MDBC #7 cover reveal & giveaway!

Let’s start the week off with something fun, shall we?

How about a publication date for MDBC #7 — aka MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CAMP!

Yes, my friends, we have lift-off! Coming soon(ish) to a bookstore or library near you! Mark your calendars for May 2, 2016.

As if that’s not enough cause for celebration, how about a sneak peek at the cover?

MDBC 7 front cover

Ta da! That’s the front, of course. And in case you’re wondering (which I know you are), that’s Emma under the canoe. Here’s the back cover …

MDBC 7 back cover

… which features Jess.

I love love LOVE this cover! It totally captures the breezy spirit of the book. Once again, Lucy Ruth Cummins, the MDBC’s fabulous art director at Simon & Schuster, has knocked it out of the park!

(Lucy, by the way, has two new publications of her own to celebrate, first and foremost an adorable new BABY BOY, and second, A HUNGRY LION …


… her picture book which will be released in March, and which is available for pre-order now. I can’t wait to read it!)

What’s that you say? What’s MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CAMP about? So glad you asked. Here’s the answer:

MDBC 7 jacket flap


Click on the picture to enlarge it. Otherwise you’ll be squinting, which isn’t very attractive plus your face could get stuck that way.


Can you tell I’m in high spirits? Oh yes I am.


Hang on, where are you going? We’re not done celebrating yet!

:: balloons! ::     :: confetti! ::     :: fireworks! ::

Plus, I think we need a giveaway, don’t you? Three of you are going to be very happy campers (sorry, couldn’t resist) because I have three autographed MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CAMP covers to give away, along with an autographed copy of the paperback MDBC of your choice. That’s right — any one of the first six titles in the series that you want. Maybe you need one to round out your collection or maybe you want to give one to a friend. It’s up to you!

All you need to do is leave a comment below, telling us about a favorite summer camp memory. If you’ve never been to camp, tell us the one thing you’d most want to do if you did go, OK? 

Winners will be chosen at random at midnight on September 15th, 2015. US and Canada only, please. Share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media for additional entries. (If you share on social media, please leave a link in the comments below so I can assign you an extra entry.) 


272 thoughts on “MDBC #7 cover reveal & giveaway!”

  1. I never went to overnight camp as a child, but my daughter has so I’ll tell about this last one. She went to 4H camp, and as usual became a ‘little kid magnet.’ At one point she was a spotter for a climbing challenge and the little kid fell – but she caught him in her arms before he could hit the ground! She is hoping to be a junior counselor next year! 😀

      • I’ve never been but if I went I would want to do all the fun activities and crafts and just have fun all and all. And I have to say reading sometimes isn’t fun but I can re-read your books all the time my teacher one year said your reading that book again,what can i say they are good books and I just feel like I can relate to them and when I found out that the sixth was the last I was sad because they never finished high school! So now that this came out I just found out and it made my day so thank you for creating these books

          • Hi Mrs.Frederick! I love the Mother Daughter Book Club and when I found out that you were making a 7th book I was estastic. So I never been to an overnight summer camp but have slept over in a tent at my friends house for a Girl Scout campover patch. My favorite part was making smores and going swimming in their pool late at night. I’m SUPER excited for The Mother Daughter Book Club Camp to come out! I’m so happy I found these series 3 years ago!!

  2. Hi mrs fredrick! I am sooooo excited!! That cover is fantab!
    I’ve never been to a summer camp, but Id love to share with you one of my fav memories from Lake Anne, the camp I went to w/ my youth group for Snowcamp, if that’s okay w/ you…:)
    One of my favorite memories is when we arrived there on the huge bus we rented, our bus driver somehow managed to get out bus stuck between two trees. Literally. Tree in front, tree in back. So we had to get out and walk the freezing path to our lodge…. Brrr!

    Haha, btw isn’t Lovejoy from Absolutly Truly? 😉

  3. My favorite summer camp memory is Family Church Camp, this year! They have a handmade water slide and my friend Bellamei and I went on it and it was so much fun. I got to know Bella better, hang out with cool people, and sleep in a cabin. I can’t wait for next year!

    I shared the post on Facebook- unfortunately I don’t have a link 🙁 I’m friends with you on FB though. My name is Hannah Bailey on there.

  4. My favorite camp memory is the summer I wrote what now we would call fan fiction. I was so frustrated when “Here Come The Brides” was cancelled before Jeremy and Candy got married that I wrote my own ending, including their wedding, during my free time at church camp. I still consider it my finest work.

  5. I think my favorite summer camp memory was Capture the Flag when I was 8! My friends and I convinced one of the counselors to paint a stripe of one team’s color on our right cheek and a stripe of the other team’s color on our left cheek so we could play for both sides. It was great. I’m so excited for the final book, Heather! You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.

  6. I attended camp one summer during the Olympics. The entire camp competed in their own camp games with a torch relay, swimming events and all around craziness. I loved it.

    • Super fun! We used to have backyard birthday Olympics for my boys when they were little. But camp Olympics? Awesome!

  7. Ahhh! This is so exciting, Heather. I remember that Google+ video hangout you did last year or two years ago, and my sister and I were asking questions about whether you would write a new installment, and here it is! I absolutely LOVE this cover; it’s very cute. (It’s quite obvious I’m gushing right now, right?)
    Anyway, I remember 2-3 summers ago I went to a summer studies camp at Davidson college, via the Duke TIP program. What could be better than three whole weeks in a college dorm (with a roommate), studying creative writing? It was an incredible experience, and I wish I could do it again.
    (I shared this on Google+:

  8. My 12 year old daughter went to “sleepaway” camp for the first time this summer. I could not wait to pick her up when the week was over. Her little sister cried for hours because she missed her sissy. When it was finally time, I was terrified that when we got there, she would act as if it was ‘no big deal’ to save face in front of her new friends. I had nothing to worry about: she burst into tears and yelled “Mommy!” with her arms outstretched as she sprinted toward me. Beats any memory I have from camp as a girl!

  9. My favourite camp memory was in sixth grade when my entire class went for a two night trip to Squamish, BC. I loved that feeling I got when we all sat down around the camp fire, and the counsellors led a long round of sing-a-longs. It was the best feeling: silly, warm and cozy, and surrounded by all my friends 🙂

  10. since I have never went to summer camp if I could go to summer camp my favorite thing to do there would be eating smores around the camp fire with everyone and I cant wait till mother-daughter book camp comes out.

    • Smores are the BEST. We just had them for dessert the other night … made in the microwave. Over a campfire is MUCH better haha!

  11. My favorite summer camp memory would be this summer when we played Espionage at camp. It was dark and I had fun running around with my friends trying to find clues and not get caught. If we were caught, we would be sprayed with shaving cream and sprinkled with glitter. Luckily, none of us were found. We even hid in a grass field! Unfortunately, there was a clue mix up, so we didn’t win, but I had fun with my friends and hope to do it again next year!

  12. I am SO SO SO excited for book 7!!!!!!!!!!!! This post made me so happy :).
    I have never been to sleep away camp but color war has always sounded fun to me.

  13. My favorite summer camp memory was when we al got up at midnight and went for a run in the moonlight (I was at running camp) and upon returning back to camp we went swimming and made s’more’s. It was so cool to be up so late doing those things!

  14. I’ve never been to an overnight camp but I imagine it would be like a trip I did in the seventh grade to an eco friendly lodge. We did day and night hikes, and ghost stories around the campfire. It was really fun, especially when all the girls got together in their pajamas and told stories of our own. If I ever went to an official overnight camp I’d hope to create memories as I did on my grade seven trip!
    P.S, love the cover idea!! I really like how Emma and Jess make appearances; I find it awesome that they could both make it. Congratulations, and excited to hear more about Camp Lovejoy 😉

    • Camp is very similar to what you did, Zoie! Telling stories together is always such fun! 🙂

  15. EEEEEE!!! I’m sooo excited about this book!!
    I’ve been going to a camp with my best friend since I was nine and it has been the most amazing thing!! My book shelf is filled with photo albums of camp and of course the MDBC.
    But my favorite part of camp is swim checks:) the have us tip over a canoe in the FREEZING puget sound! It so fun and one of my favorite camp and summer in general!
    Thanks for doing the giveaway Ms. Frederick!

  16. One of my favorite summer camp memories was sharing the MDBC with my friends in Boston! I had brought digital and paperback copies and we would stay up late reading and discussing our favorite parts.

  17. One of my favorite camp memories was at a sleepaway camp in New Hampshire. My cabin got special permission to go into the woods and roast marshmellows. We sat there in the dark (except for the fire that one super-camping-oriented girl built) and freaked out when sparks landed on somebody’s blanket and burnt a hold through it. Lots of talking, and of course s’mores!

  18. I’m SOOO excited for the new book! It comes out on my BIRTHDAY I’m super happy!!!! Thank you for the awesome publishing date!! My favourite camp memory is when my advisory and I went on a hike through the woods, and when we stopped for the night there was pouring rain, but even though the weather was bad we were all pretty happy. When we went to bed that night we were all chatting to each other, yelling through the tent walls and the rain, and joking until the teachers had to come over to quiet us down:)) It was awesome!

  19. first of all oml im so super excited for the new MDBC book *fireworks* !! my favorite summer camp memory was actually last summer at an overnight camp where i did a bunch of really fun activities like challenge course (which is kind of like an obstacle course i the air), capture the flag, and swimming. i made some really awesome friends that i love a lot. congrats on the book 🙂

  20. One of my favorite summer camp memories was doing a selfie scavenger hunt with my team at an overnight camp.

  21. Hi Mrs. Frederick!
    I have never been to summer camp, so if I were sent to summer camp, I would like to eat s’mores and have food fights with my cabin buddies in the dining hall. I’d also like to sleep under the stars!
    This is super exciting; thanks for having this giveaway. The cover looks great!

  22. Hi Mrs. Fredrick,

    I absolutely love your books! I have them all! And I have a calendar marking down to when the release is of your book! I love love love all the things you do for your fans, thank you so much!

    My favorite camp memory is when I went to camp barakel. At camp barakel they have a 100ft. Slide straight downhill. You get to go down the slide on a sled and when you pop out at the bottom you keep sliding! I hope you are having a great summer and I’m so happy you are writing another MDBC!

  23. Oh my goodness, I an so incredibly excited for this book! Do we really have to wait until May? 🙂 My favorite camp memory takes place the first time I ever went to camp. One of the days, we went on a hike in the woods. That in itself was really fun because we were climbing on and around cliffs, but we hiked to this big waterfall and swam in the pool under it. The whole experience was wonderful and I’d love to do it again sometime.

    I also shared the giveaway on Pinterest:

  24. I can not wait for the next book! I sadly have never been to camp. But one thing i would love to do is play those games that the girls always play in the movies and books, like truth or dare or something.We would end up doing the craziest things for dares and spilling a lot for truths. I don’t have any sisters so it would be fun to do something like that, that is if i even made any friends. But that would be amazing!

    • The way you talk and w/ your exclamation points, I’m almost certain you would make friends!!!!! 🙂 Btw, is Nadia your real name? I LOVE it!!!

  25. My favorite summer camp memory comes from a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania when I was in middle school. My friends and I woke up super super early to have breakfast in the woods, but it was totally worth it. My friend’s dad made huge chocolate chip pancakes right over a fire. The fog in the mountains was beautiful and the pancakes were absolutely delicious!!
    By the way, so excited to see another MDBC book come out! I read the first one with my mom when I was in 6th grade and by the time I read this book, I’ll be 17 and almost a senior in high school!

    • Mmmm – chocolate chip pancakes! Love it that you’ve “grown up” with the MDBC, Jessica! 🙂

  26. I went to a Rotary Youth Leadership camp two summers ago and I had a lot of fun! My favorite thing was probably the obstacle carouse we did that had a 60 foot tower for us to climb, a zip line, a 100 foot drop swing (I think that it was it was called?), plus a bunch of other fun actives for us to do while waiting to do one of the bigger activities. And for a lot of these my team and I had to work together to get through with made it all a lot more rewarding to finish!


  27. IT’S 4:53 AM (courtesy of jet lag) AND I’M TRYING NOT TO SCREAM BECAUSE WOW I’VE BEEN WAITING MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE FOR THIS BOOK. (okay, well maybe not the entire existence, but WOW. as you can see I’m being totally chill about the amazingness that just happened in that blog post). Also, LOVEJOY Camp, you say…? mhmmm, nothing going on there at all 😉

    As for the giveaway (!!!), I’ve never been to a real summer camp, but if I did, I would definitely love to make new friends from different places and learn about their lives and their stories. Ever since I’ve seen the word “sonder”, I’ve always been kind of amazed at the thought of how crazily lives weave themselves together. Also, camp seems like a cool way to get people together to actually DO things, instead of going through life without really and truly living, if you get what I mean. Haha, I don’t really know if I’m making much sense, I heard that brains can’t fully function past 3 am, but yay for MDBC 7!!

  28. My favorite summer camp memory is from my last morning at camp this year. This was the last year my friends and I would be campers since we were the oldest girls at camp. We all decided to wake up to watch the sunrise on our last morning at camp. At 5:20 a.m. all 27 of us tiptoed down to the dock by the lake. It turned out we had accidentally miscalculated what time we needed to be up, we ended up waiting an hour until the sun rose! We spent the entire time sitting together under our blankets while talking and listening to our favorite songs from camp together. When the sun finally rose it lit up the sky into a million colors, reflecting across the lake and finally warming us up after a very long-and worthwhile!- hour’s wait. It was definitely a moment none of us will ever forget.

  29. I’ve never been to summer camp before because I have a bad case of homesickness and I know after reading this book I will be ready I’ve Fell head over heels with these books I’ve never met someone who loves them as much as I do! I’ve read home for the holidays 19 times, pies and prejudice 11 times, and wish you were eyre 9 times I can’t wait for the next book!!!! You are my idol and hero Heather if you don’t see this that’s ok but I just wanted to let you know that the Mother Daughter book club is definitely the best series in the world!

  30. Hi Heather! I’ve been a big fan of yours since the I first read the MDBC. Even though I’ve never been to summer camp, I wish I did. My idea of an awesome summer camp is if we went out and played water games and doing all sorts of crafts and activities. Plus, we’d play capture the flag, and have games where we all compete against each cabin. At night when the stars are out, we’d all circle around the campfire, and roast marshmallows to make s’mores. After the fire slowly burns out, we all get our sleeping bags and look at the stars as we fall asleep. Let’s also not forget about pranks! I’ve heard so many stories on how people prank other cabin mates, so I was thinking at the very last night we’d do something in Cassidy Sloane style. I know that if Cassidy went to camp she’d probably prank someone just like she did with the Blue Moon. I’ve always wanted to go to summer camp, but never got the chance too. Anyways I’m so excited about the new MDBC book coming out. It’s day after day of torture waiting for the book to come out. Once it comes it comes out I know I’ll be staying up all night trying to read it! I started reading the MDBC in sixth grade, and now I’m in 8th grade and I absolutely love every single book in the series. Can’t wait!

  31. Oh My gosh! I’m so excited!
    Well my favorite camping is when I went to my family’s farm and went camping with my cousins. We hiked, swam and played card games. It was so much fun and we did most of it on the farm, technology free 🙂

  32. My favorite camp memory was when my cousins, me and my sister went to sleep away camp. We went camping by a creek with my Aunt and Uncle.

  33. I’m not entering but I can’t wait to read the book! If someone has already one a giveaway in the past, is it still possible to win another? thanks!

  34. OMG!!! I have been having a GREAT day and this just made it one for the record books! (The most dull part of the day was the test in math class, ugh. who invented tests anyway? And why?! I think the book club girls would agree!)
    So, so, SO excited!!! I’ll probably be jumping up and down until the book comes out!
    Favorite memories at camp… Hmm… Definitely associated with s’mores, campfires, and just laughing and having fun in general. What could be better, right?
    Heather, even if I don’t get picked for the giveaway, could I still get an autographed cover?
    Thank you SO much for mak

    • You will be in great shape if you keep jumping up and down until the book comes out! Haha! Alas, I just have 3 covers to give away, but you can ALWAYS write to me (snail mail) and request an autographed book plate (sticker to put inside a copy of one of my books). Happy to do that for my readers. 🙂

  35. Sorry, accidentally sent without finishing. Thank you so much for making my day, and many others! I will be jumping up and down and everyone will be looking at me like I’m crazy! I love the cover- it’s so creative!

  36. EEEEEEE!!! 😀 I am SO excited! Also, is Camp Lovejoy just a coincidence or does it have to do with Truly’s family…?

    I’ve never been to summer camp, but my best friend has, so I always imagine what I could do if I went with her. 🙂 I would want to go on hikes with her (not the kind the MDBC goes on in Much Ado About Anne, though) and see all kinds of nature.

    Congratulations on your new book!

  37. My favourite memory, was going away to France for summer camp with my sister. We got to see the eiffel tower and the louvre, while we ate macarons and croissants! It was the best vacation/camp ever ;0

  38. My favourite was going to camp with my friends and going zip lining! At night we sat around the campfire and sang camp songs. At the end we all dressed as cowgirls for our western dance

  39. Oh my gosh I’m sooooo excited!! I’ve been to a summer camp before at Girl Scout camp Bette Perot. We went horseback riding, we did archery, slept in platform tents, and just had a blast! My favorite memory was all of the friendships that I made at camp. I bet that in your book, Heather the girls all make friendships too. I can’t wait till May!!! The cover looks great by the way! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see if there camping experience relates to mine at all because I was a little homesick to on my first camp experience!

  40. YAY!! That cover is soooo gorgeous. I’m so, so excited!

    This past summer was my 6th year at this one-week church camp I go to every year with my cousins. Every year, we hang out at the lake and get ice cream at the canteen. One year some of my friends and I somehow ended up in an ice cream fight! We were throwing fist fulls of ice cream at each other! It was crazy and fun. The camp counselors didn’t even stop us! 😀 We were dripping in cold vanilla and our hands were numb, but it was still hilarious. We were in bathing suits so we just got back in the lake and took showers later! 🙂

  41. My favorite camp memory isn’t a memory, it’s more of a feeling. It a happened right after all the cabins had danced the night away together and everyone was breathing heavy and you could literally feel the happiness and joy pulsing within you and I’m sorry this is a run on sentence but just the hope of one day feeling that feeling again makes me really happy.

  42. My favorite summer camp memory has to be when we went rapelling and I got over my fear of it. You have no idea how excited I am for MDBC 7! (really excited)

    We’ve been die hard fans since middle school and we’re actually graduating next year so we’re the same characters as the girls-it’s so crazy!
    You have no idea how much we all adore these books <3

    My favorite memory is going to an orchestra camp in the 6th grade and meeting so many kids from other schools and other orchestra ensembles 🙂 we were all in a flute choir together and each of the cabins got so close i loved it so much


  44. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! The cover looks FABULOUS as Wolfgang would say. Literally all I do is talk to my friends about how awesome the MDBC series is, and somehow that’s all I think about. My favorite summer camp memory (although not overnight) was at a field hockey camp, which was all-girls (for beginners though, cause I’m not as athletic as Cassidy). There was an all boys baseball camp across the field which thought that they were better than girls for some reason. But, we ended up beating them in two games of capture the flag, which showed them that girls can do things. I can’t wait for The Mother Daughter Book Camp to come out!!!!!!!!!

  45. Literally just screamed in joy! YAAAAY!

    I think my favorite memory would have to be the year I was in girl scouts during elementary school at Camp All Seasons where me and the other girls from church lived in one of the cabins and learned how to cook, made s’mores, and went swimming 😀

  46. Wow! I have so many camp memories, it’s hard to chose just one! I think my favorite one would be my entire camp experience a couple of years ago. It was my last time as a camper, and everyday I would look around and marvel that only four years before had been my first year. I was feeling nostalgic, too, because that was my little brother’s first year there! My favorite part of that week would be when, on the last night, the 6th graders, who next year would be counselors, ate ice cream with the then counselors, and the ‘big kids’ shared what being in this group meant to them! Many tears were shed, mostly by me, and I’ll never forget that night!

    Well, sorry for the long comment, but once I get talking about camp, it’s hard to stop! I got so excited when I saw this giveaway! I’ve grown up with the MDBC, and I’m super excited there is another book coming! Thanks so much for your writing!

      • So…I forgot to mention this in my comment. I am a HUGE fan of the MDBC. And if you know me, you have heard of the series! Well, in May, I celebrated my 13th birthday! And my mom and dad, being the awesome human beings they are, made me a video of the people that couldn’t be there! (Including my out of state pen pals!) My mom contacted my favorite authors, like you, and everyone was so wonderful to send in amazing videos! Thank you for your portion, and I guess all I mean to say is that made my birthday 130000% more amazing! Thank you so much for your books! You can watch the video if you’d like at!

  47. Gosh, this news just made my day! The book’s perfect timing for me since it will be the summer before I start college when it’s published! I remember reading the first MDBC right when it came out, and I’ve followed the girls ever since. It’s so cool that they’ve grown up along with me! The books seem to be tied into my childhood. A new book always seems to come out just when I need another visit from my favorite fictional friends. I definitely use a little childhood comfort and fictional friendship now, when I think about starting college!

    As for camp memories…I’ve never actually been to a real camp. The only “camp” I’ve attended is the one I’d always go to at my church in the summer when I was younger. I have lots of fun memories from that!

  48. I’ve Never been to Camp but read tons of Camping books,I am so exited about The MDBC #7 i bet (as WolfGang would say”Absolutely FABULOUS Darlings”).
    Mrs.Fredricks has unique skills and theories in her books.So exited about reading MDBC #7 in May of 2016

  49. Yayyayyayyayyayyayyayyay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo excited!! My favorite summer memory was probably this past summer when we went camping in Yosemite. It was so peaceful to go sit out by the rivers and dive into a good book! Can’t wait for the preview of this book to come out.

  50. When I went to camp this summer we were all waiting in line at a buffet table for someone to come and replenish the chicken bin. Well, they did…one of the culinary workers came over and DUMPED this big tub of chicken in front of us. All of the chicken breasts just slithered and flip-flopped like little fish as they landed in the bin. Needless to say, all of us campers were appropriately GROSSED OUT!!! I didn’t eat there and, instead, fled to a nearby market to purchase some EDIBLE food!

  51. I LOVE The Mother Daughter Book Club series and I would be SOOOOOO glad to win this!!! I am a huge fan of you and your books and I am sad that Mother Daughter Book Camp is the last, though at the same time, I am super excited to see what you have in store for this final book!!! I have gone to a camp called Camp Y-Noah, three years in a row now and each year we do a ton of fun things!!! I would have to say my favorite memories would be climbing up this HUGE hill, called suicide hill. When we reached the top, we would run as fast as we could down it!!!! It was super thrilling and an incredible experience!!!! When it finally got dark, we would have s-mores and play a bunch of games in the dark!!!! Then it would be time for bed, though none of us actually really went to sleep!!! This guy in my class played pranks on us!!! It was SUPER fun!!!! What’s camping without any pranks, right?!? We would lie in the bunk beds, passing notes back and forth to each other!!! One of the counselors is supposed to go with you to the bathroom, but they told my friend an I to go alone because they wanted to sleep:) So, we sneaked out after curfew and played tag and have snacks, (we weren’t supposed to bring food, but we did anyways)!!!!!! It was nice having a clueless counselor!!!! I had a blast!!!
    Anyways, I LOVE the cover and I can’t wait for book #7 to come out!!!!!
    From, Mia Scott

    • Camping without pranks? No thank you. Just WAIT until you find out about the epic pranks the MDBC pull in the new book, Mia. 😉 Thank you for YOUR ENTHUSIASM!!!

    • Wait who pranked you, Mia? Also which year was that? Was I in your cabin?

      To explain to the rest of you I am Mia’s best friend and I went to camp with her all 3 years. Sadly I hated all three years

  52. Hello, Mrs. Fredrick! I’d just like to say how happy and excited I am that there’s going to be a seventh Mother-Daughter Book Club book! Eeeek! When I found there was going to be a 7th book last year or so I FREAKED out!
    Anyways, I’ve never been to a summer camp, but I did go to a camp in the springtime. We didn’t do archery or horseback riding (which I think would’ve been my favorites) but we did go canoeing on the lake. During free time, my friend and I went canoeing and neither of us were too experienced but we managed. It was really fun and I’d like to go canoeing again sometime.

    I’m super excited for the new release of Mother-Daughter Book Camp! Is there going to be another Pumpkin Falls book? Because I liked Absolutely Truly very much and would love to read another story set in Pumpkin Falls!


    • Canoeing is great, whether at camp or any other time. As for another Pumpkin Falls book, YES — I just finished the first draft of “Yours Truly.” 🙂

  53. I worked as a counselor at a camp for gifted 7th and 8th graders this summer. Just talking with the kids was fun enough! My favorite memory was the act we put on at the talent show! So much fun!

  54. Hmmm.. I have too many good summer camp memories to choose from!! Probably some of my favorite ones is when I got to be in the horse rodeo, and I was the only one that made the flag into the barrel on the way back.. Although I did slow down a bunch!!

  55. My favorite camp memory was from when I went to church camp with my best friend. My favorite memory is probably small group and hiking. Small group because it was great to grow closer to basically complete strangers, and hiking because I felt outdoorsy and it was gorgeous. It was in a canyon.

  56. I love your books sooooo much! I’ve reread every book in the MDBC series so many times that I have memorized most of it! I read the first book in the beginning of 6th grade and when this comes out, I will be at the end of freshman year! Every time I am worried about something that has somewhat happened to one of the girls in the book I read the book in which it happened. For example, I’m super nervous about starting high school, so I got Pies and Prejudice from the library for the thirtieth time! I’ve never won a giveaway, so I really want to win this one.
    I love Absolutely Truly SO MUCH, I don’t know how I’m going to wait for the new book. Seriously, HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT UNTIL MAY! I’m going to be counting down the days, you can count on that 🙂
    I’ve never been to camp, but I’ve always wanted to have that experience, and now i will be able to through this book!(Did I mention I really can’t wait for this book?!) What i have wanted to do the most is stay up late talking to my friends in our cabin, and playing fun games. I also would really look forward to making new friends and trying to keep in touch during the year,telling each other about everything and trying to give each other advice and help with anything we can. Mostly, I want to be able to have the ultimate camp experience, including capture the flag.
    THANK YOU for writing another book, you make my day when i think about it and get excited, and your other books have helped me through a lot of rough times.

    • I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM, Asmanaz! Hope you get to go to camp someday — but if not, you can definitely experience it vicariously (good word, look it up) through books… 😉

  57. AHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING!! My favorite memory is meeting new people. I’m a rather shy person, but I’ve met so many amazing people at camp who are my friends for life. I love coming back every year to see them. It’s the highlight of my summer.

  58. This past summer I helped out at a children’s day camp for 3 weeks. I had so much fun but it was also very tiring. It was amazing to realize how much work goes into working at a camp.

  59. My favorite summer memory if I went to summer camp would be to sit by a fire and read books while eating smores. What’s better than that?

    I am so excited to read the new Mother Daughter Book Camp!
    Squee! Congrats Mrs. Frederick!

  60. I am SO excited for the new book, and you just made my day! My favorite camp memory would probably be Vacation Bible School when I was eight. I didn’t want to participate, I wanted to volunteer! I ended up being a helper in the nursery, so I got to play with/entertain two three-year-olds and I got to hold a little baby. (But not all at the same time!) It was so much fun!

  61. I can’t believe it’s the last book!! I remember reading the first book as a fourth grader, wondering what my first day of sixth grade would be like.
    Anyways, my favorite “summer camp” memory is actually not from a summer camp… but it’s definitely an activity that I think some camps would do. I once slept over at the zoo for my fifth grade graduation field trip– it’s to this day one of my favorite memories. After a day of wandering around (and looking inside the kitchen!), my class sat around a campfire, ate cheez-its, and drank hot cocoa, before going into separate rooms to snuggle up and talk before falling asleep.

  62. My absolute favourite camp memory was when I had to eat spaghetti with my hands tied behind my back while wearing an inflatable rubber duck as a punishment. But I got mad because my friend ate all his pasta without getting any sauce on his face so I somehow managed to pour my water class over him. He got me back. It turned into this huge battle where there were eventually three guys against me and it ended when they carried me outside and stuck me under a tap and poured ice cold water over me. It was so much fun!

  63. I am so excited for the new addition to the MDBC series! My favorite memory from summer camp was when my friends and I put on a play for the campers when we helped out at Vacation Bible Camp at my school.

  64. The cover is totally cool!!!!! I can’t wait till May 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been to summer camp but I would want to go with friends. I love water so I would want there to be a lake or pool. Cabins and campfires too. Also horses and a climbing wall. Also… you get the picture.

  65. Hi Heather!

    I never went to summer camp growing up, but I have gone camping if that counts. My favorite memory is hiking with my family to the Pinnacle Rock in PA. And my friend and I are planning a camping trip this fall to Maine!

  66. I have never been to Summer camp, but I have been to camp as a school trip. I have had very nice times there and I would really like to find out what happens to the MDBC during the summer!!!!!


    • I didn’t write my favourite memory :P. I really liked it when I was making the tent with my friends for my first camp!!!!!

  67. My favorite camp memory is tubing down the creek that winds through the whole camp property! I just freaked out a little seeing your reply to someone else that Pumpkin Falls and the MDBC collide a little bit! I can’t wait to read this book, even though I am sad it is the last one… 🙁

    I shared this on Pinterest


    As well as on my other blog

  68. So excited for MDBC #7! Never went to summer camp, but if I had, I think I would have most enjoyed spending time outside, and sitting around the campfire at night, and reading under the covers with my flashlight after “lights out.”

  69. I remember going camping last summer with my girl scout troop in Georgia. We set up camp at a camping ground, and then the next day drove to South Carolina to go white water rafting! The water was freezing, but it was fun.

  70. I’ve gone to music camp for the past 3 summers and had a blast every year. One of my favorite moments from camp is having practice parties in our assigned practice rooms. During one of our 2 hour practice sessions, (who wants to practice that whole 2 hours anyway?) my friends and I would gather in one of our practice rooms and just bang random things on the piano or chat until we were busted by the practice monitors. We sometimes hung out by the vending machines and had dance parties as well!

  71. I haven’t been to a summer camp but I went to Camp Cedar Falls with the Adventure club. One of my favorite memories was when we were hiking, we across a bridge where you can see the waterfall. We arrive to a small house which it was free to go in and explore. For us as little kids it was our favorite place, we get to climb up the ladder,where there was two windows we can see a small view where we had hiked. It’s really beautiful hiking.
    Can’t wait to read the final book of MDBC!

  72. My favorite summer camp memory was working as a counselor these past two years at a camp for gifted children. I got to work with a drama class, and I loved seeing my campers doing improv and working with them to improve their acting skills. They were such goofballs!

  73. Eep! So so excited. I just really hope I win. If I win I’ll probably burst into tears and just dance around sobbing( and since I’m a Cassidy at heart that’s saying a lot). I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about the fact I could win :). I just love all your books so much( which also saying a lot because I’m a fantasy lover). If I don’t win I’ll definately beg for this for Christmas :). When will you be announceing your book tour/book signing dates( that is if your doing any)?
    Okay so if I went to camp the things id most want to do are stay in a cabin with a bunch of awesome girls, compete in every competition( and win!,), swim, do paintball, and archery. Also eat good food :).
    I shared it on pinterest. pinterest.

    • If there are book signings when the book comes out next May, Brooke, keep an eye on my “events & appearances” page, OK? 🙂

  74. I have been to summer camp many times both as a camper and as a counselor, but I think one of my favorite memories is from this past summer when I was a counselor. This week I was in the camp kitchen and during some free time we had me and a couple of my friends took a canoe out and explored little hidden areas of the lake. It was really fun.

  75. The cover looks awesome!!! I can’t wait for it to come out!! I have never been to a camp but I would want to be a camp counselor and go canoeing.

  76. My most memorable summer camp experience was when I was at vacation bible school and we had planned to go swimming at a waterpark. But on the day of the trip it was raining, so we had to stay back at the church. Then, our pastor suggested we go “vertical swimming”, and we spent the day running around outside in the rain and making slip-n-slides in the mud. It ended up being a really fun day, and we still make references to “vertical swimming” whenever it’s raining!

  77. I worked as a junior counselor at a music camp this past summer, and I think my favorite part of it was teaching the kids how to enjoy music, play their instruments well, and work together to make a great sound in the orchestra.

    I can’t wait for May, and I love the cover!

  78. This year was my fifth year going to sleepaway camp. An AMAZING singer named Nancy Tucker came to camp and sang everything from classic camp songs to the latest hit tunes! Everyone was into it. I’m wearing my “I Jellyfish Nancy Tucker” shirt as I speak!

    P.S. I’ve been waiting for a Pumpkin Falls appearance since Carson Dawson visited Lovejoy Books. Thank you!
    P.P.S. What is the club reading at camp?

    • Fun, Grace! The book club will be reading “Understood Betsy” by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. One of my faves…

      • Thank you!I have been wondering what book…

        I have not read Absolutely Truly, but I have it on hold from my local library, since several people have said (and you have confirmed) that there will be some references between the two books. Trying hard to be patient… 🙂
        By the way, I also really love Once Upon a Toad!

  79. My favorite camp memory was at Girl Scout camp when my friend and I were in our cabin and we were sitting on the floor. My aforementioned friend had tied one of those sports trainer balls on an elastic to a beam on the top of our cabin, and we were hitting back and forth. Our record was somewhere around 50 before it went flying out of our grasp. It was so much fun, and we were laughing really hard.

  80. I went to a summer camp at The Frontier Culture Museum. The museum has lots of houses from different countries and time periods. The people that work there dress from that time period and work in the houses, so you get a fun and interactive look into those worlds. When you go to the camp, you get assigned to one of the houses to work at. You wear a costume each day, and “work” at the house. It was so much fun! The last day, we all cooked food from that country and time period and had a picnic where we shared our food.

  81. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!i am so excited as you can tell!!! When I saw the cover I showed it to my sis who originally introduced me to the series she was also exited and said it was the best cover yet!!!!! That is a VERY big compliment because she is an amazing artist and loves fashion like Megan. Also ironically it is her senior year!! Let’s see favorite summer camping memory… First of all I don’t go to a lot of camps but this summer I went to a ballet intensive (not overnight) and it was super fun and REALLY helpful. I LOVE your books and can NOT wait for it to come out!!!! Keep writing amazing books!!!

  82. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been waiting for this ever since I saw your post about a new installment. I cannot wait to spend more time with Emma, Jess, Cassidy, Becca, and Megan!

    I have never been to a sleepaway camp, but for years I have done Brooks School Day Camp in Massachusetts. My favorite memory was a few years ago on a windy day when me and my friend and my counselor were canoeing and we got blown into shallow water in between two rocks where the canoe got stuck!

    The rescue boat, had to come and get us and the three of us got to ride in the motor boat, while the boating counselors were trying to rescue everyone who got blown off course, but we were the only ones who got to ride the rescue boat!

  83. Hello Ms. Fredrick I hope I win ever since 4th grade when I finished them (in in seventh now probably a little to old but it used to be my favorite series so who cares right?)I have wanted you to write another book, so thank you! My favorite camp memory is when I went to summer camp and I smeared deer scat (poop) on her face when we were hiking totally gross but totally worth it!

  84. My favorite summer camp memory would have to be the summer before 7th grade at a christian bible camp and on the last night the older girls (going into 7th grade) got together along with some older leaders and we talked about true love and waiting for the right person. Another girl told her story about self harm and we all cried. It really brought us all together and that’s what I loved about it.

  85. My favorite memory was when I was 9 and my summer day camp went to a water park somewhere in gulf shores. One of the best days of my life! Probably equal to that memory: I got to work with a vbs this year and I was so happy helping out! I loved all the little kids I got to chase around, and I will never forget how happy they were! My friend and I have cried and laughed over these books for years. This will definitely be going on my blog and my friend will definitely be entering if she hasn’t already! (Yay! I get to reread more books!)

    XO AnnaD

  86. Camp- somewhere in Southern Minnesota along the Mississippi. Joy of camp – unlimited craft materials; lanyards, baskets, paints, tiles. Great fun!

  87. I have always loved theater, so every summer I go to a theater camp. I’ve always gone to the same theater camp. But this summer I tried a different theater camp. At this camp we were performing the play Peter Pan Jr. I received the part of Nana the Darling families nursemaid and dog. This camp was totally new for me and it was exciting to be learn how they worked on their play(s). Also this part wasn’t like any other part that I have ever received. It was a challenge but a great challenge. The play was awesome and successful. Also, I’m really sad that this is going to be that last MDBC book!!

  88. Thanks for choosing three winners Miss Frederick! 😀
    My favorite summer camp memory is from three years ago when I was twelve. I learned a lot at my summer day camp, how to stand up for myself and more self confidence! I was ingraining to me a junior camp counselor and I was in front of big groups of kids and interacting with them! We sang TONS of silly camp songs too! At the end of the summer, there was a talent show with all the summer camps in my area! I had grouped together with some people to do funny skit and I played the piano! SO SO MUCH FUN! How about you Mrs Frederick? What’s your favorite memory? 😀

    I Shared this on my blog:

    My twitter:

    And my Pinterest for a total of three extra entries 🙂

    • Silly camp songs are the best — you’ll find one of my favorites, “Blue Socks” in the new book … 😉

  89. Love this fabulous cover, Heather! My favorite summer camp memory is when the whole camp was gathered in the gym to have this huge trading of the toys session among the children, where I happened to end up trading for a notebook where I practiced writing.

  90. I have never been to a summer camp, but it sounds really fun. I like swimming, so I would probably want to swim a lot. I really like to read, so I would read in my spare time. 🙂
    P.S. I really love your books! Thank you for writing them.

  91. My favorite summer camp memory took place this last summer. We held the musical South Pacific (using the adult cast set) in 2 1/2 weeks, and made the best friends there.

  92. Hi! I’m a teenager and I just went to overnight camp for the first time,
    although it wasn’t a typical camp. I took a screenwriting class for three weeks at a university. My favorite memory was either the Disney movie nights my friends and I held, just doing homework in each other’s dorm rooms listening to Taylor Swift, or having a huge, RA – group wide, water gun fight. It was the best three weeks of my life!

  93. I have never been to a sleep away camp since I was always too scared to, but one time when i was twelve, I found a camp in upstate New York that had a lot of exciting activities that I wanted to participate in! I asked my parents and they decided to make a trip of it! During the day my parents had a vacation on their own while I got to go horseback riding and and preforming little plays at camp. At night instead of sleeping in the cabins, my parents would pick me up to go to sleep at a hotel nearby. I was glad I was able to get the experience of camp that I thought I wouldn’t ever get to have. My absolute favourite memory I can remember from that trip was showing all of my new American friends colourful Canadian currency!

  94. Hmmm.. probably when I had to sing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in front of the entire camp with my friend. Really embarrassing, but I wasn’t an edgy or outgoing person, and it helped with my shyness. Kind of like Jess in Beauty in the Beast (sorry, I’m a little obsessed with these books!”

  95. I went to summer camp twice as a child. My favourite memory is humourous and a little embarrassing as well… This camp was up near Ottawa, so a number of the staff and campers were from Quebec and spoke French as well as English.

    On the way back from a hike, I ended up walking with one of these staffers. Presently she said something to me. I didn’t hear, so I said “Pardon?” She repeated herself, and I thought I must be going deaf since I still didn’t understand. I said “Pardon?” a second time. That was when she realized… she was speaking French! We both had a good laugh over it.

    I have to add this on… I thought the MDBC was over after I read the last one (I LOVED all of them). Then I randomly decided to visit your blog for the first time, and was super excited to discover that there’s a new book about the girls coming out! I can’t wait!

  96. I forgot to mention I did go to a camp even though I said I didn’t I went to science camp and oceanography and it was so much fun! So at science camp (in Prescott Arizona)my favorite thing was zip lining or playing the fun games, for example we played this game called who murdered the chicken and we also went on fun hikes and played fun games in pins and did a campfire with a lot of songs and smores along with a lot of skits and as a plus we stayed in cabins! As for oceanography ( in California) we learned too but we also had a lot of going to the beach and going on all the rides and going to the shows in sea world plus we went to an aquarium, but that time we were in hotels

  97. Well the best time I have ever had at summer camp is when I got to go canoeing with all of my Girl Scout friends. We laughed and had canoeing races across the lake all afternoon long.

  98. Hi Mrs. Frederick! I’ve never been to summer camp (boo hoo! Oh, well! I’ll be there in spirit with the MDBC once I read it!!) but I do know what my favorite memory would be if I did go! That would be making friends, of course! Not just making them, but also spending time with them for an entire week (or two, or three, etc!) out of the summer! I really enjoy spending time with the friends I have now, so meeting new ones AND spending time with them sounds like a blast! So, I guess all things friendship would probably be my favorite thing EVER about summer camp…if I did go! Also, I just realized pretty much every sentence in my comment so far ends in exclamation points…I’m like Wolfgang 😀 But I can’t help it!!! I’m SO excited!

    FINALLY…I pinned the cover onto my pinterest. So, one extra entry? 🙂

  99. Heather,
    Thank you so much for writing another book! I’ve been reading these books since I was in third grade (I’m in tenth grade now) and they’ve been such a big part of my life. The cover looks amazing and I seriously can’t wait until May 2!
    My favorite memory from camp was about five years ago. I’d been really nervous since it was the first time going to camp without my sister but within the first minute I found a friend who was not only the same age as me but had the same name and interests!

  100. Dear Ms. Frederick,
    Thank you so much for doing this! I was just wondering if sooner or later you are going to give us a sneak peek at the first chapter. I know we all want this… 😉

    Thank you again!

    Erin F.

  101. My favorite camp experience was backpacking through the Trinity Alps in Northern California with my friends from my sleepaway camp. It was the most amazing experience to be completely immersed in nature and to see such beautiful views.
    I’m really looking forward for another mdbc book to come out!

  102. When will the winners be announced? I wish you could give out say 50 copies. That would be amazing! 🙂 We’re just all so excited to know the winners!

  103. oh my gosh, im soo excited for this too come out. i’ve recently become super obsessed with writing down dates and this went onto my account calender just seconds after i found out! YAY!!!!!!

  104. I am probably too late for the giveaway, but I wanted to share my favorite camp memory anyway. I really loved the day that I first got to my sleepaway camp, Frost Valley, for the second year. I was going with my twin sister and three of my best friends, and I was really excited. It was a really rainy day and we had to walk up this huge hill. My sister and I got there right before our other friends. and the other three girls were already there and they all knew each other too. It was a bit awkward but then our friends came and we started a game of cards. Our parents weren’t allowed to leave because the counselors heard thunder. It was almost like a party with the grownups making small conversation and the kids playing some game. I think because of this my friends and I were abled to make friends with the other girls we didn’t know in our cabin more easily. Oh and also, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You are my favorite author in the whole world.

    • What a fun memory, Clare! And THANK YOU for your enthusiasm! I love my readers so much, too! Including you! 🙂

  105. Hi Heather.

    I recently found out about the MDBC new book. Since it is the year before college, does that mean this is the last book?
    I wish it could be like the Betsy-Tacy books. All the way up to there wedding!
    I love your books so much!

      • I enjoy your books so much I always find myself relating to them. I want you to know that I set up a book club and we read your book! I brought it to the club and got two of my friends hooked!

        Thank You for bringing these books into my lives (not trying to get cheesy! ).

  106. Heather,
    I have read your books since my 6th grade year, and here I am as a junior still loving them. Your books really kick started my reading and writing drive, and I want to thank you for that. Without your books I don’t think I would be the person I am today. Thanks again.
    Kylie Wakulat

  107. Hi Heather,
    I know I have probably commented on this page way to many times but thats okay….

    Anyways, I was wondering, since these books are going to come to end,(which by the way is so sad to me, me friends call me more than obsessed) will it include an epilogue telling us how their lives end and the story beyond? Please let me know!

    • There won’t be an epilogue, Cara, but I have definitely built a “peek into the future” for each girl into the story. I think you’ll be happy with it.

  108. My favorite summer camp memory is when I went to a summer camp where we wrote a short novel(The Optivus Codex) and we had a brainstorming time and we all came up with many ideas many of which were included in the book (not yet out). I was 13 at the time and that was this past summer.

  109. OMG!!! I totally have Emma’s glasses!!!!! This makes me so happy because she is the character I totally relate to in almost everyway!

  110. I love the MDBC series! I have 2 questions:Will this be ur last MDBC book and the last book u wrote was Wish you were here eyre and they were in 10th grade so u u skipped the 2 grades?……..Cant wait till the book comes out!

    • Yes, Mother-Daughter Book Camp will be the final book in the series. And yes, they’ve skipped ahead a bit! 😉

  111. My favourite summer camp memory is the first time I went to camp I was super super excited and I was doing soccer (my favourite sport) but on the first day I tripped into a ditch and ended up with a sprained ankle. I couldn’t walk for the rest of the week but I still loved every minute (even though it included daily trips to the camp physio and playing games like capture the flag on crutches).

    also I really hope Tristan comes back in this book and ends up with Cassidy because I love them together!!

  112. Hi! I have never been to camp. This book sounds fantab! I would love to go to summer camp. What I would what to do most is all of the outdoor activities like swimming in a pond and having races in the pond and going on hikes and playing capture the flag! (Which I love)
    I love your books Heather! Keep On Writing!

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