Valentine’s Day tea party

Calling all NW friends!

Looking for a fun family event for Valentine’s Day? How about attending a tea party with my friend and fellow writer Susan Fletcher and me?

We’ll be at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon next Saturday the 14th from 1:30 to 3:30, talking about books (and signing, of course). Tea and treats are involved!  Click here for full information.

Candy Hearts


Saturday Story Starter

It’s February already!  How did that happen!?

And it’s the first Saturday, which means it’s time for a story starter. I have a yummy one (ahem) for you today…

First of all, for those of you who haven’t participated before, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

Ready for this month’s assignment?

Burger & Fries

See? I told you it was yummy.

Tell us what’s going on here. Clearly, someone’s about to have lunch. Maybe you want to describe the food itself (and make us all hungry in the process). Or maybe you’re more interested in the person about to tuck into it. Who are they? Why are they sitting alone? Is this their favorite meal, or just what was convenient? Are they on the road, or at school, or taking a break from work? Are they hoping someone will come sit with them?

You get the idea. Tell us a story….

Ready, set, WRITE!

Fan mail Friday

More goodies to share with you all this week!  My mailbox overfloweth!

Here’s a fun drawing by Muriel, who’s 11:

Muriel's drawing 2

It’s her favorite scene from DEAR PEN PAL, when my mother-daughter book club girls go to visit their friends on the ranch in Gopher Hole, Wyoming. I love that part of the story, too.  Wonderful job, Muriel — and such vivid color!

Here’s another drawing, this one from Maggie, who also happens to be 11:

Maggie's drawing 2(I hope you know you can click on these drawings to enlarge them and see them up close.)

Another wonderful job — I love all the fun details that let us know who each girl is. My favorite part is the frisky little tail on Jess’s baby goat.

Thank you, Maggie, and thank you, Muriel. You are both fabulous artists!

I love my fans!

Candy Hearts