And the winners are…

Hannah Bailey – Mother-Daughter Book Camp

Anna Kefalas – Absolutely Truly

Rylee – Dear Pen Pal

Elke – Absolutely Truly

Congratulations to all!  And … SURPRISE!  Guess who also won? Because I love my readers, and because I love October!  

Neha – Mother-Daughter Book Camp

Jessie – Little Women Christmas

Mary O – Mother-Daughter Book Camp

Zoe – Absolutely Truly


Keep an eye on your inboxes, winners, as I’ll be contacting you directly for your snail mail addresses. And since I know you’re wondering, the next giveaway will be in January, when Yours Truly arrives in bookstores!


18 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    Mrs. Frederick, the other day in class my friend and I were just talking and then we randomly started playing the Synonym Game with a word one of us said! It was so funny. I felt like we were in the MDBC!

  2. Congrats, guys! Mrs. Fredrick, are you going to do any more giveaways? I love your books! I own a copy of Home For The Holidays and just read it for the fifth (or maybe more) time. Thanks again for writing such great books!

  3. Hello!
    I was just wondering what your email address is. I couldn’t find it on the contact page.

    • I’ve sent you a quick email reply — I don’t post it here, as it helps avoid spam, etc.

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