Audibly impressed

So just last night I finished (finally — juggling too many deadlines around here) listening to the amazingly talented Amy Rubinate narrate my book ABSOLUTELY TRULY.

I am completely and utterly bowled over. Completely and utterly!

It is perfect.

In absolutely truly every way.

Thank you, Amy, from the bottom of my heart. You are a ROCK STAR, and you’ve made this author incredibly happy!



It’s kind of an out-of-body experience, listening to someone else read your book. I kept thinking, “Did I write that?” and “Hey, that’s pretty good!” I fell in love with my own story, as cheesy as that sounds.

Amy’s ability to ever-so-slightly change the pitch and timbre of her voice and become each of the characters is remarkable. Listening to the narration was like watching a movie in my head, as the story came alive for me in new and fresh ways.

I used to listen to a lot of audiobooks when my boys were small–it was an easy way for me to multi-task late at night, doing laundry or cleaning or whatever–but in recent years I’ve fallen out of the habit.

I’m falling back into it right now. What a fabulous way to connect with a story!

Click here and here and here to read more about Amy and her new venture, Ideal Audiobooks, and the part my books play in it.

I can’t wait for next month, when the audio version of THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB is released. Stay tuned for another giveaway the minute it’s available!

14 thoughts on “Audibly impressed”

  1. It sounds like I need to get myself a copy of that audio book soon :). I own the book but love listening to them.
    Can’t wait to enter for the next one!
    The video was hilarious.

  2. That’s great Ms. Frederick! It sounds amazing to have your books become audio books. I hate to be a pest but I just love writing so much and I miss Saturday Story Starters. I enjoy writing a story monthly on a blog as much as I love writing about anything else. Well, I hope one comes soon! Ps. I can’t wait for Mother-daughter Book Camp and Yours Truly to come out!!!

    • I know, I’m sorry I dropped the ball this month with a story starter. It’s been busy, and I was traveling a bit. Next month, for sure!

  3. I can’t wait to see the audio version of the MDBC!! Will it be of all the books or just the 1st one? I will totally buy it!

    • ALL of the books, Emily — they’ll be released one a month for the next six months!

  4. How awesome! This is so exciting!! My friend and I have been (having a blast) rereading the series out loud to one another, and are currently on Home for the Holidays. A bit of a random question, but is the fabulous cruise, the Calypso Star, based off any cruise you’ve been on? If so, I would so love the opportunity to check it out! It sounds so perfect!!

    • How fun! A read-aloud of your own! I love it! As for the Calypso Star, that particular ship is a figment of my imagination, but yes, I have been on a cruise (transatlantic, very cool!), and SOME of the details were inspired by that experience…

    • Still no firm pub date. Next spring/summer — I’ll let you all know as soon as I know!

  5. Hii! Can’t wait for the 7th MDBC! Are you going to do some more posts, like sotry starters and or fan mail Friday!? 🙂

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