All caught up … except for a missing few

Drumroll, please…

I am officially ALL CAUGHT UP with my mail!

Not a snail mail or email is in sight, and my inbox is completely empty. Nada, nichts, zip awaits an answer.  ::pats self on back::  The first of my New Year’s resolutions, already crossed off the list! 2015 is off to a good start.

However, there are a few of you who either mistyped your email addresses or have since changed your addresses since you wrote to me. Those emails bounced back, which makes me sad. I don’t like thinking that there are readers out there who took the time to write to me and are disappointed that I didn’t write back, when in fact I tried to but couldn’t.

So, if your name is Caroline or Juni or Jessica or Rachel or Hannah, and you sent me an email and didn’t hear back, please contact me again with a correct email address and I’ll send my reply along!

mailbox with bird



16 thoughts on “All caught up … except for a missing few”

  1. I hope you find all of those girls. I will keep my fingers crossed. I’m going to be sending you a letter probably this week so expect one soon. So glad you are all caught up. I hope you stay caught up.

  2. YAY as soon as I saw the post I checked out my emails and there it was!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAAY I LOVE wish you where Eyre I JUST READ IT FOR THE SECOND TIME I nearly cried because it was the last book NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Oh MDBC how do I love thy let me count the ways……

  3. Oh no! I hope that you can find them. 🙁 I got your email and it really made my day! Thank you so much for responding to all your fan mail. 😀

  4. Hope you can find them! I have a question: If I email you and you email back, can i respond fom my personal email? or should I go back to the contact form?

    • Haven’t been to my post office box yet this week — I’ll check soon. Otherwise, all the mail that I’ve accumulated up until now has been answered. When did you mail it, Maddy?

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