
    The letters on the chair have changed into a sentence.
    “Valley Gorge.”
    I stand there….. puzzling it. And finally come to my senses.
    If Mr. Restna truly did kill Deric’s mom…… and is also following a clue…… this means a chase is coming. And it’s going to happen at Valley Gorge.


  7. The Alphabet Chair

    “Come on Chloe!” Nikki exclaimed.
    “I’m coming!” Chloe replied with armload of books. Nikki and Chloe were looking for the perfect place to write. Well, Nikki wanted to write in her diary. Chloe had agreed to come along only to stare at cute guys. Chloe was a hopeless romantic. Nikki had invited her other best friend, the super-smart and lover of books, Zoe, to come but she was busy working on a science project. Just then, they came upon it. The perfect spot contained a beautiful koi pond with fishes swimming inside of it, and an alphabet chair? It was just outside their favorite bookstore called The Charles Dickens Book Shop. It is a bookstore dedicated to the famous author Charles Dickens who wrote the classic Christmas Carol.
    “Nikki, I found the nicest chair to sit on!” Chloe said ushering her to a chair right next to a knot of boys.
    “You can sit there,” Nikki replied in a careless voice.
    “What has got you so distracted?” Chloe asked.
    “The alphabet chair,” Nikki replied.
    “Oh my!” Chloe exclaimed and got out her phone.
    “Here is a list of information about it,” Gabriella, a girl/librarian from the bookstore offered.
    “Cool thanks,” Nikki replied.
    “It is quite remarkable isn’t it?” Gabriella continued.
    “Yes and I bet Zoe would love it,” Nikki said.
    “I wish I could sit on it,” Nikki continued.
    “I don’t think you can because it is an antique,” Gabriella told her.
    “Who made it?” Nikki asked taking out her notepad.
    “I can’t tell you,” Gabriella said and went back inside.
    “Maybe it mentions the maker on the pamphlet she gave us,” Chloe suggested.
    “I wonder,” Nikki thought. She sat down on a bench close to the amazing alphabet chair and started to write: Dear diary, I just discovered a really beautiful antique alphabet chair that has all the letters of the alphabet. It is truly remarkable. It was made in the 1900s. It used to be a mahogany color but someone destroyed it and built a new one… “Wait a minute!” Nikki shouted. “Chloe come here quickly!” Nikki called. Chloe was busy though. She was talking to a boy. “I guess I’ll have to figure this out myself,” Nikki thought. She went inside the bookstore and asked for the manager of the bookstore. “I just have a quick question,” Nikki said. “What caused the alphabet chair outside to be destroyed and who built the first one and the new one?” Nikki asked.
    “Those are three questions and I can’t tell you what happened,” Mr. Cole replied.
    “Why is everyone trying to keep this a secret?” Nikki asked.
    “Young lady that is enough if there is no information on the brochure on what caused the chair to be broken then don’t ask,” Mr. Cole snapped and walked away.
    Nikki quickly scanned the alphabet chair brochure and found no information as to what caused the chair to get destroyed. “This brochure is missing so much information,” Nikki thought. Wait! She scanned the last line again. It mentioned that a fire had started really close to the bookstore in the year 1998. “Oh my, maybe the alphabet chair was burned down and someone made a new one,” Nikki stated. She jotted all of this down in her diary and told Chloe that she was going home. This alphabet chair mystery project was just the fun project she needed for her history report due that very week.
    When Nikki got home, her mom asked if she could babysit her sister Brianna. “Fine but only if she promises not to bother me because I am working on an important project for school,” Nikki said.
    “Don’t worry she is busy watching a movie in the living room and then she is going to play with her dolls,” mom said.
    “Okay,” Nikki replied. Nikki spent the next couple of hours researching about the alphabet chair. She was just about to give up when she came upon an interesting article. New York Times magazine had an article called The Fire that Revealed All: A long time ago in the year 1998 there was a fire that happened right next to the Charles Dickens Book Shop. Was the fire a complete accident or how was it caused? Brooke Shields saw the whole thing. She was walking home from school when she decided to take a picture on the alphabet chair. The Alphabet Chair had just been opened that year and kids from the whole city took pictures on the chair. After the picture, a librarian would give them a bookmark that had a picture of the bookstore in the front and a quote by the maker of the chair on the back. Brooke Shields was just about to sit on the chair when an old woman pushed her off the chair. She claimed that she owned the chair and that she wanted to take it with her. No one believed her and policemen were going to take her to the hospital for mental people when she recited several quotes that the maker of the chair was most likely to have said. The policemen released her but were not going to give her the chair. She just shrugged and left.
    When Brooke got back on the chair, she smelled smoke. Suddenly, the whole chair burst in flames. She noticed the old lady grinning. “Serves them right,” she said. Brooke started screaming because her coat was still on the chair and it had been burned to pieces along with the alphabet chair. The alphabet chair was closed down for a while and nobody went to the bookstore anymore.
    In the early 2000s, a man named Pierre Newton offered to build a new alphabet chair. He was a skilled craftsman and he needed the money desperately. The manager of the bookstore agreed. This new alphabet chair was some kind of blue and it was quite beautiful. Pierre was paid a lot for building such a remarkable chair. The day he got his check, the same old woman stopped him. She was angry with him for taking away her fame and what made it worse was that Pierre accused her of creating a fire that consumed the first chair. The woman laughed at him and then she pushed him hard. When someone helped him up, she had disappeared. Pierre was scared to live in that town and moved back to Paris. Everyone feared the old woman. The only person who was not afraid of her was the manager of Charles Dickens Book Shop. No one knew why. Some say it was because he was related to her and some say it was because he had ordered her to destroy the alphabet chair.
    “Oh boy!” Nikki exclaimed. “This article is magnificent,” Nikki continued. “I solved the mystery and all it took was to dig deep and read a forgotten article,” Nikki said. “The manager, Mr. Cole, is going to get arrested and I will be a heroine,” Nikki thought. She quickly contacted the police and although they didn’t believe her at first, but when she showed them the article they finally believe her. Nikki learned a lot about the alphabet chair and later on she found out who made the original alphabet chair. It was the husband of the old woman. His name was Rudolph Ringer. It turned out that the old lady had gotten divorced from her husband and she wanted to take his fame and glory and claimed to be the maker of the alphabet chair and the manager had found out. She threatened to make his life miserable if he told anyone so he agreed to keep his mouth shut. Nikki presented her observations to the class and she received an A on her project. Everyone was so curious about the alphabet chair that the history teacher took them all on a field trip to see the chair. Nikki was so happy to have discovered such a wonderful antique and she hoped to uncover many more tales about the alphabet chair one day.

    The End

    • Wow, Mireya — love it that you turned it into a mystery! And a cameo by Brooke Shields! Fun! 😉

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