Valentine’s Day tea party

Calling all NW friends!

Looking for a fun family event for Valentine’s Day? How about attending a tea party with my friend and fellow writer Susan Fletcher and me?

We’ll be at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon next Saturday the 14th from 1:30 to 3:30, talking about books (and signing, of course). Tea and treats are involved!  Click here for full information.

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12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day tea party”

  1. Ahh man. I wish I lived near Portland. Someday you will come near me. You should come to Albuquerque, New Mexico before July ( hint hint 😉 ). Alubuquerque is only a four hour drive from were we live. I’ll be moving soon so maybe I will catch you were we move next.

  2. Aw it is too bad I couldn’t go!
    Do you think you will come to California anytime soon?
    My best friend and I are big fans of yours!
    I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day weekend!

    • I did have a good Valentine’s Day weekend — hope you did, too! No plans for a California trip at the moment, but keep an eye on my “events & appearances” page for information.

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