Fan mail Friday

Oh, the fabulous things that show up in my mailbox!

I have a trio of treats to share with you today, starting with this charming envelope:

Cailey's Envelope - front

Cailey's envelope - back

Now I ask you, is that a day brightener or what? Thank you for popping a little sunshine into my mailbox, Cailey!

Next up is a delicate black-and-white drawing by Brooke, who’s in the 7th grade:

Brooke - 7th gradeShe drew this on a small piece of paper — I love seeing “my” girls in miniature! Super job, Brooke!

Finally, Ella sent me the most adorable picture of herself, holding a boxed set of the MDBC books. I’m not going to include it here, to protect her privacy, but I AM going to share the beautiful drawing she sent me!

Ella - age 10

Ella is 10. There’s no way I could have drawn this well at 10. Heck, I can’t even draw this well now, many years later! I love the rich color, and all the details that let viewers know exactly which book club girl is which. Thank you, Ella!

And thank you, Cailey and Brooke. You are ALL rock stars as far as I’m concerned!


21 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. Aww. Thanks. I sent you two more drawings. One is the mothers while the other is the girls in their ball gowns in england, did you get it? I loved drawing Mrs. Chadwick ;). I forgot to do Gigi though.
    Loved caileys envelope. And Ella’s drawing. They both did an amazing job.

      • Okay! I’m guessing it did because I sent it in the beginning of January. Its so cool that you write back to your fans. So many authors don’t. And I love the idea of fan mail fridays. If I ever become an author I think I’m going to have to steal fan mail fridays( that is if I get fan mail!). When do you think MDBC 7 is going to be published? And when are you gong to give us a little information? Also about when does Yours Truly get published? I loved absolutely Truly. Sorry that this comment is a getting little long 🙂 .

        • MDBC 7 probably first half of 2016 — not sure yet. And Yours Truly hasn’t even been written yet! Ha! So possibly later 2016 or early 2017. The process takes a while. SO HAPPY that you loved Absolutely Truly!

          • Oh. Good. I am going to pre order MDBC 7 as soon as it shows up on amazon. When does MDBC 7 take place? When can you tell us a little more about it?

          • MDBC 7 will take place during the summer between the girls’ graduation from high school, and the fall when they go off to college. I’ll be posting a sneak peek later this spring….

  2. Wonderful artworks! Mrs. Frederick, do post a Fan Mail Friday every week? I love seeing fan mail fridays! 🙂

  3. These are all so cool!! Brooke you commented on my art and t-shirt and thanks for all of the nice things you said I love your drawing!

    • Aww. Your welcome :). It was all true :). Your t shirt was awesome! And your art was great too! I wish i could meet Heather. She is my favorite author.
      Thanks. It is not very good ;). I did the drawing at the beginning of the school year.

  4. I just can’t wait for MDBC #7!You are by far the best author!I love the fact that you take the time to recognize and write back to each and every person!!I’m so happy you liked my envelope!!Thank you so much!

  5. AAHHHH!!!!!!!!! i CANT wait for the the 7th book!!! (I really really CANT wait)
    IM SSSSOOOO glad your making another book!! I saw something that made me think you weren’t so…. anyway are you making a movie??? I think that would be AWESOME or even like a T.V. show…(like one show for each chapter or something) ps. YOU ARE AN AWESOME AUTHOR!!!!! Im so sad that the series is almost over!!! I wish i could just read the #7
    #fanof #MDBC

    • Thank you for your FABULOUS (as Wolfgang would say) enthusiasm, Mikayla! 🙂 Movie? Let’s hope someone in Hollywood reads the books and think they’d make a great film or TV show…

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