Nice ink for Truly

This glowing review of ABSOLUTELY TRULY from The Christian Science Monitor just made my day. Had to share!

Click here to read it.

Absolutely Truly cover 2014

25 thoughts on “Nice ink for Truly”

  1. I’m reading Abosolutely Truly, and enjoying it very much. I’m not sure who the character from MDBC series is, in AT (Absolutely Truly).
    I was wondering, is AT a series?

  2. That’s so great Heather! I know you used to work there (as mentioned in the review) so it must be really touching!

  3. I love the mother daughter book club books so much!!! I can connect with them so well! You have such good writing in there too. Your my favorite author in the world! I hope you notice this comment because I love your books. Are you going to do an eighth book? I hope so. And possibly a movie?

    • So happy you love my books, Anna! That’s music to my ears. No #8 for MDBC, #7 will be the last. As for the possibility of my books being turned into movies, alas, that isn’t something I can control. The way it works is that someone in Hollywood — an actor, director, producer, etc. — has to discover a book and think, “Wow, this would make a great movie!”  Then they take it from there.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed, though, OK?  I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  4. Heather, I just got Absolutely Truly for Christmas. I’m already on chapter 5 and I absolutely truly love it! 🙂

  5. I LOVED Absolutely Truly and I am waiting on the tips of my toes to read the 7th MDBC!!! PLEASE PLEASE write a second one to Absolutely Truly!!! I love it so much and it would be cool if it had a sequel!

    • Guess what, Carter? Your wish is my command! I’ll be starting work on a second “Truly” early in 2015!

      • You’re going to make a sequel? Yessssss! Thank you Mrs. Frederick, I loved the first book so much! And thank you again for the signed copy I received at Christmas, it made my holiday! 😀

  6. Hi heather! That is awesome! Guess what? I got your book absolutely truly for Christmas! I finished today and I wanted to ask you, was ______ from _____ the character you sad we would recognize from the mdbc books? That’s so cool that you included him!

    • Hi back, Megan! And YES, you guessed the MDBC character in ABSOLUTELY TRULY! (I removed the name so not to put a spoiler here on the blog ha ha.) 🙂

  7. I just finished reading Absolutely Truly! It was REALLY good! I was so excited when that certain character from MDBC made a certain appearance in Absolutely Truly…wink wink…and I can’t wait until the sequel! Happy New Year 🙂

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