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  1. I can remember the times my mother and I would venture down to the lake, from our mountain cabin. She and I would make an adventure out of our ten minute jaunt, picking wildflowers and pinecones for souveniers. Together, we would spot the wild cattle, and would hope that they never spotted us. Those were the glory days, the days where I had no worries; It was always going to be my mom and I to conquer the world hand-in-hand, together. Then one fatal day, everything changed. She would no longer be there to experience time together. Long gone were the memories of an innocent childhood, for I had been struggling in the pains of the real world for so long. I lost everything that day. My mom was my rock, my shelter, my hope for tomorrow. Seven years after the accident, and I am still able to vividly remember the tragedy. It gives me nightmares at night, and is the reason for the pain in my everyday life.
    Mom and I sat, enjoying the scenery of a sunset on the West Coast. She and I frequently went on evening hikes to be able to see the nature in a new element, during dusk. It felt like a normal hike, but the result was ever life changing.
    I still can remember the exact conversation we had, which turned out to be our last…
    “Coral, do you know how much Mommy loves you?” Mom asked.
    “How much?” I asked
    “I love you so much sunshine. I don’t think my love for you could ever fade. It extends for all eternity, my dear”
    I smiled as she wrapped me in her strong arms.
    “Can we make something?” I asked.
    “Sure, sugar. What do you want to make?”
    “It has to be a surprise to you, Mommy, but you can help if you want.”
    “What should I do?”
    “Gather all the sticks and rocks you can around here and set them in a pile over there.” I said.
    “Okay. I can do that.” she said.
    I gathered some sticks near me, and began arranging them in letters to express two things dear to my heart; my mom, as number one, and the mountains which took second place. Having both in one place at one time made my heart leap for joy, and I wanted to express my “LOVE” for it in a way which my mom could always remember.
    I remember finishing the “O” using stones, and hearing a shriek, then a thud, and then as a result, my heart stopped.
    “Mom?” I asked, my voice shaky.
    I dropped the pinecones in my hands, and rushed to the sound.
    What I found would shape my future, though little did I know then.
    I saw my mom on the ground, with a huge tree trunk, which must have just fallen, diagonally laid across her body.
    “MOM!” I screamed.
    Panic arose, and I frantically tried lifting the trunk off of her, but in the end, there was no way I could lift such a huge piece of nature off of my mother.
    Fear took hold of my mind, and I had to try to make it leave so I could find someone to save my best friend.
    My mom didn’t make it that last fatal trip to the mountains. It still hurts so much today, and shock hits my mind in many ways when I realize that she will never be a part of my life here on Earth, helping me along my walk to eternity. However, this many years later, I have found joy in other ways. I never could face going back to the scene where my mother left this world, but today, with the help of my boyfriend Todd, I could find the courage.
    Upon arrival, the sun began to set, just like the last day with my mom. I began to gather sticks and rocks to finish out the word I had started to create seven years before. I placed flowers in the “O,” stepped back into Todd’s arms, and whispered, “My love for you extends for all eternity, Mom.”

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