Saturday Story Starter

Time to officially kick off the new year … with a story starter!

And do I have a fun one for you.

First of all, for those of you who haven’t participated before, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). It’s also a chance to see what others are doing and you might learn to use a word to page converter through someone else’s recommendations. Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

I know some of you are curious about last month’s inspiration (click here to see it). The alphabet chair is located outside a fabulous bookstore on Cape Cod: Eight Cousins Books in Falmouth, Massachusetts. If you ever stop by, take a picture of yourself in the chair and send it to me, and I’ll post it here on my blog, OK?

And now a drumroll, please, for this month’s inspiration …


Is this puppy the cutest little fluffball ever or what?!

Tell us about this dog. Does he or she have a name? Does he or she have an owner? Where does he or she live? What’s his or her story?

Ready, set, WRITE!

48 thoughts on “Saturday Story Starter”

  1. I always find myself staring at this photo of Cookie. Cookie was my grandma’s dog, after she died my mom put up a photo of Cookie, right next to the picture of grandma. This picture has something mysterious about it. I can’t explain why I always find myself looking at it when I could just go next door and see Cookie in person. Mom’s best friend fell in love with Cookie,and we couldn’t keep her anyway; Dad really doesn’t like dogs. Okay, he says “It reminds me to much of her.” He means Cookies reminds him of his mom, Grandma. I think its the rug. You know, the rug that Cookie is sitting on it the picture. I’ve never seen it before, and dad even made me help clean out her apartment after she passed. I’ll have to question mom about this.

  2. Jan 1st:
    Dear diary, I wonder what the New Year will bring?

    4:01 pm
    Something odd just happened. I was walking down 42nd street and all of a sudden an adorable furry creature sprang out at me! I was scared at first, but then noticing it’s well groomed fur and friendly face, all the fear disappeared. I bent down to pet the cute dog, who couldn’t be more than a couple months old.
    “What are you doing out here all alone?” I asked it. The puppy jubilantly panted in reply. The new January wind hit us, and shielding the dog, I placed him in my parka, protecting it from the cold. I felt it shiver against my chest. I decided I couldn’t leave it to be at such a young age, so I brought home to my apartment. My sister was happy to see it, but my parents were not. They scolded me for bringing an unwelcome guest inside (how was I supposed to know it wasn’t welcome!?) and demanded me to throw it back to the snow. It was awful! What am I supposed to do now?

    Once I left my home, I walked straight to my aunt’s, who has about half a dozen cats living with her. I knew she’d like another stray to keep her company; she’s a sucker for anything cuddly and small. The kittens purred at the dog, seeking shelter underneath the couch, while Aunty boiled some water and made me a tea. I’m glad the puppy is in a good place to live, but I wish I could keep it! I know my parents would not approve, but if I could prove to them I’m responsible enough, maybe they will change their minds…
    Oh, and Aunty let me name the pup! I decided on Snowball, since that’s where I found him among the snow. And also because he’s so fluffy and his fur is light like snow too. Tomorrow my aunt and I will take him to the vet, but in the meantime we decided to play with the puppy. I even taught him how to sit! He’s a really good dog.

    The most amazing thing just happened! When my aunt arrived for our late New Year’s dinner, she brought Snowball, much to my parents dismay. He bolted for the table, where the aroma of the meal lured him. He barked happily and jumped on a seat. My father got angry at this and started towards the dog, but not before me.
    “Bad puppy!” I exclaimed, demanding for him to get down. Snowball tilted his head at me in confusion, but obeyed. He sat below the seat, waiting for his next command. A stunned silence fell across the dining room. My dad raised an eyebrow, clearly impressed. “Maybe we were to hasty to say no to this little guy, eh?” he said, patting the top of Snowball’s head. He smiled at me- the first smile I had seen on him all day. I swayed toward him hopefully.
    “Does that mean…?” I start, and he nods, answering my unspoken question. My sister and I squeal with excitement, and I scoop Snowball up, holding him close to me. His fur tickles my cheek and I laugh. So maybe today began a little rocky, who cares? All I know is that the New Year is now off to a great start!

  3. I let out a sigh and put down the book I am reading, Dear Pen Pal. I wish I had a best friends like Emma’s that would give me a puppy for my birthday. Sure I had friends but none of them would think of giving me a puppy. My birthday is tomorrow and the thing I want most is a puppy. My parents know I want a puppy but I doubt they will give me one. Our cats recently passed away and my parents say it is to soon to get another pet. I miss my cat,Lily, but it has been about six months and I think I’m ready to get another pet. I have only ever had cats. I have never had a dog.
    “Oh well,” I mutter as I slide into bed.” I probably won’t ever get a dog.”
    I wake with a start and glance at the clock. It’s seven in the morning. And it is my birthday. I jump Out of bed and rush out into the living room. My mom is on the couch and when she sees me she tells me happy birthday. Every year we aren’t allowed to open presents until our dad comes home. I try to read more of Dear Pen Pal but I’m to excited to read. I end up day dreaming that my friends will come over and give me a dog. My sister rushes into my room and tells me it’s time to open presents. My sister is acting weird and I come out of me room wondering why she is so jumpy.
    “Wait Brooke!” My mom yells to me. ” Stay in the hallway for a moment.” And after a short pause with lots of whispering she tells me I can come in now.
    “A puppy!” I yell excitedly. The puppy was a sandy color and very cute. It had very curly fur. It was the best birthday present I have ever been given. It was even better than I had dreamed about.

  4. The dark night was compelling to me, and frightening. Just one more second, then it would be the perfect time to- darn. Ughmf. I missed my chance for dinner. Again.
    My name is Jacoby. I was abandoned by my family, and so here I am now. Alone. I loved them, but my owner, a young girl, had to move to…hmm…I think it was to Canada, and they couldn’t bring me. Anyway, I often wandered down alleys to find food. I lay down in a small spot of grass to sleep for the night.

    Then next morning, I woke up to the smell of scrambled eggs. Yum, and they were just across the sidewalk. I was just about to dig in, and someone grabbed me. “We’ve got him. Put him in the truck.” I heard a male’s voice as I was put into a van labeled Harisburg Animal Shelter Rescue. The only thing in sight now was a cage. And I was put inside. I’m not really sure what animal shelter rescue means. I once had a friend who had been to one, and he said it was awful. I overheard a teen girl explaining to her sister that animal rescues take care of dogs and help them find homes. With all these mixed messages, I don’t know what to think.
    I was carried into a room where I was inspected, and given a name- Shadow. There was a nice girl there, who fed me and cleaned me up. Then I was put into a crate, the lights dimmed, and it was night time again.
    I spent days and days there. We were only allowed out of the pens for a quick outings outside to do our business-no running, sniffing, or playing. We were fed, but all of us still remained skinny. Some of the other dogs weren’t very nice either. There was one man taking care of us who was loud and shouted at us. I didn’t like him. Days and days went by. I started to think that my time was up.
    Some dogs got adopted and others came. There was no change in scenery- ever. I can’t say that I enjoyed my days at the shelter.
    One day, a gloomy, rainy day, a young girl came in with her family looking for a new pet. All the dogs stood up straight and showed them their best. I didn’t bark. Many people had come in before, and the result was always the same. But this time, they took me out of the crate and pet me. The man, the not nice one, told them that I was up for adoption and I was a very good pup.
    The girl looked excited, and pet me so gently. I knew that instant I was her’s. And they took me home. I was a very happy pup from that day on.

      • I love this too, Maddy! I was so surprised (in a really good way) when I realized that the story was from the point of view of a dog! Awesome job! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Hi Heather. Its Brooke( you may remember me but you probably have a bunch of fans named Brooke. Though I am very pleased that you remembered that you had sent a letter to me last weekend.) I have a few questions to ask you. Would you mind if I sent you another letter? I don’t want to be rude and send you multiple letters when you are behind on other letters. I love writing letters and I’ve been working on some new art you may like. I’m tried to think of art that I haven’t seen on your blog. Like I think I’m going to do one of all the mothers. Thanks. 🙂

    • You can write to me any time you wish, Brooke — just know that it sometimes takes me a while to respond (as you’ve already found out ha ha!). 🙂

  6. Honey’s New Friend

    Honey was an adorable little puppy who had been abandoned at birth. His mother’s owner was a snobby rich lady named Michelle Hollister and her spoiled daughter named Mackenzie. Michelle had not always been so bad. She often left Cookie, Honey’s mom, with a kind hearted sitter named Nikki Maxwell. How did Nikki offer to take care of Cookie is a whole other story, but the reason Honey was a homeless puppy was because Mackenzie had thrown a hissy fit telling her mom that she didn’t want a dog. She wanted a kitty. Michelle hadn’t known how to say no to her daughter and instead of returning Honey back to the pet store or giving her to Nikki, she threw Cookie’s puppy in the street! With no one willing to take care of him, Honey was all alone in the world trying to find food and shelter for himself.
    One cold rainy day, Honey met the nicest stranger of his life. Honey was digging around in a trash can, until he saw a girl watching him. She had a nice, cheery face and a good heart. He watched her open the door for an elderly gentleman and help an old lady carry her groceries. Honey wagged his tail and his ears shot right up. Was it possible that someone in the world would finally become his friend? Suddenly, she was right next to him. “Hi little guy, are you hungry?” Zoeysha Franklin best known as Zoey asked him sweetly. “I don’t have much just a handful of popcorn kettles,” Zoey said. Honey ate them cheerfully.
    “Darling, we have an appointment at one!” a well -dressed but slightly older woman yelled.
    “Sorry I have to go that’s my stepmom,” Zoey said and ran off. Honey looked at Zoey longingly and wished he could have spent more time with her. Little did he know that Zoey would become his owner in just a few days.
    Meanwhile, Nikki had been taking good care of Cookie, Honey’s mom. She fed her, cuddled her, and played with her! She had no idea what was to come. Zoey was one of Nikki’s best friends and she would be coming over in a couple of minutes, she had important news for Nikki. “Nikki, you will not believe who I just met!” Zoey exclaimed happily.
    “Let me guess… Joe Jonas?” Nikki teased. Zoey’s dad is a record company executive.
    “No, although that would have been pretty cool,” Zoey replied. “I met a super adorable puppy,” Zoey said dreamily.
    “Wasn’t your stepmom supposed to take you to an important appointment at Princeton Academy?” Nikki asked.
    “Yes she just took me, but I was so distracted thinking about the puppy that I didn’t get accepted!” Zoey exclaimed suddenly in tears.
    “Why would you still care about a puppy after you missed your chance to get accepted into a good high school?” Nikki questioned.
    “Maybe because I still have a couple of other choices for high school,” Zoey replied. Zoey was a straight A student who excelled academically and musically. My stepmother was really upset with me but she told me that if I got accepted into a prestigious high school, she would convince my father to get me the puppy I saw,” Zoey said.
    “That’s great!” Nikki exclaimed.
    “Don’t be so sure because my dad doesn’t like animals,” Zoey replied.
    “Why?” Nikki asked.
    “Who knows, I think it’s because he is a neat freak,” Zoey stated.
    “You just have to convince him that you are going to take good care of your new puppy and that you are going to walk him every day,” Nikki advised.
    “Wow that’s a clever idea,” Zoey said and called her stepmom.
    “Gigi, I am ready for another interview can you please set it up?” Zoey asked.
    “Sorry, I am way too busy, your dad and I are going to eat with some colleagues from your dad’s work,” Gigi, Zoey’s stepmom stated and hung up.
    “Wow harsh,” Nikki said.
    “Tell me about it, ever since she married my dad she manipulates him and he does the same,” Zoey admitted.
    “Oh boy,” Nikki said.
    “What?” Zoey asked.
    “I promised Chloe I’d call her,” Nikki said. Chloe Garcia was Nikki’s other close friend whose family owns a software company. Chloe has read all the latest novels and knows a lot about life and love.
    “Why do you need to call her so badly?” Zoey asked suspiciously.
    “You’ll see,” Nikki said grinning. Nikki grabbed her cell phone and locked herself in her room.
    “Yes Chloe, I need your help!” Nikki whisper-shouted.
    “What’s going on?” Chloe asked.
    “Zoey has been wanting an adorable homeless puppy and I think we should get it for her,” Nikki suggested.
    “Can’t she just ask her parents for it?” Chloe asked.
    “Her mom is allergic and her father doesn’t really like animals,” Nikki informed her.
    “I think we should but how are we going to convince one of my parents to take us to the city to find the pup?” Chloe asked.
    “I can tell my mom that I am going to buy something for Brianna at the toy store and then I’ll tell her that I want to get a surprise for our friend Zoey for being such a nice and caring friend,” Nikki said.
    “Which is so true,” Chloe agreed. Nikki quickly hung up.
    “Zoey I have to go downtown to pick something up for my sister but before I go can I see a picture of the puppy you were telling me about?” Zoey asked.
    “Sure I snapped a picture of Honey which is what I am thinking of calling him if I ever get him,” Zoey replied.
    “Aw he looks so cute!” Nikki squealed.
    “Well, it’s getting late and I really should be going,” Zoey said.
    “Yeah me too,” Nikki replied. When Zoey was out of sight, Nikki told her mom her plan for the afternoon and took a bus ride with her friend Chloe downtown.
    “Wait, how will we know what the dog looks like?” Chloe asked.
    “When I see him I’ll know besides Nikki just showed me a picture of him on her phone,” Nikki replied.
    “Alright if you say so,” Chloe said doubtfully.
    “Wait!” Nikki shouted. The bus driver jerked to a stop.
    “Who’s causing all the racket?” he asked.
    “I think we’ll stop here,” Nikki informed the bus driver.
    “Okay then,” the bus driver said and opened the door. Chloe and Nikki saw the most adorable puppy with light brown fur so they knew he was the one. Honey was pale and really light when they carried him. He had not eaten in days and he was very weak. Nikki and Chloe bought him some treats at the Pet Shop in downtown New York. They also purchased a beautiful black with pink stripes bag and a yellow bow. Honey looked so cute and distinguished that you could barely tell that he had been homeless just a few hours ago. They had given him a nice warm bath and had brushed his fur. Just then, Zoey spotted them. She had been finishing some errands in the neighborhood when she saw Honey out of a chocolate with pink bag. She peeked and saw Nikki and Chloe holding the leash inside the bag.
    “You guys!” Zoey exclaimed excitedly.
    “Aw man, it was supposed to be a surprise!” Chloe pouted.
    “No, it’s okay but I have some good news!” Zoey exclaimed.
    “I took the entry exams for Westchester Country Day high school and I got in!” Zoey announced.
    “I don’t get it, why do you need to take all the entry exams and we only need to take the English and Mathematics Exam?” Nikki asked.
    “Well because my stepmom wanted me to be in all honors classes,” Zoey replied.
    “Wait, why am I still talking about exams?” Zoey asked herself. “I have a puppy to hug!” Zoey exclaimed and scooped up Honey in a hug. Honey was feeling so much love that he no longer felt abandoned, he felt a lot of tenderness and sweetness and that was all a puppy could ever ask for!

    The End

    • Honey is a GREAT name for this dog! Love it! And great use of dialogue to keep the story moving briskly along, Mireya. 🙂

  7. I hope you liked my story! I think I may have submitted it twice by accident. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, I’m really excited about the new MDBC coming out. I love the way that all the girls (Emma, Jess, Cassidy, Becca, Megan, and Ashley) are so diverse. Any girl, I think could connect in some way with at least one of the girls. Megan is the Chinese American (does she ever encounter bullying or discrimination at school because of her race?- some people make fun of me). Jess is really smart, Cassidy is sportsy, Becca is girly, Emma is the book worm, and Ashley is adopted.
    Is Ashley’s character going to be more developed at some point?

    I can really relate with these girls, as they grow up and live life, finding who they are and overcoming hardships. Thank you so much! I’d really like it if you replied to this 🙂

    • I loved your story — and glad you’re excited about the new book! And that you connect with the characters (even Ashley, who I am sorry to say will always remain in the background — just too many other characters to juggle). By the way, for the record, anyone who picks on or bullies anyone else because of the way they look, their race, religion, etc., is a NINCOMPOOP and you can quote me! Megan has not run into this, but Emma rushes to the defense of a girl who is picked on in P&P, as you may remember.

  8. Arra walked down the street. 5 hours since she had ran away from the foster home with her dog Gail. Arra and Gail stopped near a small cafe in Connecticut. Gail looked at Arra with small, whimpering eyes. They ran in together, as the waiters and owner were busy coping with a gallon of rotten coffee that had just been delivered. Gail pulled on a tub of ice cream and a package of chicken sandwiches, as Arra tried to find the heater. Arra soon found it and had Gail bring the food over, as well as a blanket they had brought with them. After they ate and snuggled up together by the heater, Arra told gail a story about a majestic black stallion, that got trapped under the stars for 3 nights to prove it’s worth. Then they fell alseep. As they slept, the owner found them when he found it cold and went to turn the heat up. He considered all things to do with them, so decided then and there, in the morning he would try to adopt them. Hope. “Hope” he thought. “Hope for these two to become mine, so they live happily.” Then he kissed them, and closed the door. P.S I got Absolutely Truly, and my name is in it!

    • Oh, such a HOPE-ful ending! 😉 Nice job! And yay for your name being in Absolutely Truly!

  9. I just got your letter today!!!It made my week 10x better..(I sprained my ankle and am on crutches and am out for volleyball

  10. I just got your letter in the mail today!!It made my whole week better!(I’m on crutches because of a sprained ankle and I am out of volleyball,until I can walk.)Thank you so much for writing me back!!!Another one of the millions of reasons why your my favorite author!!!!

  11. I put my hands in my pockets to protect them from the brisk, January air. My nose is slightly pink and my red hair tumbles down my back in curls. My backpack weighs a few pounds and my Uggs are damp from puddles. My leggings provide no protection and my long-sleeved shirtsleeves are too long. My big puffy jacket makes me look like a pink and black marshmallow as I trudge through the snow.
    I can spot the school in the distance and sigh. When I finally make it, snowflakes gracefully drift down onto the floor as I run to my classroom. “Marrisa! You’re a seventh grader, you can’t be late!” My teacher scolds me. “Sorry Mrs. Drader,” I mumble in response.
    The rest of the day was mediocre, I got a C+ on my science test, my hands are a tiny bit burned from my hot soup and I left my pencils at home. But, I got an A- on my math test, made a delicious brownie in Home Ec. (Which got an A+) , and ran a mile in 7 minutes and 36 seconds.
    I hear a bark come from a snowy bush and I cautiously walk over to it. It starts to Shake as I yelped, jumped backwards, tripped, and landed in a snow pile (in that order.) A small, fluffy dog jumped out and sat on my lap. It locked my hand, “Ew! What if it has rabies!” I pick it up and hold it on arms length, “WE are taking YOU to the VET. I place the dog on the ground and tell my mom I’m headed to the veterinarian.
    It barks again and I sigh, “SHHHH!!!” It nuzzles up to my ankle and starts to purr. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all” I whisper, picking up the dog, “You’re not bad at all… hmm what should I name you? Ahh.. Lassie. You’re not bad at all… Lassie.

  12. “Butterscotch, sit!” Sternly, I wag my pointer finger at my foster dog, who is wiggling his body and trembling all over with excitement. Okay, fine. I guess it’s kind of a lie to say I did it sternly. More like I’m-a-failure-at-reprimanding-anything-cute-in-other-words-an-epic-failure. Finally, he wins me over and I kneel next to him and rub his (you guessed it) butterscotch colored fur. He is, of course, excited out of his little doggie mind and licks my face to death. I’m in the middle of scratching his furry ears when my mother’s office door cracks open.
    “Sophie? Are you letting the dog get on the carpet?” Butterscotch was a month-early gift from my grandmother. I’m supposed to foster him until he finds a “forever home.” My mother was not too happy about this present.
    I glance at the ground. Whoops. Somehow, the two of us made it onto the carpet, a no-no spot for dogs. “Um, no ma’am?”
    I know I’m doomed when I hear her shoes clicking along the tile. “Sophie! Put the dog outside. Now.” Mom looks disapprovingly at Butterscotch. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m so busy at work right now, I don’t have time to help care for a dog. Plus, I’ve got your baby brother and sister to worry about, too. This is just going to have to be your thing, okay?”
    I nod. Things are already stressful enough for her, what with my twin infant siblings, a new promotion, and Dad on a month-long business trip to Australia. “Okay.” I give Butterscotch one last kiss, then push him gently towards the back door. “Sorry, Butter.” He whines but goes outside, sending me what I’m positive is a reproachful glance.
    The next morning dawns bright and early. It’s my birthday! I’m twelve! That’s the first thing I think when I open my eyes. Not that I expect it to be a big deal. It’s also my baby brother and sister, Sam and Sydney’s, two-month doctor visit. That will probably take up most of the day, but Mom promised a chocolate-chip pancake breakfast, and we’re going to Skype with Dad later today.
    After awhile, I go downstairs, where Mom and the twins already are. (Mom drinking coffee at the counter and Sam and Sydney sleeping in their carriers. A plate of pancakes is at my spot. I rush over to her and kiss her cheek. “Thank you so much, Mom! That looks great!”
    She smiles. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. There’s a present for you over there.” I’m surprised to see a big box, way too big to be anything I can imagine. What did she get me? An armchair? When I ask this out loud, Mom smiles again. “Open it and see!”
    I oblige, ripping off the paper eagerly and opening the lid of the box. I see the note first:
    Over the past month, you have been really responsible with him. I think it’s time for you to have a dog of your own.
    Love, Mom
    I gasp. Before I can do anything else, a tongue pops up and licks my face. It’s followed by a head, then a body.
    It’s Butterscotch.

    I love Saturday Story Starters! This one was especially awesome, since I love dogs. 😉

    • And I love Saturday Story Starters because you all write such great things! Reading your stories is like opening presents. 🙂 This is terrific, Olivia. LOVE the name Butterscotch, and love the surprise package!

    • Of course! Go to the “Contact” page on my website, and you’ll find my snail mail address there. 🙂

  13. “Mickey! Help!” I scream. Pain rushes to my head. I whimper. “Mickey, come boy!” I franticly pull at my leg. It won’t move.
    Across the raging creek my dog stands, staring intently at me. Another surge of pain travels from my foot to my hip. He lifts his paw, then whines and moves back as a bolt of lightning stretches across the sky.
    I shift my gaze back to my foot, lodged between two red rock boulders. The torrential downpour continues.
    Suddenly I feel a wet hairy creature slip underneath my arm.
    “Mickey? Oh, good boy!” I sit up suddenly and am knocked back down by the pain. I scream. Mickey looks up at me with a sort of remorseful gaze.
    “Mick, why hasn’t anyone found us? It’s almost dark. Coyotes and wolves and panthers are out here. . .” my sentence trails off as I tell myself that wolves and panthers don’t live on mountains in the Sonoran desert. Mickey starts to whine.
    “It’s alright boy,” I say looking around, “Dad will come find us. It’s okay, it’s okay.” Before I can stop him my little dog picks himself up and runs away.
    “Mickey! No! Come! Heel! Mickey, bad dog!” It’s pointless. He’s to far away. Tears prick at my eyes. My foot’s stuck and broken and hurting like mad, I’m lost and completely alone, and my dog has run off. So much for a joyful hike.
    After what seems to be hours I see a yellow beam of light. I hear a dog’s hyper yip. I start waving my arms and shout ‘HELP’. I slump back down because of the throbbing pain. I hear my voice being called and see a figure stride toward me.
    “Dad!” The next hour is a blur of pain and tears and my name being called. The next thing I know, I’m in my dad’s arms on our front porch.
    “Where’s Mickey?” I ask, almost unconscious.
    “He’s taken care of,” my Dad says soothingly. I lay my head back down. After a couple days, I’m feeling well enough to hobble around on my crutches. I spend the rest of the week admiring my little dog. I guess it’s true that “dog is man’s best friend.”

  14. Mama just told us their was a surprise. When finally we heard the doorbell!
    “It’s the surprise!” Julian cried
    Mama went to get the door while I was Eating the chocolate cake that was supposed to be for dessert…

    • Anyways at the door their was a lady. But what I was really interested in was that she had a dog with her!
      “This is a golden retriever. This is going to be his Furr-ever home. Take care now!”
      “Hey I said, maybe we should name him lucky since we are lucky we got him!”
      So,with that, we gave Lucky a bath in the kiddie pool outside. Layah put on the soap, Jonah poured the water, and the rest of us got ready with the towels. But before we could do anything, Lucky jumped out of the pool!
      “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” Ally screamed
      But it was too late! They were soaked!
      “Let’s go inside to change” Abby said
      As we were going up the stairs to our rooms…”wait we forgot lucky!”Lucy reminded
      But we went back to get him, he had disaperred like a ghost.

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