New review and a giveaway

Many thanks to for the glowing review of A LITTLE WOMEN CHRISTMAS!

Click here to read it, and enter their giveaway for an autographed copy–just in time for the holidays.



11 thoughts on “New review and a giveaway”

  1. I would like to ask you a few questions heather ( though have nothing to do with little woman). Is the pumpkin falls series going to be A series? Absolutely Truly was FABULOUS darling and I can’t wait to wait for the rest in the series( if there is one). And when will MDBC seven come out? Next year in fall or summer? And last but not least when will you announce more information on MDBC seven? Thank you.

    • Hi Brooke — SO THRILLED that you loved ABSOLUTELY TRULY. Is it going to be a series? Fingers crossed. I definitely have a green light to write a sequel, and will be diving into that in the new year. MDBC #7 hasn’t been officially scheduled yet (I *just* turned in the first draft), but I will let everyone know as soon as I have more information. And will also let you all know when it has a title, and when I can post a sneak peek. Stay tuned!

  2. Mrs. Frederick, I was wondering when are you going to post another Saturday Story Starter? I can’t wait to write another one! They are my favorite part of your blog!

    • Probably not until after the holidays, Mireya. Things are just too busy at the moment! Thanks for your patience…

  3. That was a GREAT review! Merry Christmas, Mrs. Frederick! You are one of my favorite authors and you inspire me so much with all of your hard work and diligence! 🙂

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