Fan mail Friday

February 6th, 2015

More goodies to share with you all this week!  My mailbox overfloweth!

Here’s a fun drawing by Muriel, who’s 11:

Muriel's drawing 2

It’s her favorite scene from DEAR PEN PAL, when my mother-daughter book club girls go to visit their friends on the ranch in Gopher Hole, Wyoming. I love that part of the story, too.  Wonderful job, Muriel — and such vivid color!

Here’s another drawing, this one from Maggie, who also happens to be 11:

Maggie's drawing 2(I hope you know you can click on these drawings to enlarge them and see them up close.)

Another wonderful job — I love all the fun details that let us know who each girl is. My favorite part is the frisky little tail on Jess’s baby goat.

Thank you, Maggie, and thank you, Muriel. You are both fabulous artists!

I love my fans!

Candy Hearts




5 Responses to “Fan mail Friday”

  1. Brooke says:

    All the art is wonderful. I loved it when they visited the ranch too. I love fan mail Fridays. Do you think you will do one next week?

  2. These are so amazing!! I love all the details (in both drawings) that clearly show which character is which. Awesome job Muriel and Maggie! 🙂

  3. Juni says:

    Cute drawings. 🙂

  4. Ellen Beier says:

    WOW! Wonderful art!

  5. cailey says:

    Wow!These are awesome pieces of art!!

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