Saturday Story Starter

It’s time for our March story starter!

For those of you who haven’t participated before, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and click here and here and here and here and here and here andhere and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

Ready for this month’s story starter?

??? in Big Chair



Is that a normal-sized woman in an enormous chair, or a teeny-tiny woman in a normal-sized chair? You decide. Tell us her story. And tell us about the chair and how it came to be. Is there magic involved? An experiment that went terribly wrong? Or is this someone’s idea of a joke? It’s up to you! Cut loose and have fun with it…

Ready, set, WRITE!

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  1. I’m telling you, I never meant to climb that beanstalk.
    It just kind of…happened. I thought it was just a publicity stunt of some sort, or a mad-scientist-gone-farmer’s crazy crops. So the gymnast in me began to climb for fun. Maybe I’d even get on T.V. Who knew?
    Who knew that a giant hand, the thumb as big as my body, would come swooping down and pluck me from the green beanstalk.
    I didn’t, that’s for sure.
    I remember screaming, flailing, and bitterly regretting that I’d let Ma force me into a dress that morning. (Now anyone who had heard me screaming-which was everyone within a mile radius-could see my underpants.) “Help me! Someday help me!” But no one could do anything, or at least didn’t want to. I didn’t blame them. I wouldn’t dare cross with the hand of this monster, much less its body.
    “Quiet if you want your life.” The snarl of the monster was loud enough for the whole town to hear. His breath was a mixture of sixth-grade locker room and all those gross vegetables you have to eat.
    Peeking through the cracks between the monster’s fingers, I could see a crowd of people gathered below, and they began to shout at the monster.
    “Let her go!”
    “What do you want with her?”
    “Go back to you belong! This our world, don’t go taking our people!”
    “No! Give me my daughter back!”
    That last one was Ma, and I felt a sob start in my throat. At least until the monster swung his hand back up and suddenly I was above the clouds.
    You’d think that would be an amazing experience, but really I was too scared to even look. But curiosity got the better of me, and I did.
    I’ll tell you this, it sure didn’t look like we were on the clouds.
    Everything looked the same as below, except…bigger. Much bigger. I gaped at my surroundings. Now that we were up here, I knew what the monster was: a giant. There were everywhere: I was giants with briefcases and business suits. Giants with guitars and hippie hairdos. Giants with Bermuda shorts and “Welcome to the Clouds” t-shirts. Male giants, female giants, boy giants, girl giants. Elderly, middle-aged, youth, and babies.
    Suddenly, there the giant that was holding me began to speak to a young girl giant in front of him. “Felicia, honey, look what I’ve brought you. A little human all for you. Your older sisters have them, and it’s time for you to have one, too.”
    Felicia’s eyes widened. “Really, Daddy?”
    “Really.” The giant opened his fist and displayed…me. Felicia squealed and plucked me off his palm.
    “We’re going to have so much fun!” she exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted a pet!”
    Wait. A pet?? I was going to be a giant’s PET?? I didn’t think I’d signed the contract for this certain deal….How would I ever get back to Ma and Dad?
    “Go home now, and meet your new human,” the giant told her. “I’ll tell your mother where you’re at.”
    “Yes, Daddy! Thank you!” Felicia, with me clutched in her palm, twirled away. “We’re going to my house first,” she told me. “I live there with Mama, Daddy, Rosa, Trisha, Patricia, Alicia, and Lisa. They’re my sisters and they’re all older than me.” Felicia came to a halt at a house. “I’m going to put you right here on my favorite chair while I go get my human manual,” she explained. “It’s smaller than most chairs, so I suppose it might work.” She dropped me off on a white chair.
    I buried my face in my hands. What had I gotten myself into? Trapped in the giant world? Being the “human pet” of a child giant? Spending my days with Felicia?
    There was only one thing to, after this sort of day.
    I fell asleep.

    Sorry, this got a little (or a lot) long! 😉 I love Saturday Story Starters!

  2. It seems like only weeks or months ago I got entwined is this old mystery. Bt its been longer.

    This is the first time I’ve been in her room, in a long time- my great-aunt Meredith’s room. My family is leaving soon, so I must hurry. My fingers move diliegently and nimbly through all the scaps of paper and miscellaneous little things Meredith had kept. Ever since Dec 1st, the day she passed, we hadn’t come to her house. But today it was going up for sale. All the people in our family, our huge, extended family came and decided what to keep and what to sell. I had first choice in her room, because I had been closest to Meredith. I just wanted to keep a few of her little notes and scaps, for memory. I felt a picture go by my hands, in the shelf. It was a picture of someone in a giant chair. That’s her, I thought. It must be. But where was she? When, and Why?

    I have kept this little photograph to this day, even long after I found out the history of it, and solved the long mystery that went with it.

    • Ooo, great hook. You leave us wanting more … like how your MC (main character) solved the mystery! 🙂

      • Yeah maddy really creative a lot of people would just do a Giants story not that a story about a giant is a bad story.

  3. I sit down at my cluttered desk and attempt to push things aside but instead get a pile of papers on the ground. I really need to get this writing assignment done. The assignment is “Mysteries.” Sighing reluctantly I place my laptop on a bunch of books and roll my chair back and forth. Scarlet Benoit, I stare at the black letters on the white digital paper. Nothing, not a single thought.

    Maybe a walk will help me… I look down and my pajamas and trudge over to my closet. Pulling on a pair of leggings and a crop top I head down the stairs… ssslllooowwwllyyyyy. I finally get to the door and pull over a cardigan before jumping into my converses.

    I walk through the neighborhood looking at the worn down houses. I stop at a faded white home… The end of the block. It has a large patch of grass on the side and a light mint chair. The chair is the only thing I’ve seen that is not boring me so I snap a quick picture of it with my Polaroid and start the the trip back home.

    ~time skip~

    I’ve been sitting in this I’ve spun on it, I’ve stood on it, and I’ve even danced on it {or at least attempted to}. NOTHING! No ideas! This is insane! I plop down onto my bed as my long, curly, red hair scatters everywhere. I look at the ceiling and spot all the doodles I drew when I was little. One was of me holding a camera… MY POLAROID! I jump out of bed and leap towards my bag. Pulling out the now developed Polaroid I smile but it quickly fades.

    There’s a woman in the chair. She looks tiny compared to chair and she has short red hair. I drop the photo from my shaking hands. What is this?

    ~time skip~

    “And that is the story of the mysterious little woman.” I finish my presentation smiling. I hold up the picture for everyone to see and pass it around. I finally get it back and hand it to my teacher. “Very interesting.” Mrs. Fredrick says grinning slyly. She holds the picture next to her face for a quick second so only I notice.

    She’s the woman in the picture.

  4. “Elizabeth! Get down from there!” I glanced at the ground below and shivered. Keep going, keep going. My palms were sweaty by the time I reached the top of the beach chair. Wow. I can see everything from here! The ocean looked so big, so deep. I could see the birds in the sky like never before. “Mama,” I called down, “I can breathe so much easier up here!”

    Mama was angry, that much was obvious. But she was also worried. “Lizzie,” Mama hissed, “Get down before they come! Hurry, hurry!” I rolled my eyes.
    “Mama, they won’t come back for a while. I’ve watched everyday, for months. I know their routine.” I grinned as I leaned back in the chair. I could get used to this. As I looked out at the ocean, I made a wish I’d made everyday since I was born. I wish I could be one of them. If I was one of them, this chair would be normal-size. The field, known to them as the backyard, wouldn’t be so wide. And I could take care of mama.

    Just then, Mama’s screams became silent. I slowly looked down to Mama, but she was nowhere in sight. “Elizabeth.” I heard her voice in a whisper, but didn’t see her. “Elizabeth, hide! They’re coming!”

  5. “You could call my house weird. I’m an artist and I have a weird obbsession with very large things. My home has a huge door and from the outside it looks like each floor is very tall but in reality its not. It looks murk the house was made for a giant.I have many diferent kinds of sculptures. I have a huge tellophone outside. And I recently made a huge book. I also I have multiple sculptures of large pets. Cats, dogs, and even a few chickens. You name it. My favorite sculpture is my giant chair though. I bring my computer or a book up there and I can stay for hours. I can sit on the edge of the chair, at the very back of the chair, or even on the armrests. My kids love the chair. They go up there with their friends and can play and play and play. Everyone loves my giant chair( especially my cats). So everyone was upset when the government tried to take my sculptures away. I hired a good laywer and we fought them. They had no right to take my sculptures. Eventually we got it all worked out and everything was returned home. My home is not my home without my sculptures.I worked so hard to make each and every one of them. I want my grandkids to someday get my sculptures,” and the video finished with that statement. I heard a few quiet sobs behind me and I could feel tears go down my cheeks too.
    “I think we should make Grandmas house Into a museum,” cousin Mary Anne stated.
    “What! Why?” I exclaimed.
    ” if we did that we could share her beautiful statues with the world. I think it needs to be done,” Marry Anne argues.
    That’s how Grandma Mays Museum started. It is visited by hundreds of people every year. They love how the house and the sculptures look like objects for giants and keep on coming back. Grandma would love how the children play on them and run through the yard. We have reunion there every year and everyones favorite sculpture is always the chair.
    I hope you like it.

  6. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I’M TWELVE! That was my first thought when I woke up earlier. I bounded out of bed, pulled my (not-so) Hollywood ready Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, sugar, Cinnamon, and a Coffee packet all out to the table. After prepping by warming the pancakes, and pouring the coffee, I added my extras, and then ate my pancakes. My parents left and I drank my coffee and two more cups of it. Suddenly everything was bouncing up and down, plus my cat’s eyes were rainbow and swirling right out of her body. So I went out for a walk. All I could think about right now was cheese, picture frames, and orange ballet tutus. My best friend, Amy, came up and asked, “Why are you walking on your hands? And in you pajamas?” Huh? She pulled me off my hands and her face looked like sponge-bob’s. I looked at a park bench, where old Miss Mallory was feeding the pigeons and it swelled up so big. She was tiny!!! Amy brought me home, I had a caffeine crash, and woke up in my pajamas with a headache and it was tuesday. (My b-day was Thursday.) So, the moral to this story is don’t drink three cups of coffee when you took a double dousing of laughing gas the night before.

  7. this is actually not about the saturday story starter. 🙁 but I was wondering though, Heather, when you were creating the last names of the characters’ fathers in your wonderful mdbc series, were you ever thinking of what the maiden names of the mothers would be? I know you mentioned in the first book of the series that Mrs. Delaney’s maiden names is O’Halloran, but if you were put on the spot to give maiden names to the rest of the mothers, what would you name them as?

    Just a curious mind would like to know!
    Thank you!

    • Oh wow, interesting question, Megan. I haven’t given this any thought at all — would be interested to hear what other readers think. Anybody want to take a crack at giving the other mothers maiden names? 🙂

      • Mrs. Delaney – Shannon O’Halloran
        Mrs. Chadwick – Calliope Ray or Robbins
        Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid – Clementine Rhodes, Silva, or Pratt
        Mrs. Hawthorne – Phoebe Turner, Lane, Hale, or Padilla
        Mrs. Wong*
        * Isn’t Gigi’s last name Chang or Cheng? If so, would that be Mrs. Wong’s last name or did her parents divorce and Gigi took her maiden name back?

          • Yeah, I realized that as well as I was thinking about it the other day when I decided to ask about the whole maiden names question. Actually, as a matter of fact, this realization was actually the reason of my curiosity of learning the other mothers’ maiden names! Thanks Juni and Heather!

      • Megan’s mom: Greene. Cassidy’s mom: Malvern. Becca’s mom: Fall. Emma’s mom: Chime. If you think this is a weird thing, this is what the maiden names should be. (Look around on here if it’s not here)

  8. I didn’t even realize that was you! xD (It /is/ you, right?)
    All of these stories are so intriguing, I love them. I wish I could find the time to do so :/
    Mrs. Frederick, you really are the coolest author ever 😛
    [I mean, just /how/ tall was that chair??]

    • Oh gosh, thank you — will try and participate but I’m SUPER busy right now (writing writing writing)…

  9. The Enchanting Trip

    This day was really exciting. Nikki Maxwell, Zoey Franklin, and Chloe Garcia were all excited because they were going to a concert in a park nearby. Zoey’s dad had arranged it for the girls to meet the biggest pop stars like Zendeya, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers. The girls found this so fun and the best part was the event took place in a carnival. So the girls could eat hot dogs, popcorn, root beer floats, and go on rides and win prizes! Nikki was especially happy. She would finally be going to a carnival without her annoying little sister tagging along and saying, “I want to go on the My Little Pony rides or I am hungry!” Nikki would finally get a well-deserved break and enjoy the carnival without any trouble or worries.
    “Nikki, look at that!” Chloe exclaimed pointing to a hot air balloon.
    “I didn’t know they gave balloon rides here,” Nikki remarked.
    “Oh but I thought you girls wanted to see the concert,” Zoey stated. “We do but I think we should go on the balloon, it looks so fun,” Chloe said.
    “I am not sure we should go,” Nikki replied looking doubtful.
    “Come on, we will enjoy it!” Chloe urged.
    “Fine but it better be a quick ride because I really want to meet Selena Gomez,” Nikki mentioned.
    “You worry too much,” Chloe said pulling them over.
    “Excuse me, how much does this ride cost?” Nikki asked.
    “Ten dollars per person,” a woman named Mary who operated the ride said.
    “Okay,” the girls said in unison each pulling out their wallets.
    “Okay after you all climb up in the balloon don’t forget to grab the parachutes,” Mary said. “Oh and if any of you suffer from height phobia or heart problems, don’t go on this ride!” Mary warned.
    “Thank you for your concern but we will be fine but why do we need parachutes?” Zoey asked.
    “No reason,” Mary said shrugging.
    “Wait, why aren’t you coming with us?” Nikki asked.
    “That’s not how we do things here at Gracie’s Balloon Trip,” Mary replied.
    “What?!” they asked but they couldn’t do anything, they were already high up in the sky.
    “Well, it’s a bright day today and at least we have good weather,” Chloe remarked.
    “Why did we get on this ride?” Zoey questioned to herself.
    “I like it even though I wish she had come with us,” Nikki said.
    “Wow look at that!” Chloe exclaimed.
    “I see these magnificent pink birds that look so strange unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” Nikki said.
    “What kind are they?” Zoey asked.
    “Wow, why is the sky so dark and what is that?” Chloe asked. All of sudden, the sky looked dark and scary and bats were flying all around the sky.
    “What’s going on?” they all yelled. Just then, a hurricane took the girls by surprise and the hot air balloon started losing control.
    “Parachutes, grab them!” they all yelled at once. Zoey was so scared. She had a fear of heights and flying by parachutes even if she didn’t want to admit it. The wind fought with them and after a while, they got dizzy and collapsed somewhere. The next morning or what felt like a new morning, Nikki woke up in a place that smelled like perfumes and sweets. She looked around her surroundings and what she noticed was a big chair and a little woman sitting inside of it. The woman was seriously tiny. She looked like an elf or a fairy.
    “Where am I?” Nikki thought. It was as if the creatures could read her thoughts because all of a sudden, the little woman got up and introduced herself.
    “Hey o, I am a elf girl named Rosetta and this is Candy Dream World,” Rosetta explained.
    “Wait but that doesn’t make sense, the only people that exist are humans,” Nikki responded.
    “Oh I don’t know about that,” Rosetta said looking Nikki up and down. Nikki glanced at her in a confused manner. Rosetta pointed to a mirror made of diamonds and glass.
    “Wait but why am I so short and my hair is all curly and my eyes are big?” Nikki asked.
    “Um hello you are a fairy,” Rosetta said stating the obvious.
    “This doesn’t make any sense, I am a human,” Nikki protested. “What do I do if I want to change back into a human?” Nikki asked.
    “Well, the only person that can change you into a human is the Wizard of Odd and Maribella, the sparkle fairy,” Rosetta said.
    “Where do I find them?” Nikki demanded.
    “Well, the Wizard of Odd lives in the Land of Butterflylandia and Maribella lives in Snow Fall Mountains,” Rosetta said.
    “Which is closer and how do I get there?” Nikki asked.
    “Here is a map,” Rosetta said and gave her a magic mirror.
    “Maribella lives closer to here,” Rosetta stated.
    “Can you take me?” Nikki asked.
    “Sorry sweetie, I have a business to take care off and she pointed to her ice cream factory. Nikki sighed.
    “Wait but if I have wings I can fly to Snow Fall Mountains,” Nikki thought.
    “Good luck, you are a human girl that just became a fairy, you don’t know how to fly but if you’d like you can rent a humming bird or magical sneakers that can transport you from place to place in a matter of seconds but there is a catch,” Rosetta said.
    “Thanks but I will just walk,” Nikki said.
    “Okay but it may take you three days if you don’t get captured by a giant, ogre, or a witch,” Rosetta warned.
    “Alright I will take the sneakers but what is the catch?” Nikki asked. “Oh just that you will be patient and you must meet a merman named Derek,” Rosetta mentioned with a twinkle in her eye.
    “No I am not flirting with a merman if that’s what you mean and I don’t want to either,” Nikki replied.
    “Oh not at all but you should meet him and thank him for creating the shoes and besides he can help you if you get lost,” Rosetta advised.
    “Whatever but okay I will,” Nikki promised. Rosetta gave her a large portion of a yummy pudding called Everything Pudding and a healthy yogurt smoothie or at least that’s what Rosetta said it was. Nikki thanked her and was on her way. She soon came upon Peanut Acres. It was a friendly town where Grandma Nut lived. She gave Nikki some peanuts and Nikki continued on her way. Soon enough, Nikki saw Snow Fall Mountains. She saw a little stream a bit before the mountains. Derek, the merman/merboy, lived close by. She stopped to thank him for the magical sneakers but she grew a bit shy when she noticed him. His name was Derek but he looked familiar, he looked a bit like Brandon except with brown hair instead of blonde.
    “Hi I am Nikki and thanks for these shoes,” Nikki said.
    “Your welcome and they look good on you,” Derek said.
    “Uh thanks,” Nikki replied and hurried on. When she finally made it to the mountains, she had no idea how she would be able to climb them. Just then, she saw a Snow fairy. It looked like a little girl with a wool sweater and glittery wings.
    “Hi I am Saribella and welcome to the Snow Fall Mountains,” Saribella said with a flourish.
    “Hi I am looking for Maribella,” Nikki replied.
    “She lives all the way at the top of the mountain, do you need a fairy permit to fly up there?” Saribella asked.
    “No I am a human girl who become a fairy,” Nikki explained.
    “Oh then I can get you a ride,” Saribella said. Saribella had a leaf with a seatbelt and she put Nikki there and flew her up.
    When Nikki explained her dilemma, Maribella understood. She told Nikki that she had a potion that would turn her back into a human and when she woke up, she would be back in the hot air balloon.
    “Oh, but how could you do it?” Nikki asked.
    “Just leave it to me,” Maribella said and sure enough that’s what happened. A minute later, Nikki was back in the hot air balloon. She looked all around her. Sure if enough her friends were there too and the sky was dark and stormy.
    “We are never going to make it back!” Nikki exclaimed.
    “Oh yes we will,” Zoey said showing more determination than usual. Zoey pulled the handle and yelled with all her might, “Storm, cease and stop!” All of a sudden, someone pulled the hot air balloon back. It was Mary! When they got back to the carnival’s hot air balloon place, “Wait but what happened?” Nikki demanded.
    “You girls all had a sunny ride over the whole state of California,” Mary confirmed.
    “No we didn’t, we all landed in the different worlds,” Chloe said. “Mine was the worst, I saw an ogre,” Zoey mentioned.
    “I became a fairy,” Nikki said.
    “I met the Ice Princess and the kingdom of ice cream,” Chloe stated with delight.
    “I have no idea what you are talking about, enjoy the rest of the carnival,” Mary replied and shooed them off. The girls kept talking about their strange adventures and when the girls were gone, Mary whispered, “Your welcome,” and flew away.

    The End

  10. Me and my family were just walking on a normal day in our neighborhood in Old Orchard. When I got to the dumpster right near the Benson’s I decided to take a seat in the chair next to it. it’s always in the same spot. But this time when I sit down I fall. I look behind me.Nothing. I look up. Oh there’s something there. After I climbed up and took a seat I saw basically all of Maine! I also saw my dog eating my homework, my sisters fighting, and my brothers wrestling. “Back to work,”I resent with a sigh.

    • Ha! I love it that you can see all of Maine from your perch! (One of my favorite states, by the way.)

  11. Yeah we don’t live there but we went there over the summer! I have always told myself I wanted to stay where I live right now to raise my kids and stuff, but it was so great there, I want to do it there now!! It was a great boogie-board spot and they had great fairs!! The pier was AMAZING! We had a hotel on the beach and get this. They had FREE BREAKFEAST! Can’t get better than that!

  12. Hi, Mrs. Frederick! I was wondering if you maybe have any suggestions on where to find a boxed set of the Betsy-Tacy books? I can’t seem to find all of them together anywhere. 🙁 Thank you! 🙂

    • I don’t think there is such a thing, Olivia. I do know that they have “treasury” volumes, though — three or four books in each one. I have those and they’re great.

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