Fan mail Friday

You know I don’t play favorites, right? I love all of my readers, and I love all of the mail you send me. Nothing brightens my day more than reading a letter or an email or a comment from one of you.

But this drawing is pretty special. Take a close look, and I think you’ll agree. It’s from oh-so-clever Madelyn, an eighth grader who is clearly a fan of our Saturday Story Starters.  (Click on her drawing to enlarge it.)


Maddy 8th


Am I right or am I right?

Thank you, Madelyn! I LOVE all the thought and effort that went into this beautiful drawing! So fun.

And speaking of Saturday Story Starter — stay tuned. I have a fun one coming tomorrow for you…

8 thoughts on “Fan mail Friday”

  1. Hi! I’m so happy that you liked my drawing!
    I was so delighted when I saw this on your blog!!

  2. Very fun. I love fan art Fridays. I can’t wait tell tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a great Saturday Story starter.

  3. So beautiful! I love it! Congrats Maddy! I love you Heather Vogel Fredrick! Especially MDBC, you said that you’re working on another MDBC, do you have any updates on the new book?


    • Hi Rebekah — keep an eye out here on my blog, because I’ll be sharing a sneak peek of the first chapter or two later this spring. And then … the cover reveal! 🙂

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