Saturday Story Starter

It’s July!

How did THAT happen? I swear it was spring just a moment ago…

Apologies for the slump in story starters. I have been busy writing writing writing. I’m just about finished with copy edits on MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CAMP, which means I’ll be posting a sneak preview soon, and I’m also knee deep in cooking up more fun for Truly and her friends in YOURS TRULY, a new Pumpkin Falls mystery.

But now it’s YOUR turn to write!

For those of you who haven’t participated before, Saturday Story Starter is purely for fun, just a way to exercise those writing muscles (think of it as Heather’s Literary Gym). There are no prizes, only the simple joy of putting words on paper (well, OK, on the computer screen). Also, I won’t be offering critiques, just brief words of encouragement, but I will read all your entries, that I can promise! (And if you’d like to read some of the earlier stories that have been shared, click here and here and click here and here and click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here to browse to your heart’s content.)

Let’s get started, shall we?

Space Needle

Many of you will know exactly what this is. For others, though, it may be completely unfamiliar. For the purposes of our story starter, if you DO know what this is, please suspend your disbelief (click here to find out what that means) for a moment, and pretend that you don’t.

So what the heck IS this, then? An alien space ship, perhaps? A futuristic tower for Rapunzel? Or something else altogether? You’re the writer, so it’s your decision. Set the scene for us, and tell us a story…

Ready, set, WRITE!