Writing contest

Those of you who are regulars here at my blog have heard me sing the praises of SPILLING INK: A YOUNG WRITER’S HANDBOOK. (If you haven’t, this is the sound of me singing: FALALALAFABULOUS! )

It’s one of my absolute favorite guides for young writers, and I recommend it all the time.  Click here to learn more about it.

Anyway, big news this week:  Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter, the delightful authors, are hosting a writing contest!  A teen short story contest, to be exact. And there are prizes, too. Click here for full information, then get out your pens, sharpen your pencils, and hop to it. I’m rooting for you!




8 thoughts on “Writing contest”

  1. I don’t turn thirteen until after the deadline :(. I have never heard of spelling ink. I will have to look it up. I bet Mr. Hawthorne would have given spelling ink to Emma for Christmas.

  2. I will definitely look in to that thanks! i wont have too much time though because I am writing a book right now and i am actually on page 100!! Also literally 15 minutes ago i got Absolutely Truly and am so so so excited! I am freaking out!

    • Don’t know, Sarah — you’ll have to visit their website and look at the rules, or ask them, OK?

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