Countdown begins…

… in 48 hours, I’ll be in the Big Apple!

On Tuesday night I’ll be at Books of Wonder (6-8 pm) for a pre-Edgar Awards bash & book signing with my fellow nominees. Come join us! Click here for full details.

Then on Wednesday night, it’s time for the Edgar Awards — squeeeeeee! The event is black tie (“dress to kill,” the invitation says). I will be taking lots of pictures, as I don’t know when I’ll ever get my husband in a tuxedo again, and he looks fabulous. As for me, I have a snazzy formal dress and sparkly silver shoes to go with it. I’ve been practicing walking around in them, as heels are not something this writer wears very often and I’d hate to fall flat on my face in front of, say, Stephen King or something…

Stay tuned for a full post-event report, complete with pictures of my husband and me. Wait until you see the two of us — we look like we belong on top of a wedding cake!




13 thoughts on “Countdown begins…”

  1. Sounds fun!! I am quite excited to find out who wins, because multiple writers I like have been nominated (including you 🙂

  2. That’s so cool. You must be really excited!

    Ok, I have a question for you. Say that I wrote a novel – I’m in 8th grade- and that I’m finished with it. Would there be an option of attempting to get it published? And if so, how should I go about doing this? Thanks very much!

    • You can certainly try to get it published. Two books you need to check out with info on publishing: “Spilling Ink” and “Writer’s Market” — both should be available at your public library. It can be a long process (getting published), so be patient with yourself! 😉

        • Sure, you could do this. I don’t know a whole lot about self-publishing. Try googling it and see what you come up with, or ask a librarian to help you research the process!

  3. Congratulations again, I think I can speak for ALL us readers when I say we’re so proud and excited for you!

  4. Hi I was wondering where you got the idea for the setting in a “Absoltley Truly” . Was there a certain place that you based it off of? I absolutely loved the book:)! The setting really struck me and has left me curious. Also will there be a sequel or other book with more of their adventures and Truly getting older and dealing with girl stuff like crushes etc? I loved how realistic you made the book! I just finished it and I’m adding it to my all time favorites!

    • Pumpkin Falls is not a real place, but it was inspired but a number of small towns I lived in when I was growing up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As for a sequel, YES! I’ve started work on “Yours Truly” — hope to finish writing it this summer! I’m SO happy to hear that you loved “Absolutely Truly,” Carly! 🙂

      • Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! I can’t wait! I love New Hampshire and Massachusettes I’ve grown up in the New England area and I love quaint little towns like Pumpkin Falls! They are some of my favorite places!

    • I would try writing her care of her publisher Hannah. You should be able to find their address online.

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